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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Humiliation Fuck in Public by Jason, Part 2

Mr Jenkins then added second finger it took him a while to get it in my arse was until this point tight and virginal. I was just getting accustomed to the second finger when I heard " fucking hell" quiet
loudly I turned in horror this was a very quiet road thankfully, but then if too busy they would never have got away with this so maybe unfortunately, it gets very busy twice a day but your rarely see anyone in between there isn't much in the area there is once business park not far away and in the morning the kids all get dropped off at school and the parents go off to work, most kids stay back for classes after school so the parents can pick them up on the way home, some kids walk or catch the bus fortunately all in my street stay on mostly jocks with after school sport but some nerds with extra class room work.

I turned and after a blood curdling terror of seeing someone new see me like this I saw some one else in mailman uniform, I had forgotten the call from my mailman, it was actually a bizarre relief to see him. "Thanks for the call," he said and seeing the others filming the scene got his mobile out too. I settled back against to car and let it carry on my cock seemed to be getting harder and harder, after what seemed like ages, the second mailman spoke up, "that looks like great fun, mind if I have a go?"
"Sure, no problem" said Mr Jenkins and my heart jumped a beat again. "I want to go and get my camera anyway" he added "you don't mind do you?" he turned to me. I tried to speak but couldn't one person fucking my arse with his fingers was enough but not someone else where would this end, "do you?" he repeated.

"No " I eventually squeaked, and he whispered "please, do have a go " I mustered that again put a big smile on everyone's faces. Mr Jenkins removed his fingers and wiped them on my arse. The new chap then took over whilst he went back inside to get his camera. It seemed like ages whilst he fucked my arse. I looked around, being purely residential I was surrounded by other houses all these windows looking down on me I started to wonder if anyone had seen but immediately blocked the thought I may be able to handle this encounter if no one ever found out, but it didn't bare thinking about if anyone else knew. I was awoken out of my thoughts as the new chap spoke up , "You've opened up nicely. Have you had this done many times before?" I was tempted to shout, "of course." I fucking haven't but -- wisely - I kept quiet and just shook my head. "Think I'll try for a third, " he muttered. My immediate response came into my mouth but I stopped myself. This may not be Mr Jenkins but I'm sure he wouldn't be happy if I didn't go along with it, anything to prevent the alternative. Just before he got started, he called his mate over, saying,
"do us a favour and film this with my phone. I can't fuck him and film and I'd like a copy of me fingerfucking him."

His mate agreed and started filming him inserting his third finger.

I must have loosened as it was not as tight getting the third finger in. This carried on till I heard my neighbour coming back. He had a decent camera like the policeman's that would have great quality movie like. "My turn, " said the first mailman.

It seemed to go on forever. Here I was still totally balls-arse bare on my front yard, handcuffed, very much erect and being film by four perverts -- all filming me getting fingerfucked. Not only that but as they swapped over, they all gave my hard cock a few strokes and again had it all filmed. I was still totally embarrassed but so turned on physically, it was a wonder I hadn't shot my load, especially when they stroked my cock. It didn't know the difference between a lovely woman stroking it and a pervert like my neighbour. It was all the same to it -- it was only the terror and agonising humiliation that prevented my climax. Then the policeman came up.

I had loosened even more so he tried four fingers but found that uncomfortable. Whilst he was trying,  I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Panicking I looked but it was only Mr Jenkins he seemed to be making a few swiping actions no one else was looking at him that were too busy filming and enjoying it all. Then I was kind of intrigued by the idea of between twiggered by the policeman's baton. By this point I would have readily agreed to anything, not only to prevent the unthinkable but also to get it over with. There was actually part of me wishing we got caught so it would end, but no matter how bad, I could cope with just these four knowing, as they were involved anyway, but I don't think I could cope with anyone normal especially anyone I knew personally.

Still it was one thing to agree to something like that but another to actually suggest it, still I had no choice "why not try your baton" I asked. This took them by surprise not only had I been silent for quite a while, but to suggest something like that, the policeman beamed as did the others. He unholstered his baton and tried it.

But no matter how lose I was, it wouldn't fit. This was causing me a great amount of pain, and my cock started to deflate,-- only a bit but Mr Jenkins noticed. He liked my hard and didn't want it to go away. "Hold on, " he said and nipped in quickly and came out with a dildo. It was pink -- slightly
bigger than three normal fingers, but very long. He also had a shorter version which he handed to the policeman the shorter man, who readily, started using it. This was less of a problem than the baton, and soon my cock was harder then ever,"My turn again, " spoke up Mr Jenkins.

