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Friday, April 28, 2017

My Urge to Flash takes a Turn for the Better?

For nearly two years (very infrequently off and on), I've tried to get a younger man (about 23-27) who rides to work on his bicycle through the cemetery to notice my peekaboo flashing (see thru, hole-riddled and mesh clothes). He's not ever really taken the bait and generally turns his head or avert his eyes - if we're too close - so that he can't be 'accused' of looking. I am pretty positive he knows what I'm up to ... a few times a month I make a sudden appearance on his route - sometimes with my zipper down or sometimes with a pair of mesh shorts with my shirt tucked in just for him to see my pale cock wiggle from side-to-side as walk by him.

If he were so disgusted or fearful (of being stalked), he could easily find another path to his work (I think he's working at a small commercial airport not too far away) because I meet him usually (once a week or so) around 7:00am and he returns about home the same route in mid-afternoon. Wednesday are his day off so he works on Saturdays as well.

Things have gotten more daring on my part this month. A couple of times recently I've gotten more bold.. like this morning. From the road, he would see me something like this (photo attached). I realize it's very tame by comparison (to other's extreme flashing - but HEY!.. we are NOT all made/built the same, right?)

standing in a pathway between grave plots about 7 meters from the main road that runs through the cemetery. It's a straight wide (private) road with no thru vehicle traffic - so I only have to be careful about pedestrians and bicyclists going east/west.
 {Pic at right is one of this blog's author.}
Before taking up my position just off the road, I scout out down the road to see if he's approaching and then take up my position (like the photo). I'm turned a bit to the left but I can him clearly when I look to my right. I've done this before but never pulled my pants all the way down until recently. Earlier I was taking a piss (or pretending too).

So twice recently.. when I knew nobody else was approaching either direction .. I've pulled down my pants and starting jerking my cock (not hard in this 'staged' recreation of the scene).
There should be no doubt that he can see me in this peripheral vision but he's TOO damned chicken or just not going to give me the pleasure knowing he's looking. He's smart - not a smart-alec and he's not looking for a confrontation but he's not looking to see 'dick' if he can help it either.

I know it's pretty stupid (fruitless is a better word LOL) -maybe useless to try to keep flashing this guy (if you can call it that). But the challenge just seems to be increasing my feelings of urgency. This time after he went by without so much as a smile or frown/scowl or side glance... I had to go deeper off the main road and beat off until I came.

Is this going to lead to me trying to go to greater lengths to get the guy to look?

I think the attraction is that I sort of 'feel' like I know him -- ridiculous idea (I know) but at least we recognize each other.  Sometimes he almost can't help it if I suddenly meet him coming around a corner but it's risky to be 'showing' more than just wearing see-thru mesh - because mothers with school children, old ladies and men heading to their office job are equally likely to suddenly appear around the same corners.

I know he does look my way at times .. but it's only when I'm 20-50 meters away. There is a large plaza (paved area) along the main road, where we sometimes cross paths at a much great distance. It is at times like that when I have my zipper down and my cock partly exposed. I notice then that he 'seems' to take a brief look .. but if I'm too close.. he averts his eyes or even turns his head.

What do you think? It's not much of a flashing experience - but it's the most 'real' flashing I've ever done (not counting nude beaches and CMNM with male strangers in hostels/campsites). He's got to know that I'm 'beating off' for him, but he's closed to the idea.

Any suggestions?
The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!

May Daze -- Musings on web stuff, March travels etc

I haven't posted in a while -although I have been busy online and off line too. I guess the urge to blog comes and goes. Also, I find that I split my life into segments which don't always overlap -- such as my activities as a gay male don't always seem to fit with some of my other interests (at least, I am not at the point where I can easily mix together blog entries about new pleasures in buttfucking and my latest recipes and travel tips. 

So when somebody ONLY reads this blog, they will certainly get skewed version of what I am as a person versus what I do as an active gay man (the mostly secret sexual side of my nature and activities). 

I do spend a lot of time online and -- while some of it is blogging - a lot of it is absorbing other people's work (and responses/writings/posting). Still a good bit more is consuming erotic images and video. Over the last few weeks, I have discovered (or I should say re-discovered and taken time to explore) various new sites - -many of which are directly connected to homoeroticism. 

Travel Ssssssssssex

Over the weeks from March 2 - April 5, I had a lot of fun travelling so I'd like to fill you in by detailing my adventures - some of them sexual (of course).

I spent a week on the Big Island in late February and got to swim with dolphins, see whales and sea turtles, did some diving and camping.

My next longer journey involved trips from Honolulu, Southern California, New York City, Tampa (Florida), Barcelona and Gran Canaria.

