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Friday, November 7, 2014

Homo-erotic stimulation and budding bromance while traveling: Hostel's Showers

Men Showering Together in a Hostel Shower Room

Part I - Hostels

An except from a discussion on (Fetish Forum) about showering with other guys, and other forms of buddy-erotic stimulation.

Hoodies-fun wrote:

I love backpack traveling; as I do enjoy a bit of nudism as well.
Has anyone been to any hostel anywhere with a communal shower (where you can shower in a group)? 
Please kindly share with me.

I have one to share: Name: City Hostel Berlin Location : Berlin, Germany

tips: There is huge shower room with 6 shower head for dorm tenants on every floor,
I thought it might be a great idea to make a Google Form so that people could add the names, location, and tips on such places. Actually, it already exists, but it also includes a lot of other places (both commercial, public and private) where you can see or be seen nude.
Places to be Naked (CMNM Places):  
Sunbuns' response: 
It's one of my loves too - traveling by staying in hostels exactly because it's fun to see nude guys and be naked with them (CMNM is my passion). However, there are not too many hostels left with communal showers. It's
much the same for most any 'newer' or modern gym, sports club, campgrounds, etc. When they renovate, the management decides it's easier/wiser to put in closed, individual showers - instead of communal ones.

Generator Hostel London is centrally located in Russell Square. There are showers on every floor (separate men and women's) but they aren't really open or communal - although they have just curtains which you can leave open (or partly open) with a common changing area. I stayed in a basement floor room with 20 bunkbeds.

So I was able to see and be seen a bit even in the room since there are so many people (coming in at all time and hours) - actually, it was not very nice for sleepy but very cheap and in a good location in central London; they also had a lot of amenities / perks for backpackers but it was very large and crowded (even on March 20-21). I slept nude the time I was there and got out of bed naked to pull on shorts to go out into the hall. Once my ass was sticking out from the blanket/sheet so my bunkmates could be heard sneaking a photo of my naked butt.

What might be more fun - although the prices are cheap is to stay in one of New York City's YMCA recreation hotels. If you get a room, you can use the gym, pool, locker room and sauna/steam room freely as a guest. There is plenty of nudity because local men join the YMCA as a health and fitness club so they come there after (or before) work. The West Side YMCA is near 6th Ave and Broadway so it's very convenient.
I haven't tried any other hostels in NYC. 

Thanks for the info on the one in Berlin. If you don't get any answers or suggestions, you should also try (Forum), and and such sites where gay travel or male-to-male exhibitionism is discussed. Normally, people who live in a city don't know much about the hostels - you have to find travelers or backpackers who have. Sometimes regular traveler advice sites will have such info (because some people complain about the showers and bathroom etc). Also the hostels describe their own facilities well enough for you to figure out what might work.

I have posted on my blog (here on JUB) about hostels and hooking up with guys (or at least dickflashing or nude-clothed encounters), and also elsewhere on my other blogs. I can direct you to those articles and sites if needed. Let me know.          

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