Rather than the hard fuck the policeman's baton gave me, this was gentler, being a bit more experienced, Mr. Jenkins was hitting my prostate with every thrust. I could also feel the dildo. I suddenly got worried. Since it felt very fleshy, I worried and turned my head round, expecting the worse, but as I turned I could see Mr Jenkins standing there thrusting the dildo into and out. So when I knew it hadn't left my arse, I felt relieved and turned away again. But it really felt like a cock (not that I knew what it would feel like with a cock up my arse but it seem seem as if it was like real flesh) so I turned back but - again no. I could see his slacks were intact and see the pink dildo occasionally as it came most the the way out but never left my arse. I turned back realising it was just a realistic dildo and why now I wondered it was meant to be an artificial cock after all. I settled back felt him withdraw and then thrust fully in a few times he did this all the way in, then all the way out, then a different sensation again fleshy. I turned quickly but it was still just his fingers.

He started to alternate between the two, I settled down again. Mr jenkins was actually good at this and although disgusted that I was letting a pervert do this to me, and still utterly humiliated with having this done on my front yard, my inner voice was telling me physically it was now enjoyable. It was no longer painful since he kept hitting mt spot and having been pleasured so a long while now and my whole body was sensitive and tingling.

The new bloke was using Mr Jenkins' camera now, as it was a good quality one, and they had all decided to share all there footage with each other,. He came to get a good view of my hard cock as it slowly bounced up and down as I was getting into it and it showed. This was the moment Mr Jenkins had waited for he slowly got his hard cock out of his slacks and looked towards the policeman.

It was one thing to dildo-fuck a young lad in front of the police but to actually but fuck him needed permission, or at least no complaint. Jenkins looked at the police and saw him lick his lips and nod.

Oblivious to all this, I was still in the moment. He prepared for his moment and with the next thrust, he inserted his rock hard cock right up my arse.

Here I was totally bare on my street and with someone unknown guy trying to get me totally butt fucked. He thrust once and then dildoed me , waited to see if I had noticed anything, but when I gave no response, he again dipped his cock in a again, and then a third time. Getting no reaction from me, he started to rhythmically fuck my arse.

Here I was basically in the middle of my street naked and getting butt fucked where anyone coming along could see me, still oblivious. One of the mailman tapped him on the shoulder. Tey all knew this was risky if they got caught. It would not be funny but all wanted to be filmed having a go at my arse.  Silently they changed to the other three including the policeman -- all only had a few thrusts only as they didn't dare do any more. And then Mr Jenkins, who was less worried since everyone already knew what a pervert he was, came back at it again.

Mr Jenkins was getting into it now and with on last thrust balls deep emptied his load into my arse.

I felt myself thrust forward but as I was lost in the moment I didn't realise quite what had happened. As far as I was concerned it was just a heavy thrust, but it did bring me to the present. Suddenly I was fully aware and more embarrassed than ever. How could I have been getting off on this, being dildo'ed by my pervert neighbour. Little did I know, his changes of position had been making me his pussy. He said, after sorting himself out and back into his clothes, and he pulled my shoulders , so I was upright and started to walk me upright to the street. "No" I cried, fearing I was about to be forced out right on to the road, but instead he took me to the front of the car and lay me down on the bonnet arms -- still handcuffed behind me painfully pressed my body under his weight.

I was slightly relieved but not much. Where as before, the car at the angle it was had given me some protection, now I was butt naked -- legs spread and arsehole and hard cock now totally on show to the whole street. In fact we were so near the road, given the cars position that Mr Jenkins, standing just at the end of the bonnet, was actually on the sidewalk. I was a foot away from doing this right on the road.

He got me in position and started to dildo fuck me again while the others all got into good positions to film this latest humiliation. Any feeling of getting used to it was gone. My general view before was of the car so could almost forget how on display I was now. I could see the street houses opposite totally aware of how exposed I was and how there was no chance if anyone passed the wouldn't see everything I owned including a young lads arsehole. The fact that it had a dildo ramming up it and a hard cock was sticking up above, it just intensified the situation.

However as there was nothing I could do, I lay there and let him fuck me. The others had taken positions where they could get a good view of me and the view showed just how public it was.

I was not sure what was happening but the police officer approached Mr Jenkins, then he approached me, "You up for the last bit? " he asked. I wondered what he meant whilst he was speaking, the policeman un-handcuffed my wrists. Mr Jenkins grabbed the longer and larger dildo and showed it to me. "Now, I want you fuck yourself with this whilst wanking for us until you come and that's all over."

"That's it. " I answered, not daring it could be that simple.

