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Friday, September 29, 2017

Hostel Hotness: Experiencing CMNM flashing in hotels and hostels

Hostel Hotness 

(from discussions on DN, DF & JUB)

Elegantism (member id) started off the discussion on hostel hotness like this:

Traveling through Europe,  I stayed in hostels sometimes]8 guys to a room so I always thoughts something hot would go down.

I remember this one time in Italy where the room was tiny and there were 6 guys in it. all ended up sleeping naked on top of the sheets sweating and boning all night long.

Any more exciting stories?

Follow up: beachpuppy
I was staying in a hostel in Verona, Italy, in a beautiful converted villa. Some of the showers were communal, shower heads from a common pillar. When you took showers, it meant you were standing around the same pillar, sort of face to face. Got hooked up there taking showers together...

Follow up: nakedparis
It happened to me in Budapest; the hostel was an university residence and showers were in a big room; there were little walls between showers but no curtains, so it was easy to peer the guys in the fron shower's line or drying after the shower.
In Stockholm too, I found two hostels with showers not very private; there were curtains, but the undressing room was common, so before and after the shower, we could peer each other.

My response:

It's great to find others who are equally attracted to CMNM (clothed male / naked male) experiences at hostels. Sex is sometimes overrated and that's not just sour grapes because I can and do get a lot of it. But I find the male bonding / friendship/ buddy camaraderie / 'skinship' aspect of relationships with other men (not just sex) can be so much more easily experienced in an environment like a hostel and I find myself craving such experiences because I feel so isolated from knowing men fully. Sure I can fuck around with guys, but it find it hard to make friends or just be buddies with guys without sex at the same time releasing our typically mutual inhibitions toward deeper male friendships.
I have had some great times and also some highly homoerotic stays at several hostels... particularly at one hostel (presently unnamed) - which I have described here on a previous thread posting (now disappeared). I've written about these hostels and sought and given advice about traveling using hostels and the male bonding / male nudity that can happen here and on my blogs. 
nakedparis (above) has a great idea but I think we need another site/venue to share these since DN is so limited and the posts eventually scroll up and disappear. Also, there is the issue of privacy - when we start actually naming places and giving out address, then it may get back to the hostel owners (indirectly) that their establishments is targeted by gays/bi-guys seeking sex in their hostels. Some of the hottest places to stay are not always to gay-friendly or diversity oriented.

In the meantime, I want to hear more from elegantism about his experiences...
Hey, don't any of you guys blog? One cool idea is to create a Group Blog (using Blogger and Flickr) with multiple account holders (blog members). It's easy to set up (I can do that) and then you can either post entries by going to the Blogger (there can be many blog members or you can blog an entry by sending an email (even with an attached photo).

What do you say? Anybody want to try that... the discussion can still go on here but a 'good / useful' entry could also easily be blogged too. It doesn't mean to have to share id or have common passwords either.

A few days later...... I added:

I created the CMNM blog and I can add you as a co-author.
Actually, you don't have to actually join blogger to do so - because even without being an (approved) blog author - it is now set up to allow posts to be sent by e-mail. That address is written in the first (trial) post at:

The problem is how to handle explicit sexual photographs (I discuss in that post). Not having any solves that dilemma-- but there is still the matter of what constitutes 'sensual / sexy vs erotic or artistic nude vs blatant sexual behavior or obscenity as defined by the courts.

It won't be an issue-- of course -- if nobody ever posts or even reads it.
Look at it first and then tell me what you think about 'managing' the off-site blog..... Guys Into CMNM

So now it is off and running more to follow later.....

Experiencing CMNM flashing: Ideas for hotels and hostels 

These next series of posts might be interesting to someone who wants to be see naked by other guys - particularly by str8 or clothed men when you are in 'nude' situations. I don't consider this blatant or in-your-face exhibitionism - for me, it is a sort of sensous and partly innocent accident flashing or being seen naked (or purpose) where nudity might be expected. I find it even hotter and more
sexually stimulating when the guys doing the looking are either supposedly straight or are themselves clothed. It's great when they take notice or when you can tell that they kind of like the experience (or the freedom and license) to get naked them. Many don't need to get permission and quite a few don't care or even notice, but you know never what will happen or how they might react - there are surprising results sometimes - and far from bad ones.

A few weeks ago a posted question came from somebody on another board:
I am staying in a budget hotel next week with shower and toilet in the hallway. Stayed there before and tried the basic stuff. Like walking to the shower and up and down the corridors in underwear, and even nude, but was, as far as I know, never seen.