So instead of trying to write it all here, I will just link to entries from some of my other blogs: (Note: Not all of them are finished yet -- so I'll be updating them over the next few days (hopefully).


New level of pleasure achieved

  • Sex on the beach - I got to cruise on several gay beaches and seaside cruising spots. Diamond Head beach was hot the very afternoon I arrived back there from a short trip. I met a horny bi guy who liked to show me his str8 porn mag -- I presume to help him get himself (and me too -
    because he was talking dirty about fucking pussy). He then proceeded to wrap his lips around my engorged cock -- we were nestled away high above the beach but still there were other guys cruising who were trying to get a look at what we were doing.

    Later on another guy climbed up to meet me among the trees, he wanted to press his cock into the crack of my ass, but didn't want to insert. It was hot getting butt-rubbed - and just made me want the real thing that much more.
Fucked at gay sauna 

One couple of the best anal fucks I have had in a long time was at Club 2200 on University Blvd in San Diego on March 7th.

It was a weekday night but the place was pretty hot. I finally met up with a cute Afro-American guy who felt me up from behind while I was leaning over the back of a couch in the lounge area. He asked if I wanted to play so we went behind the seating in the video backroom, where he covered his 10 inch long, beautiful cock with a rubber and then fucked me crazy. It turned out that he was trying to give me an anal orgasm. He would pull back until the tip of his long hard meat was about to disengage from my anal lips and then we would ram it back in deep. He kept up a rapid plunging rhythm so that I finally screamed in delirium and came without touching my cock. 

Funny, but just a few hours later, after a restful snooze, I got up and found a hot guy in the same room who wanted his ass plowed long and hard. So I was very happy to oblige. We fucked there in the video room for a long while, then he invited me back to his cubicle where we engaged in slow sweet butt-wracking sex with my ever-hard cock for hours.

I have not been so pleasured -- both ways during such a short period of time in a long while. It was hot!
Anal orgasm in Maspalomas dunes - Apart from my scuba diving on two of the days at Playa del Ingles (actually we dive at El Cabron Bay nature preserve), I spent several days on the dunes at Maspalomas -- nude sunbathing and cruising for sex. 

One the most interesting times was after I had been kind of mentally 'edging' for 4-5 hours -- seeing guys nude and a lot of sucking/fucking going on the nooks and crannies around the dunes and in the shady brush lined areas. There was a guy who was interested in my ass while I seated on the huge leaning branch of a tree. My butt was spread out over the back edge and he came up and started to massage my sphincter.

Other guys came up around him and watched. He was not going to insert his dick, but instead, he put his fingers into my butthole and expertly applied a massage to my prostate gland. 

It was kinky sitting there with my cock bloated -- fully erect and having my asshole rammed with a hot digit. He knew exactly what to do to get me to explode and the lust in the others mens' eyes just made me want to put on a great show. I came without touching my dick -- something that had not happened for several weeks (when I was in San Diego).

I realized that I have reached a new level of sexual stimulation -- the anal orgasm.

Morning walk with a twist - rather a jerk

On a morning walk in the cemetery a few days back, I pulled off my pants - always wear a loose fitting cargo pants and freeball. So it's easy to quickly do a bit of 'stealth flashing' -- I call it 'stealth' since I don't believe anybody is watching. It's just the fact that they might or could at any moment -- there are cars intermittently passing along a lane about 50 m behind me. I got excited and just secs later starting jerking off until I cum. 

I guess you notice I'm not showing face. I have some comments (rather a long winded explanation) below:

Showing 'face' when your flashing or 'innocently' exposing yourself to strangers is actually less risky than doing so on the Internet. I mean there are only a limited number of people who actually see you and many don't really 'see' you at all. Even if they do, they don't want to act on it (confront your personally or even call the police and press charges) and then they don't have 'proof' - just their word against your. s 

I was once arrested for lewd conduct charges (a felony in Mass). It happened while on vacation near Provincetown in 2005. It was a police who saw me -- although I was just 'pissing,' which I was, he claimed I was trying to flash him (I was wearing a skimpy see-thru pair of shorts but he could not have seen that from the distance he was when he first noticed me). I was not convicted -- of course --the case was dismissed because it was a case of false arrest/police brutality / insufficient evidence / unlawful seizure of evidence (my camera), I obtain the services of a local lawyer who had experience with theis particular police department. It seems they often made this kinds of arrest in order to discourage 'perverts' from coming into their community - -not Provincetown township but another one further down (south) the Cape. 