"One catch," he replied. "You have to keep going for a certain amount of time before you cum." "If you cum too soon, I'll upload the whole lot and email it everywhere. It had better last long enough and no one else will ever see it. It will be our little secret."

"How long" I asked. " That's the fun bit," he said. "Uust keep going until you think it's long enough to satisfy."

This could be tricky he had enough film to totally degrade me already (not knowing still about the butt fuck) but as the end was in sight, I grabbed the chance and had to believe he would keep his word.

He inserted the dildo up my arse and I scrunched up my body so I could get hold of the dildo and started gently at first fucking my own arse.
"That's it" he said. "I am just going to just stand back to get a good shot, don't forget to start wanking yourself."

I quickly obeyed. Here I was now lying on the bonnet of my car with my legs akimbo, showing not only my naked body to the whole street, but also my arsehole -- the most private part of the body, and my aching hard cock, but also wanking and thrusting a large dildo up my own shitter. What a sight I must have been!

I started slowly but then reasoned I needed to get myself on the edge so that when I decided I had done long enough. I could just go for it and end it there and then so I speeded up by wanking. I was thrusting the dildo harder and faster which as course meant deeper. I was now hitting my prostate myself, and wanking harder, but as turned on physically as I was and I had never been harder, I couldn't quite get to that point of exploding. I had never had a problem cumming before. But then, I had never done it naked on my front yard whilst fucking myself up the arse with a dildo, so I
redoubled my efforts. Precum was now spewing out of my cock and flying everywhere with the force of my wanking, but I still couldn't cum. I shut my eyes tight and started to imagine a better scene than reality all the time still fucking my arse and wanking my cock.

I don't know how long I was there but it seemed ages when a tiny voice in my head started to get my attention.

I tried to ignore it - not only was I getting into the fantasy and that and the physical stimulus meant I had never been hornier, but I didn't want to break the bubble. As hard as I tried to ignore it, the total humiliation was still there. I had decided i had gone on long enough and was trying desperately to cum and end this and I didn't want reality to intervene so i continued wanking and fucking myself for all I was worth. Occasionally I let go of the dildo wedged right up my arse and gave a quick play with my nipples or balls before continuing to fuck myself harder and harder up my own arse.

The voice was getting louder and louder it fact it now seemed there was noises outside of my head in reality but so desperate was I to cum that I ignored it all and started moaning with pleasure. I was still so horny it was driving me mad, but still these voices and sounds tried to interrupt me.

I started moaning louder trying to block them out "yes yes yes. " I called out loud as these voices got louder and my inner voice was now yelling. Suddenly a bolt of horror struck me -- 'voices'. I tried not to think what that could mean, was I ignoring another instruction from Mr Jenkins, but no, it seemed louder and more urgent, not wishing reality to break in to much I slowly opened my eyes and almost died of shock.

There lined up almost all the way down the street was about 50 or 100 local residents -- all staring at me. The whole of the neighbourhood was watching as I lay there totally naked wanking my hard cock whilst fucking myself up the arse for all to see -- one of the hottest studs in the neighbourhood.

I was in total shock looking at all these locals most of which I recognized - if not knew by name. And as I looked around then i just kept on wanking and thrusting, unable to believe what my eyes were showing me. Time seemed to freeze but, in those few seconds, I couldn't help but take in a few startling facts.

First, not only was over a hundred locals seeing this, of all ages but most seemed to have some kind of recording device. There was mobile phones, still cameras, movies recording of all kinds - all pointed at me. Most people were just staring in shock, but a large number knowing this was unique event being witnessed a local jock totally debasing himself like this was too good a show not to record for prosperity.

In the first few horrifying second or two, I took in lot of detail first was Mr Jenkins still there -- in a
prime filming position with a massive smirk on his face. He must have seen the time, or maybe the first of the locals arriving, maybe it was all set up from the start.

Next was the young camp lad from two doors down . Outwardly gay and a budding journalist, he wrote for the local college rag, not only was there a hard copy for sale but also a web page, it was rumoured there was a hidden part of the site accessible only to those who know its location and passwords but containing a lot of stolen photos and hidden footage of local lads naked. I didn't know it yet but this footage was going to be the main attraction for a long time.

Not only that but Mr Jenkins being a member of this site over time uploaded a lot of the other footage, being careful that no one other me and him were seen or at least the others were blurred to protect their identity, eventually uploading my actual rape for the local perverts to wank over and download.