Does anyone have any creative ideas to show off or to risk being seen in this situation? Perhaps I can post some pics of your fantasy..
Here is how I responded to the guy's request for suggestions:

I had a conference in Honolulu and had planned to stay in a shared hotel room with a str8 buddy. As it turns out, my friend is not going to make it (his wife is coming along), so I made a reservation for a large (10 bed) dorm room in one of these hotels. It sounds like I might had more luck to choose the small dorm room (just 4 beds) since it might be more conducive to a break-out jo sessions. I know I'll be horny as hell and probably not get a wink of sleep - just hearing out guys breathing / turning over / adjust clothes / and the normal sounds of sleeping turns me on like crazy. I don't know what I'll do if one of them is audibly (or visibly) beating off. Still, I'd love to hear more.
I'll be at a hostel next week Feb 15-18. It's more like budget hotel with shared rooms 4 to 8 people in either co-ed or female only room. However, it's actually rare to have a coed dorm room be that. single women at a hostel rarely stay in a dorm so they are most all male -- but some regular hotels and inns have larger rooms where guests/strangers who don't know each other share at least a WC/shower but also the bedroom (and lounge/ en suite facilities (kitchen / bathroom etc).

Here are my suggestions for the hotel you've chosen:  
( I think you only have a shared bath/toilet . But it really all depends on the actual place and how lucky (popular LOL) you are with the other guests).
Whether it's a true hostel situation or just a hotel that's cheaply built; changes how you can set up a flash - we're obviously talking about innocent exposure (and kind of CMNM - not a full-on shove hard cock in their face). If you can do that kind, you probably would NOT be asking for advice.

So it depends on the rooms (size and number of beds shared if at all) the layout of rooms and hallways, number of floors, how big (or small) the bath /toilet (in Europe (and Japan) it's always separate but not in North America. Other important things are who are the guests - backpackers - young, free-minded and playful or staid conservative hard-line tourist or locals who are just too stingy to stay at more expensive hotels (no offense --- I've stayed at many a budget hotel myself - there are many reasons to do so - than just saving money - friendliness, personal attention and a chance to talk to local owners (who are more likely to own and run it themselves).

1) leave the door unlocked - even if you are NOT 'surprised' once when somebody embarrassingly open it while you're nude..for example they open the door and then close it quickly after getting a glimpse of you - (even though you did see or don't acknowledge having seen them)  at least , he will know that there is a good possibility of it happening again (you've established a 'predictable' pattern ) so he might just deliberating sneak open the door the next time for a better look or just swing it back wide to give somebody else a chance to see.  
2) stay at least 3 nights -if you can.. Notice other's habits/timing for taking showering (or needing the bathroom) -- then make sure you're there before during or after - in some states of undress.     

3) Sometimes you can time it so well that you can be ready with all your stuff and clutching your towel loosely around your waste.. and then look disappointed if he makes in in before you. if he hesitate just say you won't be long or you're in a rush to an appointment so ask if you can jump inthe shower quickly ahead of him - while he shaves ...
4) If it's the reverse you get in first but see that he was wanting to shower/use the bath too (he's got his shower gear etc). You can suggest he go first IF you can get started with shaving -- then you can come in too and strip naked and shave until he gets finished with his shower. and comes out to dry.  
5) Use the shared bath/shower on another floor - then you have an excuse to be half-naked (skimpy towel that seems to be falling down by inself ) for a long distance... People want notice unless - for example, you ride up and down on the elevator naked to visit many floors. 
6) Pretend to go to a room (on the same or different floor where you KNOW there is not guest) - you can see the key has not been picked up - there are not footsteps at all from the room directly above yours.  
Then act like you're trying to get into visit that 'empty' room's guest - wearing only your underwear or skimpy towel -- you can knock of the door just as someone opens to come out or when the elevator opens -- knock and whisper a name but drop something -- bending over to pick it up you 'accidently' loose grip on the towel around your naked loins - IT'S OLD comedy routine but it works because most people are embarassed for you NOT because of you. If you clumsy -looking enough, sometimes people will even reach out to help you retrieve something - like the towel. and then you can turn to be red-faced with mocked shame...  The problem with this one is that you can't be sure the person who will view is male or female.
7) Another way to so pretend to be mistaken about a friend's room number. Most people won't open for a complete stranger but if you are insistent and seem to KNOW a real person who you know is 'inside' - most people will open the door to correct your error - out of kindness - If they don't or won't, and just yell through the door then nothing's been harmed.  
If they do open it without speaking to you first, you can just pretend to be expecting your 'friend' and start to come in through the door - but you'll be SO surprised that the person is NOT who you were expecting that you drop your shower/bath gear and then loose hold of the towel trying to catch the shampoo bottle. It's better if you actually do have your hands full or are holding something else because the 'normal 'reaction would be to turn or to try to cover your genitals. The guy (hopefully you'll get one 50%of the time) will either look up at your face (either before or after he looks right at your cock). If it's noticeable he's not completely disgusted or seems to find it amusing, then smile and apologize and explain that you thought Hans/George was in this room and you needed to give him an urgent message - all the while still not covering up and even almost or dropping something else (unbreakable) to that the guy (guest) has to get down and look up to see from a 'better' angle. Your cock should have swelled a bit now -- so he'll show even more appreciation in his eyes or make it clear that he wants you to leave.
Hey.. I came up with a lot of bold and perhaps successful ones -- I can't wait to try out some of them myself... 
Final suggestion, next time try a hostel - you're in a room all the time with men - so you can be as naked as much as you can get away with it-- the bath/shower is attached usually so you can freely go back and forth in the nude to your own ..  
Nowadays.. I'm sure that might be one reason that advertize these rooms as MIXED or COED - but - in truth - only a group of women would stay in a mixed group room - usually then the hotel clerk puts that group by itself. Also there are women only group rooms - so it's very like you'll only be put in a room with men.  
What I hate is when I am the ONLY person in the room. Sometimes if the hostel is not busy -they will put a lone 'wolf' - single older guys into one of the doubles/couples rooms (for the same price ) but sometimes I think it's just them taking a precaution - or out of respect for the noise that younger (under 26) supposedly make. Frankly I LIKE the noise they make - that's why I'm staying in the hostel (that and the opportunity to see and be seen naked). Still it is lucky to happen because most people are stranger than they are normal around strangers. LOL 
I'll let you know how my trip to one goes next week.

