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Friday, May 8, 2015

Humiliation Fuck in Public by Jason, Part 1

This original story was first distributed on the Yahoo group [Public Naked Guys] by Jason

Mr. Jenkins, my neighbour, came over to me while I was washing my car. I was wearing my thinnest
and skimpiest cotton running shorts and nothing else--no shoes or shirt. I noticed he looked at my crotch several times. Before he left, he tugged on the leg opening of myshorts exposing my dark pubes. "These are soaked through," he said, "Better take them off before you catch cold."

With that, he smirked and walked back to his house. I was shaking and when I looked up I saw his face in the window, peering at me. I got into my car, removed my shorts and held them out the car window. I wrung out the water which spilled onto my driveway. Then, Jenkins came back outside.

I squeezed the water out of my shorts one final time when I looked up to see Mr. Jenkins, my neighbour, descend his stairs and walk toward my car. I pulled my shorts back through the driver's side window and over my naked crotch just moments before he stuck his head in through the open window.

"I'm doing laundry," he said. "I'll throw those in the dryer for you."
I grabbed his wrist but not before he grabbed hold of the waistband of my still damp shorts.

"No," Mr. Jenkins, "I'll be fine!" I said, but his grip was strong. Before I could stop him, he pulled my shorts toward him almost completely exposing my bare dick and balls to his close scrutiny. As it was, my dark pubes and the base of my dick were stripped and plainly visible in the strong sunlight.

"Just let me have them," he said, breathless. "It's not a bother at all!" As we struggled, his hand brushed my hairy thigh and came closer and closer to touching fully my yet barely covered bulge. I braced my weight against the car door for support but did not realize that I had not closed it all the way. When he pulled one last time, the shorts came away in his hand and I fell out the door onto my driveway naked at the feet of my horny old neighbour.

"Oh, my!!" he cried, before I could fully cover my privates. "All bare in the street--completely bare." "My shorts!" I begged, holding up one hand. He smiled. "First," he said, "stand up and ask politely." I made a grab for my shorts but he pulled them up and away in time. He smiled because my sudden movement caused me to inadvertently show off the furthest extent of my manhood. I blushed as he dangled the shorts over my head like a dog.

Just then, I heard a car horn.

I looked up to see a police car in front of my house. Here I was, naked on the ground in the middle of the day at the feet of my neighbour, Mr. Jenkins, who had been dangling my wet shorts in front of me in an attempt to further expose and shame me.
The middle-aged cop got out of the car and walked toward us.

"Stand up," he said.

"Sir, I.."

"I said up."

I stood with my hands in front of my privates and my back against my car so Mr. Jenkins could not steal a glimpse of my naked rear end.

"What are you doing without your clothes on?" The cop asked.

"I was washing my car and..."

"He had removed his wet shorts in the car and I was about to take
these in to dry them when you showed up." Mr. Jenkins smiled at the officer.
The beefy, older cop gave me the once over then smiled.

"If you wanted him to dry your shorts, you could have put something else on first. I mean, Christ, look at you!"

"I was just wringing them out."

"So, you proud of your body? Is that why you want folks to look at you?"


"You look like you're in great shape, but it don't mean you can go around exposing yourself in public."

"I wasn't...I was in the car...the door opened, accidentally."

"Yeah?" The cop walked toward me and reached around me to try the door handle.
"Looks OK."

"Please, sir. I wasn't. I'm really shy. I just want to put something on."

The officer laughed then rubbed his square jaw as he looked me up and down again.
"Well, if you're really shy, you'd be embarrassed if I made you put your hands behind your head." "Of course."

"O.K., if I believe you're really shy I won't take you in. So, hands behind your head."
"Sir? I...I can't."

"You want to be arrested?"

"No, but..."

"Then do it."

He looked at me with his big, hairy arms crossed over his barrel chest. I glanced over at Mr. Jenkins who was staring at me with a little grin of anticipation on his face.
"Please, sir. Not all bare."

"But you are all bare. It's this or jail. And if it's jail, more than me and your neighbour will see what you're hiding there."

"Does he have to stay?" I asked.

"That's it, you're coming with me."

The cop grabbed my arm and pulled me toward him. In doing so, my bare d behind was completely exposed to Mr. Jenkins. The officer pushed me against my car and forced my arms back so he could handcuff me. Then he rudely spun me around till I was face to face with my neighbour. Both men stared between my legs and there was nothing I could do to cover myself. I felt my face flush red.

