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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dune Discovery: Nude photo shoots, and naked cruising at Maspalomas

I also share David's (atitlan) enthusiastic memories of the Island of Gran Canaria described below.
However, mine are much more recent because I have visited it every March since 2005 (except for last year). So it was refreshing to return to the the island and its dunes this March to find it basically unchanged and just as cruisy. I also saw many cases of exactly what he describes below. There are straight (seemingly... at least) guys who go out singly or in pairs or more into the dunes away from the crowds of either clothed or nude sunbathers along the beach to take a few private naked photos. It was interesting to watch them do so - although I hesitated to take any photos of two straights taking candid nude pics of each other. Besides, there were plenty of other 'distracting' activities going on in the dunes and among the bushy stands of tree found in the low areas between them.

Atitlan's post:
These are almost certainly the dunes between the resorts of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles on the south coast of Gran Canaria in the Spanish Canary Islands off the African coast.
We have posted many Maspalomas images here previously, nowadays a big gay destination with a vibrant nightlife and a crowded male-only nudist section on the beach.

When I visited first aged 24, the resort area was about a tenth of the size it is now and not gay at all. The 3-mile beach other than around the hotels of Playa and the lighthouse at Maspalomas was virtually deserted.

However the dunes proved to be something of a magnet for certain young men from the city of Las Palmas to the north.

Not many of them, maybe half a dozen at any one time across the huge expanse of dunes, unlike the hundred and more tourists to be found among the bushes these days. Back then I was the only tourist in the dunes. The men I would see tended to look and act like the guy in the attached photo, average age 21, dressed in shorts, speedos or nothing at all and with obvious intentions. I don't know how the image here came to be taken but
it certainly brings back happy memories!

--------This post and the above photo were forwarded in a group email message
from atitlan (david) on his [ymna] Google group [ymna2] Yahoo group.

You can receive his messages if you are subscribed to the Google Groups "ymna" group.
For more info and options, visit the group at

I try to go every year to Gran Canaria in March (this year in May was my 7th trip). So when asked to give some advice about flights or accommodations there I wrote the following:

The pics show me naked out in the Maspalomas Dunes, which can be reached on foot from the Playa del Ingles beach or by walking back from the shoreline toward central Playa del Ingles (town).  The major gay nightlife is usually found in and around the Yumbo Center, a large 4-story shopping complex, with numerous restaurants, souvenirs shops, fashion stores, etc. It becomes the local gay mecca sometimes after 11pm each night and is active until 3-4am. There are also sex clubs located within the Yumbo, mostly on the ground floor level, mixed in with the gay bars, several which have drag shows and strip shows.  
You can sometimes find good bargains for flights and hotels to Gran Canaria on the major travel booking sites, but not always the most popular ones, like Orbitz, Yahoo Travel, or Expedia. 
Instead take at look at:

[Note:  Several of the photos is this blog post are of the author's vacationing nude on Gran Canaria.]

Thursday, December 29, 2016

The idea of a gay clothing-optional camping resort

Part of a discussion on another phpBB forum discussion board. The topic was discussing the idea of male-only clothing-optional RV park, camping center, or gay resort. I spent a lot of energy thinking about this kind of project --probably because I really like the 'seed' of the idea. My advice was to approach is a vision - one that needed a real (and well-researched) business plan.
I flash underneath my clothes

Joined: 11 Aug 2008
Posts: 3
Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 1:23 am Post subject: Male only clothing optional

I have been in a debate with people about an idea i had and hoping the readers of this forum can help me.

I would like to open a clothing optional private RV park for men only. I am being informed that it wouldn't be a hit and i am being told yes it would. I would like to know if other men would possibly be interested in such a park as a get away to relax and play in the sun.

For the relaxing side i was thinking of a pool with a couple of hot tubs, with indoor/outdoor showers, maybe putt-putt golf. Of course the ideas could be endless and maybe you can suggest some relaxing activities.

Would this be a good investment? This would be open to all men that are of legal age 18 and up.

Desperately flashing Susan

Joined: 14 Nov 2003
Posts: 128
Location: Toronto

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:59 am Post subject:

Depends on where you are located; if you are near a sizeable gay population it might attract enough clientele. Hear in Southern Ontario/Northern New York area there are 1 or 2 similar places I think.
Naked and Shaved Toronto asian male


I flash underneath my clothes

Joined: 12 Jun 2008
Posts: 4
Location: Bay Area, California

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:49 am Post subject:

I agree, it does depend on your location. RV camping can be done all year, but I'm not sure how many gay RVers there are these days, but if you were to combine it with camping (seasonal) and choose a private location..that has a wooded tub/pool/showers etc..I think you may be onto something.