By the way, there are many chances to do get naked in public bath (baden ) and spas or hot springs. In Japan, there are onsen (hot springs resorts - where you can also get a day-pass just for the indoor and outdoors hot pools); there are even still pubic baths - sento - where you pay about $3-$4 to sit naked among or across from other men (sometimes young men and teens - but there are all ages), and wash and soap your body-- paying special attention to scrubbing your cock and balls. and then soak nude in the hot communal pool (after rinsing). It's a tradition that is rapidly dying out.  
Any ideas or experiences about a flashing at 8-person hostel room (it may be coed)? It's in Honolulu and I don't know the shower set-up -since shower stall or communal (I hope).
The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gift unwrapped - the nature of authentic CMNM scenes

This blog is devoted to experiences, stories, advice, discussions (at least to save them from being deleted or disappearing), information, links to other Net resources, and (maybe) visual media for guys who are into (n2) CMNM - clothed male-naked male scenes. Not everyone who is interested in or turned on by the CMNM scene is gay, bi, or curious.

 CMNM is not simply a homosexual form of behavior. Actually, there are plenty of straight guys, who consciously or even subconsciously get some satisfaction from being naked or clothed with other naked men. Maybe they are just horny or starved for affection. There are also women who are turned on or intrigued by reality of a man being naked in front of clothed men and/or clothed women (or the reverse). Whether this nakedness is natural, socially acceptable, expected, forced on them, or totally exhibitionist, it generally involves either sexual arousal for the naked guy or the clothed guy(s) watching or for both. Such is the magic of this complicated scene - CMNM.
It's really a sexual preference lifestyle issue, but some would call it a sexual fetish or perversion. However, in many ways, male nudity permeates almost all aspects of male-to-male relationships and influences the nature of masculinity and what it means to be a man. Men use nudity and exposure of body parts or genitals to communicate affection, friendship, camaraderie, power /control, and even distain or disgust. Being aware CMNM scenes and being turned on by them is subconscious for most males. We're just a select few who have recognized it as a separate way of psycho-sexual interaction and, for some personal or social stimulation. Once you think more deeply about it, you'll be able recognize and see its effects in buddy-to-buddy friendships, sports and athletic camaraderie, male-bonding and growing up, rites of passages for young males, social events, public and private clubs and social organizations, schooling, and especially in the past - even the constant girl-chasing pack mentality of romance, male lust (and sex) and the antics and rituals associated with those. More recent acceptance of gays in society has meant that 'guy-chasing' and the behaviors around that once secretive activity are becoming more known. So CMNM (like CFNM - "clothed female-naked male") is becoming a recognized category of human sexual activity.
---------- The above amateur photos were forwarded in a group email message ---------- From: atitlan on his [ymna2] Yahoo group.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Asian Exhibitionists: How do those guys get away with it?

