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Friday, May 29, 2015

Butt Doctor: Medical Fetish

From: Adam Pollard submitted to (from the Erotic Story Archive)
Subject: Butt doctor Most men merely endure their occupations, never really finding their particular niche. Others, like myself, manage to find a profession that allows them continuous pleasure. I'm a proctologist. I'm never happier than when I have a splendid male ass in my face. I'm able to smell them,finger them, inspect them thoroughly... all in the name of medicine! Now you'd think that in order to maintain my professionalism I would have to be content with those cursory
Fact is, I take on only male patients, supposedly because I specialize in prostate problems. But I also do examinations of pre-pubescent and pubescent males,along with having a large gay clientele. Some of my most pleasant dealing with young patients actually amount to what could be called booty calls. There are teenage boys afraid to come out of the closet who come to me for release when they become unbearably horny. They will feign constipation to their parents, for instance, and ask to be allowed to see me for a local enema or a high colonic. Just last week sixteen-year-old, Bobby, one of my favorite repeaters, had his mother call me on a Monday afternoon asking if I could see him first thing Tuesday morning. Pretending that I was clearing the decks just for her lovely son, I told her that he could come in at 8 a.m.
My medical secretary and my male nurse were not due at work until 9:00.
Bobby, a blond boy of average build for his age, had a marvelously attractive anus that was shaped as a vertical slit, rather than your usual circular winker. It always aroused great lust in me it looked so fuckable.
Bobby loved giving it up to me after the customary warmup preliminaries.

That morning I arrived at my medical office at 7:20.
I took off all my clothes and put on just my white lab coat
and sweat socks. Bobby rang the bell at 7:54 and I let him in.

After telling him we would be all alone until 9 he grinned
lasciviously and gave me a bear hug. "Ooo, Doc, is that a stiffy under your lab coat?" I bent down and gave him a wet kiss on the lips. "What seems to be the problem, Bobby. Are you stopped up?"
"No. I had a good douche this morning. It's
just that I have blue balls and was hoping for a thorough prostate massage. "I see. Take your clothes off and bend over the end of the examining table while I get on
my roller stool behind you." He assumed the position and spread his cheeks so that I could gaze at his delightful vertical slit. I moved in and tongued it, laving it up and down to his excited whimpers.
My mouth filled with saliva which I drooled into his winker. I pulled back to look at his moist hole so enticing! I pulled on a rubber glove and gently probed until I found the G-spot inside his rectum and strummed it. He moaned with pleasure and wiggled his butt.

"Oh, Doc, that's great! But stand up and give me the real thing. Sink your shaft into my
vertical slit. I know you're lusting for it." I rose, unbuttoned my lab coat and shrugged it off. As it fell to the floor I took my throbbing erection in hand and brushed the head
of my dick around
Bobby's anus, teasing it. Then I lined it up with his fetching opening and pushed against it. It winked and sucked in my glans. Then I sank the rest of my shaft up to the hilt
in his hot love chute. I set up a rhythm of humping as we both vocalized our feelings of extreme
sexual pleasure. Bobby grabbed the sides of the examining table with his two hands as I increased the intensity of my thrusting into his mucous membranes.

After about three minutes of serious fucking sweat was dripping off my brow
on to his back. When he cried out in his climax and I felt his sphincter
spasming around my shaft I howled and started ejaculating into his beautiful

buns. I lowered myself and lay down across his back as we both tried to bring our
breathing back to normal. After my dick deflated I pulled it out and Bobby turned to embrace and kiss me, pushing his sticky package against mine.

"Oh, Doc. That was wonderful. How much do I owe you?"
"It's on the house, Bobby. In fact, here is a five-dollar tip," I said as I fished a fin out of one of the equipment drawers. The End

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