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Friday, November 7, 2014

A simple, naked vacation - Where is it possible?

This is part of a discussion that occurred on the travel forum

Original posting: dox78

Hey there... I'm in desperate need of a fun vacation. I love getting naked and not really for sex and not really for nudism/exhibitionism... I just like walking around naked, say, in a locker room with other naked guys or skinny dipping at a pool or in a steamroom/hot tub.

I've looked at some of the clothing optional places in FTL and Palm Springs (Key West isn't necessarily unaffordable but more than what I'd like to spend, it seems). I'd be travelling alone and I'm kind of a wallflower so outgoing guys would be beneficial to draw me out (I know, a wallflower who likes to walk around naked, go figure). I'm not opposed to frisky environments but that's not a necessity (but I wouldn't want to be somewhere where it was frowned upon).

Blah blah blah - I'm wordy when I write. Any recommendations?


sunbuns My response:

Suggestions... where do I begin?

Closer to home...

Don't forget that there are almost always clothed men (and women) in closer proximity to the naked dude or dudes. So that often makes it a clothed male naked male (CMNM) experience.  Of course, you may enjoy being the naked one, but there are plenty of other guys who relish being the clothed male in close proximity to the nude one. 

0) Hey, you just missed out on WNBR - World Naked Bike Ride - a great time for a shy guy to get naked in public with other men (and women). If there wasn't one in Denver, then there were several in many east and west coast cities.

1) How about the San Francisco or San Jose area. If you're Asian, you may feel more comfortable in a more ethnically mixed environment -- and then again maybe you might like the attention of being the 'rarer' species. Obviously, there are many ethnic groups in California - so anyone can feel at home naked -- more or less. 

a) Castro Street area (bath, Blow Buddies (on 933 Harrison - perfect for the guy NOT into anal, great chance to wall flower to show off - get sucked anonymous or to suck)

Baker's Beach (good for nude beach going)
It is great to rent a bicycle at one of the commercial shops and head to Golden Gate Park, and to Baker's Beach, and even over the GG Bridge. There's also a gay cruising area at Land's End.

San Jose also has the very nice gay baths called the The Water Garden

b. Or you could head up to Russian River - Guerneville, CA. Stay at Highlands Resort (bed and breafast, with clothing optional pool and separate hot tub). There are a couple of gay bars in the quaint town, too. Russian River Resort has a day-pass for use of their pool (a lot of guys).

2) Palm Springs is a decent choice. If you're hardy, you can actual camp (bring your own tent) at CCBC (Cathedral City Boys Club) - it's clothing optional throughout, (with back rooms, sauna, etc), or stay at a cheaper (non-gay) place and just pay day-pass fee to use the facilities.

I always try to get in a few hours of naked hiking in the desert around Palm Springs or while headed into the eastern side of San Diego County (Anza-Borrego State Park).

San Diego is not far away. There's the world famous clothing optional Black's Beach at La Jolla.

3) CHANGED INFO* Provincetown (Cape Cod, Mass) and / or New York City
If you've never been, it's worth a trip. The quaint resort town of Provincetown at the tip of Massachusetts Cape Cod, is teaming with gays and also mixed in with families and other folk - all in a happy mash-up.
 IT HAS BEEN REPORTED TO ME RECENTLY THAT the former clothing optional Herring Cove beach is NO LONGER FOR NUDE SUNBATHING. PARK OFFICIALS and POLICE ARE NOT PATROLLING TO PREVENT NUDE SUNBATHING. There is camping available at Dune's Edge campground, a short walk from town.
There are ferries from Boston' s South Bay harbor (during the season). So it's possible to do the trip without a car.

On the way to Cape Cod or back, you can stop off at New York City. I recommend one of the YMCAs as a place to show off in the locker rooms / sauna area (sometimes it's cruisy): West Side Y (5 West 63rd St, near Central Park) or Vanderbilt Y (224 East 47th St). There are also the West Side Club (27 West 20th St), a men's club with private rooms and sauna

4) Come to Japan (or another Asian country).
Japan has plenty of places to get naked at its myriad of hot mineral spring baths (onsen) and also public baths. Of course, if sex is desired, the gay baths in Tokyo (24 Kaikan) and in Osaka (Hokuoukan) are very hot and cruisy to the point of being wild and orgiastic - at times. (Wallflowers can get crazy too - esp. if nobody knows them).

5. Hawaii (Honolulu can be a nice break from typical big city life), and the other islands have a garland of attractions. Honolulu has several gay bars, one gay sex club, a 'gay' area on Waikiki beach (know as Queen's Sand) and you can do some furtive nude sunbathing at several locations (discretion required).

My favorite places in Hawaii are located on Hawaii,  the Big Island, where there are several nice places to get naked on the beach, and also some clothing optional gay bed & breakfasts.

5. Europe has plenty to offer.
I've written about several of these on my gay travel blog:

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