Davincith - public male-to-male street flasher

     [ Excerpted from discussion on the                    DickFlash phpBB ]

Flash for fun and profit!
Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 10:40 am Post subject:

that whole bus must have seen you! very hot!
Naked and Shaved Toronto asian male

Wish you were watching...
Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 11:35 am Post subject:

MAN U R TOTALLY AWESOME .................B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

Comment from Sunbuns about explaining why Davincith blatant exhibitions seems to go unnoticed (or not) 
Having lived in an Asian country (off and on for a long time), I can both appreciate what makes his doing this both possible and almost compulsive for him.

See my recent post:  One reason that he can 'get away' with it is that actually nobody can SEE him - I don't mean their eyes cannot take in the image - but their minds just don't register it as nudity or they can perceive the erect cock at being that.
Westerners (esp US society) is so hung up on anti-nudity / anti-sexual prohibition of the US-brand of convservative religious ethic/edict that almost everyone (in the US) is sensitized to 'showing skin'. If somebody saw Davincith's upper torso (naked chest or back) they might assume he' naked down below and they would look to try to confirm that.

In Asia (well certain countries anyway and surely not only in Asia either) showing naked flesh is no real cause for concern, alarm nor does it pique people's basic interest to "look to see more" like it would in the US. Most people (normal Asian society) cannot be bothered to waste their time getting scintillated by looking at a stranger's body or they would just be ignoring most external stimuli in the first place.
If they're riding the bus, it's because they've got some place to go and something they need to do or a job to get to / from and they're just engaged in doing that - getting from one place to another. Most people are reading, talking to a friend or family member, writing text messages or listening to music (or playing games) with their handheld or mobile device so trying to catch the odd and unimaginable 'naked' person in some chance encounter is so incongruous that they MIGHT NOT even 'see' him he we standing up in broad daylight - facing the bus. They certainly would know how to react either - probably too embarrassed to even mention it to the passenger (strangers) near them. It would be a bit like calling 'wolf' for boy, Peter (or should I say calling "Peter' for the wolf. 

I've described the situation in a rather exaggerated way - but it's the basic principle. I'm also NOT trying to be stereotypical or discriminatory in my explanation (my theory) but it's a plausible and even likely reason why Davincith can get away with this kind of exhibitionist behavior.The problem for me is (where I am feeling the urge to flash) is that I am a white (caucasian) middle-aged man so I might just attract those very eyes that normally don't even see Davincith in his naked glory.

By the way, I love his antics but I'm not here to burst the bubble but it's not as impossibly daring as it might seem on first inspection.


Response from Davincith 
Thanks for your opinion. I don't mind  your opinion that make my daredevilry in this collection to undestimate in another people's sight.Some part of your opinion is right but another part are wrong. I will make it clearly.In my country (Asia). People are quite anti-nudity more than Western People -- particularly the old people.They are not just look to confirm nudity but they try to catch and bring to the police. I don't want not only people on the bus see but also motorcyclist that can stop to look me that is exciting point for me.
 Davincith, I don't mean to say that you are NOT doing some very daring and also very exciting. Hey, you've got a great body and beautiful cock.. I'd be dancing the streets if more men did that here. Wooo!

I agree if people do see you, they'll want to catch you and string you up and hang you right then and there. It's totally amazing then that you can get away with it. Because it IS so amazing that it can happen, I am just trying to explain (to some part) why it might pass off AS IF unnoticed.

What I'm saying also is that some people might not even notice because they aren't really looking to see anything at al - they are just occupied with living and doing what it takes to get through life. They can't believe their eyes so they just don' t believe.
Someone one said - "Never underestimate the power of perception" I would add - "never underestimate the power of people to mis-perceive anything."

My own limited experience tells me that -- in the Asian country where I live now 
(obviously somewhat different from your country)-- when I go out in mesh see-thru shorts or actually almost any kind of pants for that matter, I almost get nobody (male or female) watching my crotch and looking at me in a way that shows "what's he wearing now?" "Oh my god, I can see thru his pants." Or "I wonder what color his underwear is?"

 However, if I did that back in the US or Europe, I couldn't get 20 meters down the road before somebody would notice, some would smile or laugh, and a few might freak out and then have the cops on me before I even realized that they'd seen me.

I don't think this is totally my imagination or misconception of Asian societies. I admit that are NOT the same - each is unique so it's tough to make any big generlizations. Maybe it just seems true because I, myself, am not an Asian man - maybe nobody here (in the country I live now) wants to 'see' me at all - not matter what I am or am not wearing.

