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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Asian Exhibitionists: How do those guys get away with it?

Davincith - public male-to-male street flasher

     [ Excerpted from discussion on the                    DickFlash phpBB ]

Flash for fun and profit!
Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 10:40 am Post subject:

that whole bus must have seen you! very hot!
Naked and Shaved Toronto asian male

Wish you were watching...
Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 11:35 am Post subject:

MAN U R TOTALLY AWESOME .................B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

Comment from Sunbuns about explaining why Davincith blatant exhibitions seems to go unnoticed (or not) 
Having lived in an Asian country (off and on for a long time), I can both appreciate what makes his doing this both possible and almost compulsive for him.

See my recent post:  One reason that he can 'get away' with it is that actually nobody can SEE him - I don't mean their eyes cannot take in the image - but their minds just don't register it as nudity or they can perceive the erect cock at being that.
Westerners (esp US society) is so hung up on anti-nudity / anti-sexual prohibition of the US-brand of convservative religious ethic/edict that almost everyone (in the US) is sensitized to 'showing skin'. If somebody saw Davincith's upper torso (naked chest or back) they might assume he' naked down below and they would look to try to confirm that.

In Asia (well certain countries anyway and surely not only in Asia either) showing naked flesh is no real cause for concern, alarm nor does it pique people's basic interest to "look to see more" like it would in the US. Most people (normal Asian society) cannot be bothered to waste their time getting scintillated by looking at a stranger's body or they would just be ignoring most external stimuli in the first place.
If they're riding the bus, it's because they've got some place to go and something they need to do or a job to get to / from and they're just engaged in doing that - getting from one place to another. Most people are reading, talking to a friend or family member, writing text messages or listening to music (or playing games) with their handheld or mobile device so trying to catch the odd and unimaginable 'naked' person in some chance encounter is so incongruous that they MIGHT NOT even 'see' him he we standing up in broad daylight - facing the bus. They certainly would know how to react either - probably too embarrassed to even mention it to the passenger (strangers) near them. It would be a bit like calling 'wolf' for boy, Peter (or should I say calling "Peter' for the wolf. 

I've described the situation in a rather exaggerated way - but it's the basic principle. I'm also NOT trying to be stereotypical or discriminatory in my explanation (my theory) but it's a plausible and even likely reason why Davincith can get away with this kind of exhibitionist behavior.The problem for me is (where I am feeling the urge to flash) is that I am a white (caucasian) middle-aged man so I might just attract those very eyes that normally don't even see Davincith in his naked glory.

By the way, I love his antics but I'm not here to burst the bubble but it's not as impossibly daring as it might seem on first inspection.


Response from Davincith 
Thanks for your opinion. I don't mind  your opinion that make my daredevilry in this collection to undestimate in another people's sight.Some part of your opinion is right but another part are wrong. I will make it clearly.In my country (Asia). People are quite anti-nudity more than Western People -- particularly the old people.They are not just look to confirm nudity but they try to catch and bring to the police. I don't want not only people on the bus see but also motorcyclist that can stop to look me that is exciting point for me.
 Davincith, I don't mean to say that you are NOT doing some very daring and also very exciting. Hey, you've got a great body and beautiful cock.. I'd be dancing the streets if more men did that here. Wooo!

I agree if people do see you, they'll want to catch you and string you up and hang you right then and there. It's totally amazing then that you can get away with it. Because it IS so amazing that it can happen, I am just trying to explain (to some part) why it might pass off AS IF unnoticed.

What I'm saying also is that some people might not even notice because they aren't really looking to see anything at al - they are just occupied with living and doing what it takes to get through life. They can't believe their eyes so they just don' t believe.
Someone one said - "Never underestimate the power of perception" I would add - "never underestimate the power of people to mis-perceive anything."

My own limited experience tells me that -- in the Asian country where I live now 
(obviously somewhat different from your country)-- when I go out in mesh see-thru shorts or actually almost any kind of pants for that matter, I almost get nobody (male or female) watching my crotch and looking at me in a way that shows "what's he wearing now?" "Oh my god, I can see thru his pants." Or "I wonder what color his underwear is?"