"How does it feel?" the cop asked. "No privacy. Everything on display for me and your neighbour here." "He was always walking around in skimpy shorts," Jenkins said. "It was just a matter of time before it fell out or he ripped the back open. Sooner or later I knew I would see it--only I didn't know I'd get to see so much of it."

"Yeah," the cop laughed. "He's what you'd call very healthy."

Jenkins laughed too.
"Please," I said.

"I know what would shame him even more. He's always wearing tight jeans that cling to his ass like a skin. I think it would be appropriate to make him bare that too. The cheeks, and what's in between too." The officer looked at me. "I ain't allowed to do a cavity search."

"I could be your witness," Jenkins said." At least make him bare it."
"Yeah, couldn't hurt to take a look." He turned me around and pushed me face down over the hood of my car.

"There's that ass he's so proud of," Jenkins said." Look at the way he pushes it out like he wants you to look at it."

"I'm not!"

"Pipe down and spread 'em," the officer said. "Wider!"

I did and I knew they were both squatting down behind me.

The officer whistled. "Damn, that's private! I never done one of these before. Must be fuckin' embarrassing. "

"Yes, he's so vulnerable and exposed," Jenkins said. Just then I felt a hand on me.
"Think I should?"

"Go ahead...just a little."

"Just the tip?...Damn, I never felt something like that before. Damn, touching another guy's hole and he can't do a fucking thing about it."

"Let me."

"No Mr. Jenkins," I yelled. I felt his long finger rub then push into me.

"Look at that! Serves him right for wearing those tight pants. This is what he'd hoped would happen all along. Yes, it was just a matter of time before he was punished and humiliated."

"Damn," the cop said, and I knew he could see my cock getting hard and pressing down between my spread thighs. Then I looked up and saw the mailman approaching.
Please no I thought these two were bad enough, I tried to turn round as much as possible to see his reaction he had a big smile in his face Unfortunately this turned my body round a bit and my neighbour got a great view of my now hard cock , "Well, isn't that a sight not only totally bare right on your front path but with a full stiffy too. I bet you've never been this embarrassed in your whole life."

Mortified I turned back but not before he put is hand out and brushed my hard cock"nice" he said, I felt revolted it was bad enough he got to see my hard cock but to get a quick feel was too much. "Bloody hell -- nice view," This was the mailman. I automatically turned round again the mailman was standing there with a major smile in his face. Here I was totally naked on the front yard legs spread my neighbour fucking my totally exposed and on view hole, while my erect cock was on view for all to see.

"What's going on here then?" he asked.

" I found this pervert totally naked on his front yard baring all for the world to see he obviously wants to be seen by everyone."

" No, it's all a mistake" I tried to interrupt but my neighbour pushed his finger in deeper and harder. My cock leapt and grew ever harder and it took my breath away.
"I tried to get him to cooperate and let him off but he refused to cooperate so will have to arrest him and take him down the station, this kind gentlemen is just helping me check for drugs. It may explain his behaviour."

The mailman watched on seeing me getting fucked up the arse by the finger of my neighbour knew it was certainly more than that. But it wasn't everyday you saw a good-looking jock butt naked with a major erection handcuffed and being finger-fucked basically on the sidewalk certainly visible from it.  He wondered how many others would come by and see this, know it was too good an opportunity to miss he pulled out his mobile and called his mate who was delivering only a few streets away.

"Mate, you would not believe the view I've got here." he said, "Get over here right now." I heard him give my address I tried to turn round a bit more and Mr Jenkins turned with me still thrusting his finger in my hole. The policeman and the mailman now had an unobstructed view of my hard cock. I heard them both whistle with glee at the sight and I couldn't help but notice as I turned both had big tents it their slacks.

"Please!" I began. I was so embarrassed I felt I just wanted to drop dead on the spot but the feeling in my arse and groin was getting more arousing. I don't think my cock had ever been harder. I wasn't enjoying any part of this but all my body felt was the stimulation.

I tried to ask for help but my neighbour thrust his finger all the way in the got closer to my body, he reached round and grabbed hold of my cocks shaft.