Also a gay couple from down the road I had seen them looking me and and down loads of times, they were always wishing to see more of me, but never in their deepest fantasies would they have imagined witnessing this. Someone who I didn't see but was also there was the bloke from over the road who worked at the local news station. He wasn't a cameraman, but they did do local interest stories and he was filming me! I was yet to find out but this footage was to be played into millions of homes. In general, most of the footage shown of course was blurred but it showed most of my naked body including my face, it also gave my name and street, and although blurred you could see exactly what i was doing including the end of the dildo and I thrust it in and out and could hear my moans of pleasure.

There were also some complaints as in a couple of areas the blurring wasn't really enough. On some late night editions, although blurred technically, you could clearly see me wanking my hard cock not, only this but a lot of areas technical experts made sure there was a few frames left un-blurred. They were not enough for the naked eye to realise but the brain saw them any way. Also thousands of gay and perverted blokes who went threw it frame by frame (and info to do this was on many gay web sites) got clear and unblurred vison of me holding my hard cock whilst my arsehole stuffed full of dildo there on they're tv screens. Also in one area which caused many complaints actually due to a real fault showed the scene a full 10 seconds unblurred to the audience until the apologetic newsreader turned it off and apologised, but not before thousands saw me wanking my hard cock and fucking my arse over they're supper. This film was to make him a lot of money selling the footage to various local and even national TV stations. He even had requests from abroad, but then many others were to sell their own copies.

The next scene did almost cause me have a have a heart attack. There at the bottom of the drive just a foot away were my family, my mother and father with my elder bother and younger brother and
sister, older brother also filming away. Behind them my uncle and aunt whom they had met at the school and invited over for tea along with three nephews two of which filming me - one I knew had lusted after me for years cousin or not. But worse was my grandmother and grandfather who regularly come over after the youngsters got out of school were staring mouths open at the site.

I let go of the dildo which stayed embedded in my arse and my cock which stood tall and proud I opened my mouth to speak not knowing what i was going to say when my cock, sprang to life, no longer wanking it was totally exposed the humiliation so great and the degradation so complete that it actually vanished it had got to much for my brain to cope with, without my humiliation preventing me from cumming, it now took this moment to explode, 1, 2 ,3 ,4 5 bursts of cum shot straight in the air and landed on my face and even one in my mouth i groaned with please at this eventual release.

Automatic body responses took over and I grabbed my cock and and stroked it 6,7,8, more cum flew out now landing on my chest i was now moaning loudly "yes yes oh fucking yes" I yelled out 9 ,10
shots the last of my cum emptying my sacks flew straight up and back down on my still hard cock so that as i continued to stroke i was now rubbing my cum into my shaft. This footage also made it on the news. They may not of been able to show me actually ejaculating although a few of the unblurred frames were enjoyed by many, but as the cum left the blurred area of my groin it was clearly visible as the cum landed on my face chest and mouth.

My orgasm subsiding, I let got of my cock and looked at my family. I had no idea what to say or do and just lay there naked legs still spread wide, arse full of dildo and cock still standing straight up -- like a proud flag pole.

It was almost a relief when someone took my hand it was the policeman. "Now sir," he said, "what have we been up to?" I looked into his eyes. I could see the threat in his look. I knew it was no good saying anything. No one would probably believe me and it was almost certainly in my best interest to cooperate with him. Whatever lay in store for me legally would probably go easier if I had him on side. He pulled me off the bonnet and on my feet I was now on the sidewalk -- a fact not unnoticed by many including me. I went to cover my cock but he pulled on my arm, obviously my humiliation hadn't quite finished. He took me round in a circle to be in front of my parents due to how full the sidewalk was. I was now standing in the road stark naked still erect cum with strings of sperm hanging out the end of my cock whilst cum slowly ran down my face and chest. The dildo still sticking almost forgotten out of my arse.

Anyone who hadn't got a good shot before due to distance or the busy road now had great unobstructed view of all of me. "Is this yours," he asked my parents. 'Yep', nodded my elder brother and my gay nephew laughed out loud. They just nodded unable to speak.

"Do you realise how many people have just witnessed this unspeakable act. To emphasize the point, he slowly turned me around so everyone got a full view of every side, my cock still sticking out as if proud.

"We need to talk," he said and took my parents and grandparents slightly to the side. This left me alone and naked in the middle of the street. A few people approached me. Mr Jenkins was the first -- he accidentally brushed his hand over my still hard cock.

"Great footage," he whispered, "do you want it going on the web?" he asked. "Do you realise how many sites and poofs could see this?" I shook my head.