But the whole trauma of the experience taught me some valuable lessons. For one, it made me realize how vindictive and self-righteous some people are -- including well-meaning and hardworking police officers -- most of whom I have a great deal of respect for the dedication. 
But flashing on the net or letting your face get shown may have some risks that you cannot control or may not even realize until years later. 

Thanks, Toras, for being encouraging without be condescending. I have lived in communities where a Causasian male (which I am ) is a rare minority , so it means I would have no trouble being picked out of a police line-up. Toronto has a very multi-ethnic community - there are about 800,000 people of Chinese origin alone live in great Toronto -- at least you can 'pass' for a local. I can't where I am living now - that's why I guess I went overboard last summer and was a little bit too careless while vacationing on Cape Cod. I thought I blended in as to be unrecognizable. 

The other interesting phenomena and also could make flashing (exposing one's genitals and face) on the Internet somewhat riskier for people who define themselves as flashers, exhibitionists and exposers is 

1) the tendency for the Christian right to categorize them as sex offenders -- the same as child rapists and baby killers, and 

2) the new Internet technologies for tagging pics, passing data including pics and tags through RSS feeds even further around the globe, and geotagging - ties/links an Internet object (user, picture, file) to a specific geographic spot. 
I know this is off-topic , but it was my topic (Walking the Dog) in the first place so I doubt the moderator's will mind. I usually do a lot of thinking while I am 'walking the dog' which is both a methaphor for 'wagging the wiener', freeballing in the open air, airing out the family jewels. But it also is REALLLY what I am doing -- taking my pet dog for his daily walks. I also think about flashing both as my hobby and also about it repercussions and consequences too - while I'm enjoying the solitude and occasional chance to peek-flash some guy (see separate, earlier posts for the narratives) 

Back to the thesis -- 

We know there is tracking of what you purchase and even what you're interested in (sites that you have visited leave cookies that search engines can pick up and then display ads that are related to the types of sites (products) you've been visiting. Google does that big time. 
So it's not too big of a stretch to think that pics (or other data files or media objects), which you download or that you place on your website or public / private profile on some social network, or that you even look at briefly online, might leave discernible and followable traces. 

I've got profiles all over the net and many pics with and without my face -- both under my real name and my various alias (sunbuns is not my 9-5 working world identity). Someday somebody is going to find a way (my conspiracy instinct says they already have) to collect these traces (tags) or at least connect them like dots. So they'll start selling the information (clandestinely of course) for ostensibly purposes of security and anti-criminal protection but the personal id info will most certainly also be used to defame and try to ruin the reputations of people (basically good upstanding citizens -- like me and you) for political gain, religious cleansing, or profit from blackmail or pay-offs. 
Sorry to take a sinister lapse into the dark side of the net... 

Hey, it's my real birthday today. I'm 39 - yep! Well, at least 'sunbuns' thinks he is or at least won't admit to being any older than that - and he usually says he's younger). I remember a comment your once made in another posting -- most of the people on this site (who are interesting in or doing flashing) are in the 40s and 50s. 

In honor of the fact that I'm chicken to show my face here's another pic -- not only faceless but too headless from one my walking-the-dog hikes into the local cemetery. If I get any more 'invisible' - I might as well be dickless. Sometimes I think it will be good to be reborn as a dickless being (a female?) in my next life. 
If I am not recognizable, may be my dog will be.  

On the public profiles, I was referring to in my post above is located at Dlist -- a gay social networking site (I feel like a 'old' man among the 'twinkish' - hipster GQ types plastered all over the home page. But what the hell -- I like college age dudes - and sometimes they like a guy who's more mature and obviously well-endowed (I don't mean 'big' dicked) - financially well established (stable income sufficient to live well, not 'rich' but all things are comparative).

If you visit it, you can see a slide show of guys showing off in public. 
Which means that ANYONE can see the photo and the profile - if someone is savvy enough they can probably find out my IP address from the uploaded pics or code. So -- it's not all just conspiracy. Someday I'll be knowledgeable enough to prove my thesis by showing you exactly how it might work. 

I collect such pics and thousands of others. I am turned on more by 'real' photos of real guys getting nude and being naked, male and happy about it, than the slick, hard-glossed superstuds and huge meaty cocks of the porno models. 

I have them in Flickr and a few thousand saves in Yahoo Photos - only friends can see them - unlike Dlist and GW - my profiles and pics are password protected. I realize it is not much security (protecting one's identity from theft or blackmailing/blackballing) but usually like-minded people of the same persuasion join a gay or porno site. That's not the case with these two new entries, GW and Dlist. Even Yahoo 360, MySpace and don't allow just anyone to see a profile (or at least the parts you don't want made public).