That instantly shut me up even more that his finger in my arse to have my pervert neighbour grab fully hold off my erect cock was too embarrassing to bare, I thought I was going to faint this shock and disgust, until now I never realised such humiliation could ever happen I felt physically sick and only the powerful feelings in my arse and cock kept me from fainting.

"Any more complaints or calls for help and it won't be just my fingers up your tight arse.", he whispered into my ear, "And there won't be a thing you can do, " he continued. Suddenly I couldn't breath. There was no way I could have heard what I thought I did. The thought of this pervert actually ramming his cock up my arse was beyond imagining and here on totally public display. It was my worst nightmare never including anything as horrifying as this. I actually started to pass out with the horror and shock.

Suddenly Mr Jenkins gave a hard thrust of my cock. It was incredibly sensitive -- totally betraying my humiliation and was enough to bring me to my sense.
"Take all we give to you and I promise I won't fuck you here on the sidewalk. "
I paused totally unable to comprehend. I paused not knowing what to do or say.
As I had paused half turned, I was giving the others a great view of Mr Jenkins wanking my cock. However, I was totally oblivious to this as I was still in totally shock not knowing what to do.

"Bloody hell," said the mailman. Then with a thought, he held up his cell phone and as it had a recording facility started to record the scene.
"What you doing?" asked the policeman.

"Well ... a crime has been committed. I thought you might like it recorded as evidence."

"Great idea" said the policeman. " I have a decent digital camera in the police car. I'll go and get it, " With that, he went back to his car.

This left me more vulnerable than ever since the position of the policeman at least gave some small cover. The mailman was off to the side getting a better view to film.
This brought me out of the stupor - the humiliation of what was going on was almost too much to bear. And I didn't know how my life would ever be the same again, but as a once off incident I could try to forget it, but to have it all recorded, with every stage I think I was so humiliated nothing could make it worse, that I couldn't get any more embarrassed and yet it does.

"No! please....! " I called out, unable to bear the thought of someone saving this to replay over and over and who knows who would see it. Before I realised what I was doing, I heard someone speak. "I warned you." whispered Mr Jenkins.
I saw the policeman coming back up the drive, camera in hand filming already. He was keeping to the side making sure he didn't get in the shot of the phones camera.
"Please!?!" I begged, "please....."

He let go of my cock which sprung straight up and leaned away from my body.
"No, " I hollered louder but still not shouting despite my terror.

I didn't want anyone to hear and involuntary my voice was fairly quiet as if my mind only wanted to whisper -- in case someone heard.

I started to struggled pulling at the cuffs maniacally, begging all the time,
"Please.. please.. please!" "I'll do anything", urgently pleading, I'll do anything to stop him from butt fucking me,"

"Anything?" he asked.

I saw the policeman now back in position filming away. I wondered if he or the mailman was aware they could just be about to film a brutal ass fucking rape.
"Anything... ," I implored, "anything."

"OK, last chance, any more complaints and any more refusals to anything I ask and that's it. You're last chance," he whispered to me.

"You do everything I say or, not only will I fuck you arse until it bleeds, but I put the film all over the Internet and email a copy to all your family. "
The fear from his revelation was astounding but anything to avoid a fucking here on his front yard.

"Yes, " I answered urgently.

"All ok?" asked the police.

"Yes, but I'm not sure if I can feel around enough."

"Oh, " he replied.

"Yes, I think I'll have to try two fingers." My heart missed a beat. I desperately wanted to speak -- to plead with mercy, but as bad as it would be, the alternative was too terrible to contemplate, "You don't mind, do you?"

At first, I though he was asking the policeman, but then he nudged me and repeated his request.

I couldn't speak. It was one thing to allow this pervert who lives next door to me and whom I see everyday to fuck my arse with two fingers, but to be asked to agree to it, I didn't think I could do it.

"Do you?" he repeated. I knew this was my only option, no matter how bad it was, was to agree to the alternative. It was unthinkable.
"Yes" I answered quietly as if I couldn't bring myself to talk loud enough to make it real.

"Sorry" he said, "a bit louder, ... so we can all hear."

"Yes, use two fingers. I don't mind." The other two looked on with glee for them both this was a green light to go on.

"More," he whispered again. I looked puzzled, "Please." he added. It took me a second to realise what he meant. "Please," I added. This got big smiles from the other two both rubbed there erect cocks through their trouser material.

End of Part 1

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