 However, if I did that back in the US or Europe, I couldn't get 20 meters down the road before somebody would notice, some would smile or laugh, and a few might freak out and then have the cops on me before I even realized that they'd seen me.

I don't think this is totally my imagination or misconception of Asian societies. I admit that are NOT the same - each is unique so it's tough to make any big generlizations. Maybe it just seems true because I, myself, am not an Asian man - maybe nobody here (in the country I live now) wants to 'see' me at all - not matter what I am or am not wearing.

How do you explain that you haven't been caught by the police?
Or are the ones who see you just happy to find such an extraordinary thing that they just smile and go on?

Davincith explains:
They don't watch you because They see you are westerner.Most of you never meet with high temperature like them and me.They think your doing is decreasing temperature in your body.They understand your doing so they watch you in a short time and they look on your face.They will think"Oh,He is a westerner,I don't mind his doing."
Sunbuns wrote: 

How do you explain that you haven't been caught by the police?
Or are the ones who see you just happy to find such an extraordinary thing that they just smile and go on?

1. I have to find places that have people not much in there and I will plan with my friend how I act,how I do in a short time.
2. Yes.The ones are often teenagers.They don't interest in catching me and bring to the police.They like to see me naked.

Fitmale responds:      
Well, sunbuns, I'm Asian and travel to Europe quite often. I'd like to say that the perceptions of people (westerner & asian) may be similar (of course, they'll shock), but the reactions of them are different. The westerners seems to react straight away (i.e. screaming, freak out, laugh, take a second look or stare at you and say "oh my god...") when they see you naked on street, but asians would be silent & say nothing. People may stop what they're doing for a millisecond 

 (i.e. stop walking or chatting with friends) as they're shocked but then will continue for what they're doing. They'll giggle or call a cop later, after you walk pass them. Therefore, it's not because they don't see you. I read one thread (from "experience forum" about a guy who flashed; jerked off in front of a lady with big boobs on a train at night. That lady grabbed a camera and took his photo. She might think that she's got the right (human right) to do so. I can say that such reaction (from the lady who was flashed) will not happen in Asia. The most she would do is to walk away silently and run (or inform the officer) because normal people would think that she could be raped or killed in that situation.

In the situation that you're middle age westerner living in Asia, it'll be another issue. If you wear a mesh or see-through pants and walk down the street, nobody would say anything. That's because they consider you as a white guy who has different culture (people would think "well, it might be normal in his culture"). Meantime, they definitely can see you but they would choose to say or react nothing, but they'll talk about it behind you and you'll lost respectation from people. They might think that you're nuts (hey...that crazy guy come again...). If you don't live & belong to that area, then it's fine. If you live or stay in that area for a long time and you go naked, people will react nothing in front of you but talk about it behind you. If you later i.e. go out to buy something at the grocery store nearby, they may say nothing but giggling behind you when you left the store. It's not because you're not noticeable.

 was once in a foot massage course in my country where the weather was hot and there was no air-conditioning system. It's just the electric fan at that place. There were about 30 chairs with foot stools in that room. Each student (or
participants) must swap with their buddy to practice the massage. Then there was one western male wearing t-shirt and shorts with no underwear, and he was alone. So he had to be paired with another local fat woman. He might be happy to flash, I think.

That woman reacted nothing to him but turned to all people around her and talked in local language telling people that how ugly that he's not wearing any underpants and she cursed a lot. Then she just concentrated on her buddy's foot and tried not to look up. She talked to people around her about him all the time. When she talked to him in English, she just looked at his face and speak with a normal voice tone. That happened all day long. She didn't even ask for changing the buddy or reported him. 

Everybody looked at his crotch from time to time and said nothing, just talked to that woman as usual. It's just the next day when he didn't join the practicing class, that people giggled and laughed and talked about what happened the day before. Meantime, that western guy might think that no one noticed his flash, because people still chatted as usual in their local language, not being noticed even by his massage buddy who never looked up throuth his pants.

