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Friday, November 7, 2014

Hot Pizza Boy: an original story by Thorn

This is an original story written and distributed by Thorn on this [Thorngay] Yahoo Group.

When I was a student I had a job as a pizza delivery driver. Most of the time it was pretty boring, but you just never knew what you were going to find on your next delivery. It's amazing how some people answer their doors!

The number of times I have had to sneak round the back of the van for a wank after guys coming to the door in all sorts of states of undress. Briefs, boxers, towels and sometimes even totally nude. I got to know some of the regulars. This guy on the west side of the city, used to order a pizza regularly and I don't think he ever came to the door fully clothed.

At first he came to the door shirtless each time and would nod towards the kitchen and ask me to bring the pizza in. I could see he was undressing me with his eyes as he paid for the pizza and I headed to the door. I didn't mind. He was in his early 20s and well fit. A real sexy guy.

After a few weeks he began to get a bit more daring. For a couple of weeks there was boxer shorts appearance at the door. This, of course, made it more obvious that he was kind of excited at my arrival!

Then came the towel. Nick, the customer (yes we were on first name terms by now) was wet and wearing a towel round his rather nice trim waist. He nodded towards the kitchen and I dutifully went in.

I passed him the pizza as usual and just then by design, or chance. (I suspect the former) His towel fell to the floor. Nick was naked and his dick was clearly rising to the occasion. "Oh well," he said dismissively, "I suppose you have seen it all now!". He made no attempt to collect the towel.

"Fancy a beer?," he asked, adding "You can share some of my pizza." It happened that Nick was my last delivery, so why not? Still stark naked, Nick headed to a sofa his dick leading the way.

He sat down and I made for the chair beside it. No, sit here, said Nick patting the sofa beside him. I realised this could mean something might happen between us, but Nick was a sexy guy. So, what the heck?

I took a slurp of beer and a slicg of pizza grabbing some sneaky looks at Nick's tool. Was that a bead of precum

forming on its tip? Sure looked like it.

"You are far too dressed," Nick exclaimed, standing up in front of me with his dick just inches from my mouth
and deftly sliding off my jacket. He then reached down and started to lift my T-shirt. I did not resist. In truth, I wanted him to strip me naked there and then and wank me off.

Nick stood back and admired his work. "Wow," nice bod. He then bent over me and started to undo my belt buckle. My dick was now hard inside my jeans. Nick clearly noticed and stroked it through the denim. "Very nice," he said. I nearly exploded.

Nick then unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the fly. I wriggled out of my jeans, untying my shoes at the same time.

I was now sat there wearing nothing but a pair of socks and a big tent in my boxers. Nick worked my dick through the cotton a couple of times and I noticed a damp patch form from my own precum.

Nick pulled off my boxers and started to wank me slowly. I did the same to him until we ended up in a sticky but satisfied mess. We headed back to his shower where we lathered each other up and showered.

I became quite a regular visitor at Nick's house thereafter... and not always to deliver pizzas.


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