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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Embarrassed Naked Male Short Stories, Part 1

I remember a day from when I was 15. I got off school early because I had a doctor's appointment. Should have been a fairly normal thing, a usual check up. Little did I know how far out of my comfort zone I was going to go that day.

I arrived at the office and waited in the lobby with my parents. We had already discussed that I was old enough to go into the examination room alone so we were just waiting for my name to be called. There was a cute blond girl about my age who would look at me and look away quickly as I caught her gaze. I could feel myself blushing so I'd hide my face and look away.

"Sam?" that was my cue to head into the exam room. 
"So we here you're old enough to go in by yourself?" I nodded in agreement.
"Well that's true, you are 15 and you are going through puberty now as well."
I hesitated a reply. 

"It's okay it's natural. But we'll need to examine your penis and testicles to make sure you're growing properly, so before we weigh you and measure your height, we'll need you to strip completely naked"
"What?" I felt my voice crack. "But I've never been naked in front of anyone before since I was a child!" It's true, I have a girlfriend but we've never seen each other naked before.
"Well you're old enough to be mature about nudity now. It's natural. I'm a nurse I've seen many people naked and I've seen many penises it's okay!"

These amateur photos of guys naked in public situations were forwarded in a group email message from  Ben (BuckleBuddy) on the PublicNakedGuys, A Yahoo group

I hesitantly took my shirt off, next came my pants and socks and finally, with a pause, I dropped my underwear to my feet. The nurse smiled like it was nothing and took my clothes into another room. I stepped on a scale facing her and covering my crotch while she weighed me and measured my height. She then directed me into an adjoined room. 

I sat on the paper on the raised bed and it was cold, that sudden chill making giving me a very hard and unexpected erection. Pointing up at about 4 and a half inches, I tried not to think about it, hoping it would go down before the doctor came in.

"Sam! We need you to come out and sign this sheet." I heard my mom call.
"Mom can you please come in here and bring it?" I replied.

"Get your lazy butt out here, it'll only take a second." I wasn't sure how to break it to my mom that I was butt naked without yelling it out to her and embarrassing myself. I opened the door slightly and when I noticed I caught her attention I opened it enough that she could see I was nude but without seeing my crotch.

"Oh come on Sam, this is a doctor's office no one will care if you're naked. Get over here or your grounded. I'm not arguing with you."

I couldn't believe my mom was going to make me walk out there butt naked in front of all of those people. I prayed that the cute blonde wasn't there. I covered what I could of my boner and slowly walked out. I felt my heart drop in horror as I met her gaze walking out. 

She smilled at me and looked away quickly.

"Now that wasn't so hard was it? Now we need you to sign this sheet so for future reference you can come here on your own for check ups without us from now on."
I whispered "mom can I take this to the other room? I kind of need both hands to... y'know..."
My mother pulled my hand away from my crotch "Stop fooling around Sam this will only take a moment."
I felt my boner shoot up in plain view of everyone including the cute blonde. I saw her eyes go straight to my crotch and she smiled again in sort of a laugh. I quickly signed the sheet and covered it up again, humiliated that I was in plain view of at least 10 different people. 

"Now that wasn't so hard was it?" My mom said slapping my butt. "Head back in the room."

I covered my penis and ran as fast as I could. My boner refused to go down but the doctor didn't mind. He told me it was natural and I shouldn't feel ashamed. But somehow I did. As we left the blonde was still there and she gave me a small wave. I smiled back and I could feel myself blushing. I wish I had gotten her name or something. I went home and locked myself in my room and masturbated a few times that day, imagining myself having sex with her. Part of me was almost glad she had seen me naked...

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