"We'll meet soon and I'll tell you my price." I knew the chance was he would publish it anyway but knew I had no choice. About half dozen people came up to me, most gave a passing stroke to my cock or grabbed my arse. All were basically blackmailing me to obey. It seemed pointless to disagree as it was no point. If I even refused one, it would go world wide. Besides all of these people had seen everything, so there wasn't much else, I thought, they could get me to do, or so I thought, among the others included the gay college writer, and my nephew, even my older brother seemed to be about to approach me. Maybe it was my imagination or maybe he was going to wait until we were alone, and as others looked on I wondered how many would approach me later.

The police man came back with my parents, saying "right lad, we have come to an agreement." My heart leapt: was I to get out of this without any more exposure not knowing about the local news man yet? There was a lot of people here and a few favours now to pay but it was only a couple of streets I could live with that. "We have decided not to have you arrested." Obviously I was correct about not dropping the policeman in it.

"We have decided you need help; my brother runs a kind of health farm -- a weekend retreat." I started to get worried again. "He works with obsessive people who want too much or go too far." I looked at him blankly. "Basically to cure them, he gives them what they want in abundance. If it's chocolate, then they get it every meal, if it's a cleaning obsession, we don't let them stop." I still didn't understand what he was getting at. "It seems with you it's public exposure and sexual humiliation." My jaw dropped. "So he will expose you and try to humiliate you until it is so extreme even you will be embarrassed, and then you will be cured."

I was totally shocked. I wanted to cry how could my parents accept this. Then I took a quick glance at them and saw how humiliated they were. I suppose not only to have me go away for a while, but if they thought that I could end up doing this again, then this could cure me. I suppose they had no choice. At least it was only a weekend and what else could they do, they can's humiliate me any more I thought, only a weekend I thought.

"Yes, he continued we start with a weekend or two." Two? I thought, horrified. "Then if no cure a week maybe two." Two weeks! I almost cried. He turned to my parents. "Don't worry, we won't give up on him until we think he's ready. It may take years, so you had best be prepared," he told them , as we started to get out his handcuffs, and said quietly, "Just for the looks of the things, we want the locals to know the situation will be dealt with, don't we?" He again handcuffed me. With that, he started walking me to his car. He must have moved when I was spaced out. It was actually now in the next street so I was walked slowly past the whole neighbourhood - still naked -- still totally erect.

Still with this dildo stuck firmly up my arse. The police officer sat me in the back of the patrol car, still handcuffed, dildo moving further up my arse.
I knew I was trapped and had no choice. I had mentally decided to agree with all their demands, I recalled the locals that were wanting me: the college kid, my nephew, even Mr. Jenkins -- everything but take a cock up the arse. There was no way I would ever allow that. I decided they could expose me to the whole nation if they want, but I thought not that - being dildo up the arse in front of dozens of people in public.

With that the car door opened, and Mr Jenkins got in. I looked at him, shocked.
"Looking forward to this weekend?" he asked. My mouth gaped open. Over the next few weeks and months I was used and abused both publicly and privately more than I could have imagined -- by locals, by relations and by total strangers. But kept to my vow of no cock fucking, then after I had realised all had seen the the footage of the national exposure I was receiving including the not-so-blurred news shots to the nation, the freeze frames not blurred, a copy of the 10 sec totally unblurred and even a late night cable porn show who showed it uncut in its entirity including me shooting my load to the nation, never mind the various web sites, and of course, they had a lot of new and even more humiliating evidence now, also on these sites of my new and public humiliations, including dildoing and piss play, bondage and whips and eventually I was arse-licking and cocksucking both privately with various people but also the public "treatment".

I started to realize what was the point of agreeing to what I was doing: it was only to prevent exposure. But if I was already exposed, I might as well let them do as they wished. From then on, I was shown the footage of the cock fucking me and I was asked if I wanted this to get the same exposure, I had no choice to relent. However, they only agreed to this being kept secret if I broke my vow. I had no choice and a new round of humiliations started, of course. They did let my various blackmailers know this new development and it wasn't long till my young cousin among many others was my fucking my arse.

Thank heaven, they did keep it off of the web, -- well for a while anyway, until they brought me a gay porn DVD. It was starring me, being fucked, bouncing up and down on hard cocks and being spit-roasted in such locations as train stations, on trains, on streets, at public sex shows,in department stores, at local and national famous sites and tourist spots as well as outside various buildings of repute. This DVD had become the biggest selling gay porn video of all time, but by this time it didn't seemed to matter I had actually started to enjoy it. So rather than curing me, this "treatment" seemed to reach in and bring out my exhibitionist side. By this point, I was coming up with better ideas than any of them.

 The End

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