Going out of the house shirtless, in Asia, is fine if you look "down to earth" & walk around your house (i.e. to buy something) or after jogging. If you look "posh" or "well groom" or even "look good", it will look totally weird & look a bit that you walk shirtless "on purpose" or "on display" (eventhough you walk around your house or go jogging). 

So, don't expect people to be scream or freak out or laugh if you flash them in Asia, and meantime don't expect people to be silent when you flash them in Europe. By the way, the perception of people you flash would be the same, it's only the reactions that different.

Toras adds:I really disagree with this discussion of nudity in "Asia", treating as if it is a homogenous unit. That's dozens of countries with diverse cultures, you CANNOT lump all of them together as one. Even in the same country, you would get different responses in the city and suburbs. For example, in Japan, I have heard that their attitude is "I don't see it" if someone appears naked in public. In Hong Kong (where I'm from), you *might* be able to get away in a rural area, where farmers would ignore you, but in the city the cops will definitely be called. BTW, a typical response of a Chinese girl when faced with a naked man is to cover her eyes and perhaps scream.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hawaii Nudist and Gay Beaches (Oahu and the Big Island) -- Update Sept.2017

Hawaii Nudism and possible cruising in Hawaii
REPUBLISHED May 28, 2008, revised October 2008, Revised Sept 2012, Updated Sept. 2017

(Note: Some info may not be accurate since conditions change - such is the nature of nudism across the world - the weather and erosion, changes in attitudes of the local community and prohibition or surveillance by law enforcement or public park authorities may cause significant changes to the 'facts' listed in the article below).

Sorry for the canned and somewhat disorganized article below but I frequently get requests about the topic of Hawaii and what 'gay' things there are, so I have this standard blog entry and have just kept adding more to it over the years.  It's time now again for update on the information.

If you have more specific questions later, I'll try to answer them. But for now, I hope this general introduction to Hawaii nude beaches and gay spots there will help.

The first part is mainly about Oahu. There is aksi specific information about The Big Island, Hawaii, and Maui at the end of this article.

Nudity and Nude Beach in Hawaii

Nude beaches, heh? Do they exist in the Hawaii islands?

Yes, but proceed with some caution because except for a couple of places (not on Oahu), nude sunbathing is considered illegal (except for a couple of long-time (and which has tacit permission for the law enforcement officers).

Warning:  Nudity on public beaches is illegal. Do not do so without taking adequate precautions to be discreet. However, there are a few places where it is tolerated (or at least overlooked) by the authorities. However, most of these are NOT located on Oahu. Nevertheless, nude sunbathing does happen on Oahu (the main island, where Honolulu and its famous, Waikiki Beach is located).

There used to be a section of Waikiki Beach called Queen's Surf -- where you guessed it - the queens gathered. But sadly it is longer active as a gay men's meeting point (for sunbathing (clothed, of course), picnicking, and just talking.  No, it is not called Queen's Surf because it was frequented by drag queens (LOL), but gay men used to gather there to socialize.

It's still there as a public beach, and only a few gay men  congregate there nowadays (Aug 2017), but nothing like the masses of gay men who used to frequent this public beach. It's found just passed the Honolulu Zoo, and is located just two hundred yards from the Waikiki Aquarium. You can find it just passed the snack shop/restroom in a grassy area lined with palm tress. However, there is absolutely no nudity on this very public part of the beach. Many people don't even notice it and you're likely to have families or tourist/visitors sitting near or even among the 'guys' on the grass lawn just across the beach side sidewalk. NOW (as of 2015 and later),  NO LONGER A GAY MEETING PLACE.

Diamond Head Beach (Lighthouse Beach)

For nudism, the closest place to Waikiki where you can go to a gay and sometimes discreetly nude beach on Oahu is at Diamond Head Beach (below the Light House).