How do you explain that you haven't been caught by the police?
Or are the ones who see you just happy to find such an extraordinary thing that they just smile and go on?

Davincith explains:
They don't watch you because They see you are westerner.Most of you never meet with high temperature like them and me.They think your doing is decreasing temperature in your body.They understand your doing so they watch you in a short time and they look on your face.They will think"Oh,He is a westerner,I don't mind his doing."
Sunbuns wrote: 

How do you explain that you haven't been caught by the police?
Or are the ones who see you just happy to find such an extraordinary thing that they just smile and go on?

1. I have to find places that have people not much in there and I will plan with my friend how I act,how I do in a short time.
2. Yes.The ones are often teenagers.They don't interest in catching me and bring to the police.They like to see me naked.

Fitmale responds:      
Well, sunbuns, I'm Asian and travel to Europe quite often. I'd like to say that the perceptions of people (westerner & asian) may be similar (of course, they'll shock), but the reactions of them are different. The westerners seems to react straight away (i.e. screaming, freak out, laugh, take a second look or stare at you and say "oh my god...") when they see you naked on street, but asians would be silent & say nothing. People may stop what they're doing for a millisecond 

 (i.e. stop walking or chatting with friends) as they're shocked but then will continue for what they're doing. They'll giggle or call a cop later, after you walk pass them. Therefore, it's not because they don't see you. I read one thread (from "experience forum" about a guy who flashed; jerked off in front of a lady with big boobs on a train at night. That lady grabbed a camera and took his photo. She might think that she's got the right (human right) to do so. I can say that such reaction (from the lady who was flashed) will not happen in Asia. The most she would do is to walk away silently and run (or inform the officer) because normal people would think that she could be raped or killed in that situation.

In the situation that you're middle age westerner living in Asia, it'll be another issue. If you wear a mesh or see-through pants and walk down the street, nobody would say anything. That's because they consider you as a white guy who has different culture (people would think "well, it might be normal in his culture"). Meantime, they definitely can see you but they would choose to say or react nothing, but they'll talk about it behind you and you'll lost respectation from people. They might think that you're nuts (hey...that crazy guy come again...). If you don't live & belong to that area, then it's fine. If you live or stay in that area for a long time and you go naked, people will react nothing in front of you but talk about it behind you. If you later i.e. go out to buy something at the grocery store nearby, they may say nothing but giggling behind you when you left the store. It's not because you're not noticeable.

 was once in a foot massage course in my country where the weather was hot and there was no air-conditioning system. It's just the electric fan at that place. There were about 30 chairs with foot stools in that room. Each student (or
participants) must swap with their buddy to practice the massage. Then there was one western male wearing t-shirt and shorts with no underwear, and he was alone. So he had to be paired with another local fat woman. He might be happy to flash, I think.

That woman reacted nothing to him but turned to all people around her and talked in local language telling people that how ugly that he's not wearing any underpants and she cursed a lot. Then she just concentrated on her buddy's foot and tried not to look up. She talked to people around her about him all the time. When she talked to him in English, she just looked at his face and speak with a normal voice tone. That happened all day long. She didn't even ask for changing the buddy or reported him. 

Everybody looked at his crotch from time to time and said nothing, just talked to that woman as usual. It's just the next day when he didn't join the practicing class, that people giggled and laughed and talked about what happened the day before. Meantime, that western guy might think that no one noticed his flash, because people still chatted as usual in their local language, not being noticed even by his massage buddy who never looked up throuth his pants.

Going out of the house shirtless, in Asia, is fine if you look "down to earth" & walk around your house (i.e. to buy something) or after jogging. If you look "posh" or "well groom" or even "look good", it will look totally weird & look a bit that you walk shirtless "on purpose" or "on display" (eventhough you walk around your house or go jogging). 

So, don't expect people to be scream or freak out or laugh if you flash them in Asia, and meantime don't expect people to be silent when you flash them in Europe. By the way, the perception of people you flash would be the same, it's only the reactions that different.

Toras adds:I really disagree with this discussion of nudity in "Asia", treating as if it is a homogenous unit. That's dozens of countries with diverse cultures, you CANNOT lump all of them together as one. Even in the same country, you would get different responses in the city and suburbs. For example, in Japan, I have heard that their attitude is "I don't see it" if someone appears naked in public. In Hong Kong (where I'm from), you *might* be able to get away in a rural area, where farmers would ignore you, but in the city the cops will definitely be called. BTW, a typical response of a Chinese girl when faced with a naked man is to cover her eyes and perhaps scream.