It might be a good idea to have a day use policy too so guys can come and relax, use the facilities and romp with the campers and guys in RV's.

You might do beer bust or bbq on weekends..stuff like that. Make the food free (build it into the costs) but charge a flat fee for the beer. If it were near a river for swimming...even better....but you may get traffic floating by.

Good luck!

Flashing Specialist

Joined: 15 Aug 2008
Posts: 86

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:14 pm Post subject:

If you are marketing towards gay guys, then you may have some success. You will also have guys banging and sucking each other all over the park -- especially at night. Not sure of the laws, but that may lead to the police getting involved.

 There is a difference between a clothing optional RV park and a gay sex club.


Desperately flashing Susan

Joined: 23 Apr 2005
Posts: 123
Location: San Diego, travel a lot US,Asia, Europe,

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 8:06 am Post subject:

You'll need to do more market research .. than ask the infrequent and random member of this site. How many (such RV and camping sites with 'resort' facilities) can you find in your area? Statewide, provincial (CA), nationally (or internationally - CA/Mex)? Visit or talk by phone the owner/operators of several.

 So is the photo at the right one of this blog's author at Herring Cove Beach, Provincetown, MA).

I think you should not be fixed on just doing a 'RV' gay camp site. With the price of gasoline, fewer people are rushing out to buy huge RVs.

Some important things have already been said. But are you limiting the idea too much? males only, RVs only, 1-person operation?

On what kind of scale are you thinking of making this?

Enough for 5 RV (parked on 1-acre or less, or a 20 - 200 acre spread?
Do you expect to run it alone or are you going to have employees? (opening yourself up to the possibilities -- also - opens you up to a lot of liabilities too.
I'm not nixing the idea - just asking and advising you to think and also gather more information.

You need a business plan and also have a vision of how the vision might grow (change) in the next 5 - 10 - 20 years.

The male-only requirement seems a little drastic -if not downright discriminatory (not in the legal sense) - although it might be (needs checking).

By doing so, it seems you aren't really thinking about it as a money-making business. So you need to sort out what you're really trying to do: have access to your own 'private' sex club, make extra money, create a business (investment, capital expenditures, employees, taxes, accounting, etc),

If you make it a gay camping resort, then it's likely that 85% of your customers will be men, 10% lesbian couples, and 5% would be wives, girlfriends, fag hags, daughters, sisters, because some gay men are married or travellng with female companions.or family.

If you make it simply a clothing optional instead of 'gay', I honestly don't think these basic numbers will change a whole lot -- for example 70% would be gay men and male couples, 10% lesbian, and 20% mixed. You should be able to confirm these numbers by surveying some current owner-operators.

You're also likely to get more year-round guests, and have more men who don't identify themselves as 'gay' but who want to be with other naked men (maybe seems a contradiction - but I think it happens a lot).

Only RVs? That's too limiting. If you have the right amount of land and a good location, then why limit it to RVers? Generally, they are retirees, reasonably well off financially (esp if they are not retired), they travel in couples and they tend to herd (many RVs want to go where their nomadic RV 'friends' go). They stay a long time, too, esp if the weather is warmer in winter where you are.

It would be good to have a multiple-use type of camping resort: RV sites, tent camping sites, small cabins/A-frames, a lodge with dining facilities (the restaurant alone could draw in people), day-use passes, etc.

If you can't do it all at once, then at least plan with the idea of possibly growing the business in mind.

Also, there are any number of other expansion possibilities to bring in guests who want a vacation, or those who want to spend a day-two out of the city (and like being naked to do so), by having the resort be MORE than just a place to sleep and sit in the sun.

Location is your biggest obstacle - are you going to move to the best location for such a place or are you going to build it in your backyard -- Build it and they will cum (pun intended). Is your area conducive to such a place? In every sense ....?

Still it's been done before -- who would have thought a small rural community 40 miles outside of Knoxville (TN) would support Timberfell Lodge

All of these places have a central type of clientele that makes them successful.

[The photo of the ass on the left is this blog's author.]