It can be cruisy, but you need to be aware that it is part of a public beach and not everybody walking down along the shore is a guy looking for gay sex. Tourists, people walking their pets, and families sometimes walk thru and even stop to enjoy the beach too. However, it does get cruisy at times -- sometimes best when the sun has started to set or after sunset. Just be discreet and cover up if somebody who looks like a cop comes thru. I have never seen a police office or been stopped myself, but I've "heard" that arrests have been made for public indecency. I have received a parking ticket - so don't park where it is prohibited or after posted hours. There are places to "hide", ledges to sunbathe nude without being seen from below and I've had some wild times there both in broad daylight and after dusk, especially on the forested hillside just above this beach.

How to get there..
From the east end of Waikiki, you can drive there or it is even possible to walk (20-30 minute walk across and down along Kapiolani Park) to its eastern end and then walk up about 700 yards to the drive way that goes down to Light House Beach. You can't miss Diamond Head crater's peak looming overhead -- which can be seen from anywhere in Honolulu. If you drive, then you can follow Kalakaua east to the Zoo and then continue due east along Kapiolani Park to its end and then turn right on Diamond Head road. There is a small road down the beach -- but there is limited parking there (don't leave a car at most Diamond Head Road street parking after 10pm or as posted!!)

If driving, it is easier sometimes to go on passed the light house and then look for parking up at the look-out point(s) along Diamond Head Road (regular unmetered parking) or for roadside parking on the mountain side of Diamond Head Road. As any place in Honolulu - don't leave valuables in your car and don't park where people can easily sneak up and open your car -- car break-ins in Honolulu  are among the highest rates in the entire country -- more than New York City, by far. So you'd best take precautions.

If you're really worried about break-ins,  then drive your rental car,  but park instead at Kapiolani Park,  or take a bus (#14) or a taxi and then walk back from the nearest bus stop to beach, or just walk all the way from Waikiki and back - which is what I usually do., besides, it's good exercise too. The walk through Kapiolani Park either way is beautiful. On the beach side parallel with the Park and eventually leading to Waikiki proper just across from the Zoo (at the interection of Kalakaua and Kapahulu) is the extension of Waikiki Beach. There you'll find Queen's Surf Beach between the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium, where a lot of gays hang out - but there in NO NUDITY absolutely at such a public place.

Just as a extra side-trip, I often stop in at the men's restroom and changing room with open stall showers at the old Natatorium (outdoor competitive swimming pool - which has now fallen in decay from lack of use). It's open from early (6:00am ) to dusk so you can sometimes catch (cute) guys changing and showering before or after their romps in the ocean for swimming and surfing. I always like to get naked when I shower, and enjoy it even more when another guy or guys does the same.

Being Discreet and Avoiding Trouble
You should know that public (beach) nudity is illegal in Hawaii (as in most US States) -- this is posted at most beaches -- and there has evidently been more police patrolling of Light House beach. But I myself have never seen a police officer on the beach -- although the stories / rumors keep going around. My advice is don't be blatant -- it is a public beach with families and tourists -- who don't expect to see a nude guy especially one with a hard-on or engaged in sexual activity. They are probably the ones who call the police (if they ever do come down to look for "sex perverts".) I prefer to stay up above the beach -- (but not TOO high) or the tourist at the look-out point above can see you -- and have towel/swimsuit to cover up if somebody obviously NOT gay comes snooping around.

Nonetheless, I've had some good "looks" and quite a lot of sex in the bushes and in the coves/nooks, especially around dusk. If you aren't interested in the cruising part, then you can just enjoy the sun and see what other guys do. They can't arrest you for thongs or skimpy bikinis in any case.

Mokuleia (near Polo Field) on the North Shore (Oahu)
(part of a discussion Yahoo! Group Hawaii Nudist -- it is not very active, but there was information about a North Shore 'nudist' beach - Mokuleia.)

