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More ideas or info is included on my Blog, at my Homoerotic Antics Tribe , or at my JustUsBoys (blog) is a list of more possible CMNM events, some held, all not yet decided or scheduled, but with your help they will be.

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CMNM Social Networks

GUYS INTO CMNM social networks ( - eight or more of them, but the number is dwindling due to the economy (cutbacks and charging fees ): 
  For a couple of reasons,  the economy and also apathy (mostly because new members join these groups only to never return because they seem to be searching for porn for free and nothing else.
Therefore, I'm not going to financially support social networks that are mainly useless and inactive.
 I will be supporting the ones on Facebook (no porn allowed) and also the group (a private group, membership by invitation only).

Our newest CMNM social networks is located at:  

See our newest CMNM group on Facebook:Guys Into CMNM (inside Facebook)  You must be logged in to Facebook to view it. 

See more GUYS INTO CMNM network groups at: 

Please check out the other networks at: 

WARNING:   Due to the economic recession (and host companies need for revenue), several of the sites are now closed or will be closing because they are charging subscription fees (which I do not want to pay myself).

0.See our newest CMNM group on Facebook:Guys Into CMNM (inside Facebook)  You must be logged in to Facebook to view it. 

1. (660+ members) Currently this has been suspended (as of Feb 2014).  

2. (630+ members)    NOTICE:  As of August 1, 2010  the cmnm group on has been removed by the company.  
So I have started a new one to replace it at:
  NOTE: It was subsequently removed, too.

3. which was by far our largest group (currently over 3130 members),  is currently in LIMBO. 
Beginning May 2013,  it does not seem to be working.  

 In November 2010, the company started charging a monthly subscription fee.  The bare minimum has recently been lowered, but it still means paying for something that is largely 'dead weight'.  Maintaining a site for a few active members is really missing the point. There are thousands who join but never return once they find it takes work to interact and to build an online community. Most guys are just porn smurfing, so I don't want to spend my own money to keep a group going simply for that reason. There are plenty of places to find porn online.

4. - a backup group (just in case all others are deleted).  It was updated in April 2014 but there appears to be a bug in it when you try to access via an iPhone, you get sent to a gay porn site. 

5. The CMNM group in  Queerclick announced that  Queerclique will be deleted on Oct 31, 2010.  Queerclique was the social networking area of QueerClick, the commercial porn blog and gallery site.  Go to and once you have joined, see GROUPS (Guys Into CMNM) 

6. A small number of guys have joined a CMNM gropu on Groupsite (formerly ) Visit it at:
   This site continues to grow slowly, but is not very active.

7. -Winksite Mobile-      (new March 2014)   Our newest CMNM social network
  Visit it at:

8a.  The most recent (and smallest) CMNM group is the Windows Live group located at: (no longer active)
8b.,, and have CMNM groups inside them - some of which I started.

To learn more about CMNM, 
visit our Wikispace, or
join our discussion board, CMNM Forum on JUB ( which is open to all (once you've been approved for membership). Visit it on the site:

9. NEW! Networks* Guys Into CMNM on Celly

0    Webcamming is another general to  'meet' other guys interested in CMNM (although many gys don't know what it is).

Userplane Webcam Chat Room (CMNM), used jointly on all our social networks. 

 CAM4    is another popular webcam chat zone  where you can   'meet' other guys interested in CMNM.

11.  Gay iPhone Apps
       Grindr    An iPhone app  - no website integration
      Qrushr     - An iPhone app similar to Grindr with very limited web integration
       Jack'd      no website integration    (has a iphone Web application - Not an App but you can find local guys by proximity, also integrates with A4A web site and mobile phone applications). 
       SpeedDate (subscription charge for main services)
       Skout       (subscription charge for main services)
       Purpll           Integrates with website and iPhone app
       PinkMap     Integrates with website iPhone app

11.   Dating / flirting (Geolocation  Social Networking sites)
         Whoshere   (iPhone app)

   (under construction)

12.   Twitter and Microblogging sites  (included location-based)

 (under construction)