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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Big Island Nude Beach, March Madness Party, March 11, 2017, 11:30 am - 4:30 pm

Click this link to see the event:


On Saturday, March 11, 2017, any guys who are interested are welcome to meet up at Beach 67 on the north-east shore of Hawaii's Big Island for a naked day in the sun.  It is an informal gathering of men and a few women who love being naked in the sun while relaxing on the small beach 67 at Waialea Beach (just north of the regular state beach (beach 69). We plan to arrive around 11:30-12:00 and will probably stay until nearly 5:00pm.  Join us for a fun naked day in the sun!
 Beach 67 (near Waialea Bay (sometimes called Wailea) or mistakenly called Beach 69) is located in South Kohala area between Kawaiihae and Waikoloa. Wailea Bay Marine Preserve's two beaches are nicknamed Beach 69 and 67 because of their identifying numbered telephone poles (not milemarkers). Beach 69 is the larger and is great for snorkeling and diving. Beach 67, on the north side of the bay, is smaller and frequented by naturists and gay men. On Hwy. #19 at Mile Marker 71, turn into Puako Village, then right onto old Puako Road.
Beach 69 is much larger and more beautiful, but it is NOT nude. You come to it first. You'll see lots of cars park at the entrance of Waialea Beach 69. To access clothing-optional Beach 67, go about 350 yards more up the roughly paved road to a higher place, then turn right onto the gravel road at telephone pole #67, drive out onward to the bluff, then hiking down to the beach. You can also park under the trees outside the fence around a private house. Nude sunbathing on the small white sand beach hidden by trees, brush.


There is no drinking water at Beach 67, but there is a rustic port-a-potty. So take everything you'll need.
NOTE: Never leave valuables in a parked car in a deserted place. Auto break-ins are very common everywhere in the Hawaiian islands. Some people even leave their windows open to say 'see, there's nothing worth stealing here.'

Do CMNM medical exams turn guys horny and gay?

Nothing can be compared with hot gay medical examination - for some of us who are CMNM (clothed male naked male) fans.
NOTE: This entry is a compilation of excepts from several gay medical fetish sites, including the photos.
You have never seen such fascinating CMNM scenes anywhere as those in a hospital or medical clinic. Maybe some twinks didn’t like to visit the doctor's office earlier. They are
embarrassed or reluctant because they think that they may pop a boner once the doctor starts examining them. But after an incredible sexually enthralling visit to a doctor who knows just how to examine them thoroughly and to make them relaxed and sexually satisfied, I think they will change their attitude about being with an older and clothed physician.

After seeing so many twink medical exams, many things will change in your mind too. It is impossible to be calm witnessing how these twinks take off his clothes and then the intelligent, sexy doctor starts to suck his stiff cock. They even try sixty-nine, sucking each other’s dick with uncovered pleasure right in the doctor’s consulting room.

Are you interested in hot gay medical CMNM ? It is high time to relive all your secret desires. It is hot to see handsome boys get undressed for the doctor and then seeing them get so horny that they just have to have gay sex. It's great too when the muscular athletic boys go to visit a doctor with the coach, who is dying to see his young team get naked and willing to offer hard dick and hot wet holes to their athletic mentor. The boy doesn’t know yet what incredible adventure it is going to be there. He comes to the doctor’s consulting room and takes off all his clothes. The lustful doctor doesn’t waste time and starts to caress genitals of the twink. It is pleasure to watch twinks'
medical checkup. It seems the boy doesn’t object to take twink medical exam. His cock becomes bigger and bigger. Then the boy lies on bed and horny doctor sucks his dick, play with it by his tongue.


Every time nasty college guys walk into the examination room of a medical checkup they lose their minds when what they’re told what to do there by irresistible authority of the doctor. Sure, male doctors clothed in green scrubs or a white medical uniform force naughty young guys to do these things because they love watching nude guys pose for them, and obey their every command to expose various parts of their anatomy and to submit to manual manipulation of their bodies and genitals.

Of course, the horny naked young dudes love when they have their naked bodies examined all over so that they are craving to have their dicks sucked and asses banged hard by the naughty clothed doctors I think we all enjoy witnessing cock-loving physicals satisfy the wildest and the dirtiest of their dreams together with young inexperienced college guys.

What about you? Did going to the doctor and being physically examined as a teen by a clothed (older) man leave an impression on you? Or even cause you to think about being attracted to males. Do you think it was especially sexually stimulating because of the fact that you were naked and he was completely dressed. That's the appeal of CMNM experiences. – Debauched Headmaster Pushes Teacher & Student Together - Debauched Headmaster Pushes Teacher & Student Together

At CMNM.netCraig may have eluded the Headmaster’s insidious probing in the school halls, but locked here in his office the hapless boy has no control. His naked body is passed around between the men so they can inhale the aroma of his furry arse and suck on his tender foreskin. - Debauched Headmaster Pushes Teacher & Student Together
The enraged boy rats out his teacher meaning that its time for Mr Dawson to get his comeuppance as well!
28 OCT 16 BY KEN