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Friday, May 29, 2015

Strip poker - Boys love naked games

[From: atitlan on his ymna2 yahoo group]

Strip poker is a CMNM / CFNM / CMNF game that has inspired millions of teens and adults alike to 'bare it all' for the sake of fair play and fun. There must also be a cultural aspect to such activities. In the US, we have 'strip poker' and spin-the-bottle, but I wonder what games other cultures invent to get each other naked or to engage in some touchy-feely pre-sexual dialogue or physical interaction - obviously sometimes leading to overt sexual behavior.
What was your favorite game involving elements of stripping, exposing or touching body parts, or complete nudity? Add yours as a comment to this post.

When I was 19 turning 20, I had just started taking (imbibing) some alcoholic drinks. This was in France so it WAS legal to drink at that age. Inevitably, I would get a little too drunk and then - likely as not, I would start removing my clothes. It seems (from later retelling by my friends) that I was the first one out of my clothes at parties and I would somehow love to get to the highest place in the room (on a table, on the back of the sofa), stripped to undies or nothing at all. I vaguely do remember climbing naked up a telephone pole on a suburban neighborhood street near by university in southern France. My friends had to coax me back down. Funny how alcohol tends to play a role in these 'naked games'.

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