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 Social Networking Group (Onine Communities)

On May 25, 2011, the site was briefly re-activated. But by the end of June, it was again put in limbo (de-activated).   There is not much use in visiting it at: and I have no idea if it will ever be returned to operation again  (July 24, 2011).

Since it was down for so long, I attempted to create my own social networking site on my own server using various independent web sites and server software:

 It is a hobbled together set of applications such as phpBB Forum, Blogger Blogspot, Wikispaces,  Buddypress (from, and GoogleFriend Connect.  If you like to be a more active member and publish your own blog entries, you might find it interested in joining.

One good alternative is Tribe. net: There is a Private Tribe for CMNM (by invitation only, contact: sunbuns for invite) or send me email:  sunbunz (at) gmail (dot) com

Attempting to create a CMNM social network
 It's a continuing saga.  Ning (one of the world's largest after Facebook) decided to remove all adult-content, sexually explicit/graphic groups in January 2009.   Now it seems that others will be going that way too or at least making it difficult to host such groups.  Although there appears to be some abatement of the censorship side - the danger of being permanently deleted (as a group) exists with almost all online sites.

 After exploring as a potential new home for our Guys Into CMNM Ning (which was deleted by Ning as of January 1, 2009), I was resigned to choosing Socialgo after having explored quite a few alternative. But later (12/28/2008), I discovered, which is  a whole lot better any many ways for what I want in a social networking site. However, it's got its limitations - as do they all.  
Since that time, SocialGo decided in early 2009 to asked all  adult-content, sexually graphic groups to start paying beginning in April '09.  At $49 a month, it's not worth it and I doubt anyone wants to share the cost. Therefore, the group was going to be moved and eventually removed.
However, that did not come to pass after all.. since Socialgo did not delete our group at that time, but actually waited more than a year.   http:/
   Although it lost some functionality because we're a 'free' Socialgo site, it's still work well with over 600+ members (mostly inactive).   NOW DELETED as of August 1, 2010.

 Another new entry into the social networking market is (yes... it has a 'period' in that word).
  I started a Guys Into CMNM group on  The URL  is  

In the end, I would have chosen adaptability and customization over ease-of-use and simplicity.  But that's not true for everyone I realize. Therefore, there will be several  in many different Guys On CMNM online communities - as time goes by, members will tend to gravitate to the one(s) that have more appeal and usability for them.   So that's how I will operate the Guys Into CMNM Ring of Networks -- there will be 4-5 (or more) over different types of social networks to form the : has had more than its share of problem. It was incredibly slow and unreliable, but did finally improve.  In the two years it was operative, it grow to over 3000 members. However, the company does not seem to want to support large 'free' social networks so started charging a subscription fee.  The site (June 29, 2011) is currently in limbo; no one can access it - even me (the admin).

 Guys Into CMNM    Ring of Social Networks   - pick out the one that suits you.  

Webjam   -  The most flexible, customizable, and most like Ning (except for Video gallery), embedded video OK, multiple page profiles with many kinds of modules (widgets, RSS feeds, etc)   NOW Webjam has deleted my CMNM group (Feb 2014).

SocialGo         - Slow, simple interface,  little customization possible, it has the basics, but was soon abandoned by the large adult content networks, rumored to become for-pay soon - at least they had said so back in January 2009. Our group was invited to move to Socialgo's new adult-content service(Zocku) on Feb 15  because they had decided to start charging in April.  -- IT WAS  DELETED SUDDENLY on August 1, 2010
  You can no longer visit it at:       -  Poor designed and buggy code, it might have potential, but you can only share video from Youtube (and two other non-porno sites), embeddable vids in Wiki (Wall) only (not blogs).   Nonetheless, it is the most popular format. Our group has over 2200 members (Feb 2010) and is still growing.   WARNING: There is always the threat that will pull the plug; however, what is more likely is that they will be charging a fee for users.  In the middle of 2009, they started asking large to require a subscription (either a $1 a month payment or earned subscription points (en lieu of money) by signing up for sponsor's offers and services.
Permanently deleted on Feb 2011.

NOTE about : ( June 2009/ Feb 2010) has finally made enough progress with its sites, adding some new functionality and -- most importantly - some speed. Recently, there have been many new members joining (over 2000) and the Video (embedded) has greatly improved.  However, many of the large (Dan's Public Sex, for example, etc) have been turned into 'subscription' only membership.  Without subscribing, you can't log-on to many of the large (over 5000 members) You have to pay (or sign-up for adverts/products, etc) in order to earn 'credits' to pay for your subscription.   I don't think it will be too long before they force all adult content to pay for subscription membership.

  On May 25, 2011 has re-activated our CMNM group after my paying the minimum entry level fee and communicating with their support team over several months.   You can visit the group:   However, on June 29, 2011 the site was again put into limbo (inoperative).

Note:  In Dec 29, 2009 abruptly deleted my Twinkz   
I had already created a replacement at:
In fact, I also started a new at   but I don't think it will grow since I made it a private group (requires admin approval).  For now, it's just an experiment.   One experiment that has been successful are the two Otoko groups - devoted to appreciating Japanese and other Asian men. 

Orkut:  (recently Orkut has cracked down on adult / sexual content).My gmail id can longer log into Orkut. So I doubt the CMNM still exists. 

CMNM on Pridesites (my own website):
   This is a mash-up of various web sites and applications that I have created.  It can serve as a very basic and non-integrated network - in case the others are ever deleted (which may be likely, in fact).  It collect together various separate elements such as the blogspot site, group blog on Buddypress, the phpBB Forum, the webcam chat room, webjam, and etc.

Queerclique:   IT WAS  DELETED with one-month's notice on October 31, 2010  There is (was after Oct 31, 2010) a CMNM group inside Queerclique (which uses the former Socialgo  network as its 'branded' host server). Queerclique is the free social networking community for QueerClick (the commercial gay porn mega-blog and gallery site). Membership requires aproval.   The 200+ members of the CMNM group inside Queerclique were invited to join one of our other Guys Into CMNM networks.  
   P.S.  Queerclick serves often a primary source for gay porn studio content.  At least so far, they have not minded (and probably appreciate) my using there content since I always leave the links to return back to Queerclick site or directly to the advertiser.


Facebook Group: CMNM Dudes Facebook Group      I founded this group in FB, but it's now moderated by someone else. Because adult content is strictly banned (not so much in private profile) and nude photos are not allowed, the group isn't very active.  I learned this the hard way - my first FB account was summarily deleted (and so was my profile and status). Eventually that original group was deleted, so I started another:  CMNM Dudes. 

Xtube Group: CMNM Group in Xtube
Tribe. net: Private Tribe for CMNM (by invitation only, contact: sunbuns for invite)
Flickr Group: Various photo-sharing groups inside (e.g. CMNM,  Physical Exams (Male), etc)
Google Group: CMNM Group
Yahoo Group:     CMNM
GayWatch:  CMNM group
Lifeout:   CMNM group      Once a member, go to groups:  cmnm    It doesn't have much functionality as a site yet.
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Blog: Guys into CMNM
Forum: Discuss CMNM
Facebook Page: Guys Into CMNM Facebook Page
Xtube Group: CMNM Group in Xtube
Tribe. net: Private Tribe for CMNM (by invitation only, contact: sunbuns for invite)
Flickr Group: Various photo-sharing group inside (e.g. Physical Exams (Male), etc)
Google Group: CMNM Group

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