Try to find out what the clientele will be in your area? RVers only (aging baby boomers - which are still a forced to be reckoned with) or a mix of gay and gay-tolerant YUPs (young urban professionals). My impression is that today's affluent gay baby-boomers can afford and want more from an outdoor (camping resort) type vacation.

Having stuff (eating / activities / consumer-oriented (shop/gifts,classes/culture, etc or even entertainment) for guests that could also be used by passers-throug or short or day-time visitors and local residents might generate income -- of course, it makes the business larger and somewhat more difficult to manage -- In that case then, you cannot do it alone.

These might include:
a shop for local artisans or locally made food products/souvenirs), a museum of "___", a theater (for performing arts, music, gay plays, film festival, or not... ), classes and seminars (yoga , dance, bodywork, massage, spiritual training, arts/crafts, artists-in-resident, etc), gym-workout facilities, with sauna/jacuzzi

Staffing them becomes your second biggest problem -- (not always a problem since if you pay well and have good working conditions and know how to manage people effectively, your resort could become a very nice place to work. You would be able to recruit instead of just taking any Tom, Dick or Harry who needs a job.

Well ... I've given you the $2500 lesson in business planning ...  send a check (LOL) to Sunbuns Consulting, Inc. -- just kidding. But you might have a great idea -- do you have the stamina, energy, vision, and drive to accomplish it? Do you the money or the source of funding for such a project? (Note: More of the first three qualities are needed than the latter.)

Hey... I've been to several such outdoors-oriented camping resorts in many locations (internationally and in the US).
A couple of examples are: Timberfell Lodge in Tennessee and Kalani Oceanside Resort ( - they are representative of the kind of place that I would build if I were doing this business.

The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Warning to Flickr Porn Smurfs

NOTE to the 80% of people who are great Flickr member and potential Flickr Friends.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Don't let my RANT below about the abuses of a few people here on Flickr PREVENT YOU from adding me as Flickr Friend.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Decent, sensible and considerate Flickr Friends and would-be Contacts can go directly back to the ABOUT ME section in my Flickr Otherwise, keep reading.


How to be a good Flickr Community member (and my potential friend - instead of being a PORN SMURF.

What is a Flickr Porn Smurf?

Sorry to start out 2017 (actually published first in 2008) on a harsh note.. but I'm tired of having PORN SMURFs -- Flickr people who just want to be my friend ONLY for the sake of get to my private porn collection -- WITHOUT offering anything at all in return.

I really despise selfish, greedy and lazy people - not that everyone has some faults - including yours truly (me, too). 
Anyone without any kind of photos themselves (not even Net favorites or plain old snapshots) or with almost no photos borders on the kind of person with one of those three qualities (whom I am loathe to pacify or even tolerate). I can be generous to allow someone who has no pics or who is NEW to Flickr (18 or over) to have 'friend' status for private access to my photostream even if they don' t (yet) have any photos uploaded. Hey, most (but not all) of of my photostream is just Net stuff anyway, although very extensive and very organized (unlike most anybody I've ever seen actually).

Further, the second best thing about Flickr is the 'real' people whom you can befriend. The (first) best thing is NOT the porno, the truly great real photography and photographic artwork. So I don't want to waste time and energy deleting invitations from schmucks, smurfs and beggars.(worse schiesters). I'd rather use my Flickr time (more like my Flickr Addiction) to enjoy good photography (both general, artistic, and erotic) and communicate with the interestingly good people who made them (or share them).

 So... receiving dozens of junk mails that are anonymous, impersonal canned invitations to join a meaningless ego-pumping porn-photo 'pool' party from somebody with whom I have never even spoken or even SEEN their photos or received any comments about my own pics or (porn collectiion) is an insult and an affront to the spirit of Flickr 'friendship'.

Running a group should be a leadership role:

Moreover, I take a very different attitude (and stricter) to would-be 'leaders' -- people who assume that by just starting a Flickr group (a leadership behavior), it gives them some kind of rights, authority or influence -- without demonstrating an equally serious commitment to that job or any real comprehension of their responsibilities AS A LEADER and apparently without feeling required to show much personal integrity either - are simply smurfs (not worth the paper their fakes asses are printed on!).