Since there are no legal nude beaches on Oahu or its too far to go there, some guys do lie out on the north shore near the Polo Fields at Mokuleia. Others lie out at Diamond head below the lighthouse right outside Waikiki. (by Honolulust)

The beach on the North Shore (Polo Fields) is much nicer than the Diamond Head lighthouse beach. The water is clearer, cleaner and much more secluded. At the end of the public access trail, go to the right for the gay nude area. As you walk you will see a bushy wooded area.
That's the gay area. You can situate yourself on the beach or in the little areas in the bushes. I 've had some very hot sessions on that beach!
(by Musl2Pound)

I'm still not sure where that beach is - Polo Fields at Mokuleia. Is in off of Crozier Dr. (the street closest to the shore) or is it further west out Farrington Hwy? If you don't have a car (a tourist
or visitor) would you be out of luck? I mean is it worth take a bus to Waialua and then walking?
(These question are from sunbuns99 - p.s. Nobody ever answered my questions so I still don't know much about Mokuleia (May 2008). You can find the place and the polo fields on Google maps.)

Saturday, September 9, 2017

How I Became a Boyhood Exhibitionist

A certain kind of CMNM experience

This experience was originally posted by Bill Williams to another group. It was subsequently distributed on the Thorngay Yahoo group mailiing list on January 27, 2008. It represents one boy's sexual development (into manhood) that is heavily centered about being exposed to other males, particularly in situations of helplessness (an important sub-theme for some CMNM enthusiasts NOTE: the photos were added (by this author: sunbunz - since Bill did not (and could NOT (LOL) provide his own).
[From thorngay Y! Group]
       There were enough [good] responses to my first email and the brief summation of some of the things I did to myself as a teen that I will now post my "Boy Scout Story"  [supposedly all true. ]

      I first realized I was an exhibitionist at a very early age, even tho I did not know what the word meant. I started out running out the back door and around a tree in the back yard in just my underpants.

 I don't know if it was the exhibitionist in me coming out, or if it just felt good running around like that, or just because it was "naughty". ?? Of course, I progressed to doing the same thing completely naked, and I really liked doing that; something more daring?

  I would sneak into my sister's room once in awhile, when nobody was home, and would put on some of her underpants and walk around the house that way. I even swiped a diaper off the neighbor's clothesline and would put that on, sometimes walking outside wearing just the diaper. Pretty soon tho, that became "old stuff", and I wanted to do something else, something more daring!

When I got a little older I was allowed to ride my bike away from my house, as long as I stayed within a mile or 2, even in the early evening.

There was a forest preserve about a mile from my house, that had a river running through it. During the day, there was hardly anyone in the park, just 1 or 2 people fishing sometimes. I would ride over there, go behind some bushes and take off my pants and underpants, and ride along the path wearing just a long T shirt. That was really neat, especially when I would meet someone on the path and have to really be careful not to stand up and show that I didn't have anything on under my T shirt. I had some really close calls, but that just made it more fun.

I progressed to riding my bike home like that, especially in the early evening. Sometimes, just as it was getting dark and just as a car was passing me, I would stand up, baring my butt just as the car passed me. That, too, soon got to be old stuff. Then I got the idea that it would be really neat if someone would see me totally naked. I guess that is when I progressed from being a little nudist to a full fledged exhibitionist. I would go near the end of the woods near the highway, take off all my clothes and walk along a path, jumping into the bushes if I though I heard someone coming. (Never saw anyone, tho). Then I would turn back, go right to the edge of the trees and when I saw a

bunch of cars coming, I would run across the clearing, stark naked, until I was sure they saw me, then back in to the woods, get my clothes, get dressed, and go home.

One day I saw a school bus with a bunch of kids going to camp or something, and when I was in the middle of the clearing, totally naked, I heard them shouting and laughing, and I knew a whole bus load of kids had seen me naked. I was so excited I could hardly sleep that night.That' s when it really started to get interesting. And I evolved into the "liking to be laughed at and humiliated" state of my life.