Someone with no photos themselves (or who doesn't share them with me) and who then CREATES one more meaningless Flickr porn group just to 'have access to' (or pool) others peoples' hard-earned photos is a slacker. When he or she has the gall (or lack of balls) to invite his or her so-called Flickr Friends to that group , it becomes painfully obvious that the person is an unthinking, inconsiderate Flickr termite (smurf - worse than a slacker threefold - in my opinion) [ I don't call them 'cockroaches' because even cockroaches don't cause the total destruction of wooden houses to the extent that 'termites' do. Termites are social - group oriented creatures and can only survive by eating wood (cellulose) - something that few (if any) other creature can even digest. These slime mold -- (we could call them "pod people").

Managing Too Many Groups is Dumb and Impossible 

Don't try to tell me too that somebody with less than a few hundred (or even a couple of thousands) of Net porn pics has the time to adequately administer 10 or more ( some pornfreaks have many more) various and sundry 'subprime' porno Flickr groups. How does doing that give anything to the Flickr community? You can look at them a several weeks and months hence and see that the only people who have joined them (in large majority) are similar Flickr termites - who have no photo of their own. There is rarely any decent or timely communication going on inside the majority of those (usually porn) groups. It is simply a bothersome nuisance that serves no other purpose than ego-gratification. and does nothing useful except hassling us and spamming us via our Flickrmail and email inboxes. These so called 'group leaders' are just bottom-feeders and while (I guess) they are necessary ,they don't deserve to have such lofty titles (as Flickr Group Administrator).

I believe their behavior clearly brands them as selfish, greedy and lazy people. With no other recourse to deal with these people, I will simply REMOVE them from my CONTACTS henceforth. I don't wish to be hassled about my decisions either. Once you've corrected your personality (and Flickr) 'problem,' you're free to invite me to be a Flickr contact again at any time in the near (or far) future.

Rebuttals? - While you can argue my logic, your actions speak louder than words.

The typical retort (response / rebuttal) by people I have confronted about this goes something like this: " Well. what's your problem anyway? Just delete the damned Flickrmail then you won't be bothered again because you'll not get another invitaion. " Oh yeah? Like DUH! It is so not true. On the very next day (or week) the same person or one of dozens of similar Flickr slime-bucket types creates another 5 to 10 dumb-ass 'public or private groups' and then sends out his or her (almost no women in fact do this) thousands of Flickrmail spams .(Some people evidently collect Flickr friends like bottle caps.) What's just as bad are the NON-COMMENTS that are simply invitations by Flickr Group Admin-termites to add a 'chosen' photo to his group.

If there were just a few of these Flickr smurfs and a just few messages or comments per week, I might not have exploded like this. But in their heyday (last December 2007), I got anywhere from 10 - 30 or more such messages a day (invitations to join or to send a certain pic to their group via a comment invitation), so I can't and won't just IGNORE the problem. Just deleteing those 20-30-50 email/Flickrmails and hope they go away is NOT working. Obviously, you should be able to sense that from my very first lines above........ . I am going on the warpath:

MISSION: Flickr House-Cleaning
My mission (if you choose to accept it) is to eradicate the mold and the termite (more like interminable Flickr smurfs) pests before they infest and ruin the WHOLE House of Flickr. [I hope a few people will get and appreciate the irony (intended humor) of these words].

I had left a strong warning posted from Dec 19-Jan 9 to this effect. I realize that the 'smurfs' I will l be targeting in the disinfestation will probably never even read (or aren't capable of reading) what I write on my profile page.

Still.. I will not be deterred.. the mission must be accomplished... May the Force be with me!

Tantata Tantata tatitan.... Tantan Tooooon Tiiinn Tantitin Tiiiin Toong Tantitan Tiiin Toon TatataTin... <( Star Wars Theme (music) is heard faintly in the distance...)

I will now begin putting my Flickr house-cleaning resolutions into practice. It's a right I've earned. I have 45,000 photos uploaded and now over 180,000 views of my photostream. I am a paying Flickr member, too -- well into the second year of my pro account. I have also 'donated' pro accounts to more than one worthy 'newbie' photographer.


Now we resume our regularly scheduled programming.

WARNING 2 : STATE you are OF LEGAL AGE (18 years old or older) Don't add me unless you will NOT be offended by nudity or male arousal / sensuality. You should be responsible for your own personal behavior foremost, but please protect and honor MY US legal responsibilties, too. I don't think it's IMMORAL in the least and welcome anyone but, nevertheless, the US Congress has a somewhat different value system and the legal authority and power to enforce their injunctions. Flickr seems bound to help upholding those laws - for which I can't blame them (it's a company - owned by Yahoo after all).