There was a Boy Scout Camp in the forest preserve, pretty far back in. One day, I was riding my bike along a path, (completely dressed for a change), when I ran into, (almost literally), a group of them hiking along the path. They were all a little older than me. An idea began forming in the back of my head. I went back the next day, and sure enough, the scouts came along at almost the same time. I scouted (no pun intended), along the path and found a clearing that had a bunch of tall trees, some with low hanging branches, about 6 feet off the ground. I went back the next day, almost 2 hours earlier.

 I had a 2 "choker" dog collars that were chains with rings at either end. You would slip the chain through one of the rings and form a loop that was supposed to go over the dog's head, and when he pulled on the leash too much, the chain would kinda choke him, making him slack off. Well, if you put on hand through the loop and then made another loop at the other end and put your other hand through, your hands were pretty effectively "chained" together. If you had the right size chain, it could be really difficult to get it off, especially if your hands were chained behind your back.

Anyhow, I got to the clearing and found a tree that had branches low enough that I could jump up, grab it and start climbing. I took all my clothes off. I put my socks in my shoes and tied them together, and threw them up into the tree. They caught on a branch about 12 feet up. I tied my jeans in a knot and wrapped them around a rock and then threw them as high as I could. They caught on a branch almost 20 feet up. Then I did the same with my T shirt. It wound up just above my shoes. 

My underpants were next. I wrapped them around a rock and threw them as high as I could. They caught on a branch just above my jeans.? I was now totally naked with all my clothes up in a tree. ?? I had given a lot of thought as to how I would chain myself, so as to give myself maximum "exposure".

If I just chained my hands behind my back, I could bend over or
kneel down and keep myself covered, and of course, that would not do. I wanted to be fully exposed when the scouts came by. So I decided I would chain myself to another tree. I also figured out that if I just wrapped my arms around the tree, only my bare bottom would be exposed. So I figured out that if I got on my hands and knees, backed up to the tree and fastened my ankles together around the tree, then leaned back and chained my wrists behind me and around the tree, I would be a kneeling position and fully exposed , with no hope of covering any part of me. So I backed up to the tree. When the first of them came into the clearing, he just stopped and stared at me. Then the others saw me and they all came over and just stood around looking at me. 

I told them some guys had caught me riding my bike and pantsed me, and then threw all my clothes in the tree. All this time they just stood there and looked at me, most of them smiling and snickering. 

I also noticed that a couple of them were getting woodies, seeing me naked and chained like that. And being the only one there that was naked and chained to a tree with a bunch of older boys staring at me was getting me excited too, and my dick started to get hard too. They finally got me loose, and when I started to stand up I kinda stumbled from being chained up like that for so long, and 2 of them grabbed my arms to help hold me up.

Wow! Two older guys, fully clothed and me naked, holding me up. (one of them had his hand on my bottom) With 12 other guys looking at me. By this time I had a full hard on. Just couldn't help it. I was so excited. The best was yet to come. Nobody offered to get my clothes out of the tree, so that meant I was going to have to climb the tree, totally naked, with all 14 boys watching me. I walked over to the tree, and turned around so that I was facing them. I jumped up and tried to grab the lowest limb, but I couldn't reach it. After trying a couple times, with my dick flopping up and down with each try, two of them came over and held their hands cupped together so I could stand on them and they could boost me up and grab the limb.

I got a hold of it and hung there, fully stretched out soeverything was showing. Then I lifted my legs and hooked them over the limb, kinda spread out so that my asshole was in full view. I think I even tried to pucker it a little. After hanging like that a bit, I swung up and started climbing, making sure I stopped a little every time I was fully stretched out or spread out. I also had to scoot along some of the limbs, dragging my balls and bottom along the rough bark. I sure couldn't get dressed up in the tree, so  as I reached each article of clothing, I dropped them on the ground.

When everything was on the ground, (I was at the highest point
in the tree), I started to (slowly) work my way down, again stopping every so often and spreading my legs. I finally got down to the last limb and swung down, again holding on and hanging there as long as I could. When I dropped down, I "stumbled" and fell over backwards with my legs going up over my head. Then I got up and started getting dressed. And not one of them took his eyes off me until I finally pulled up my pants.