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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our car dare: A story by Thorn

thorngay (at)
First published Monday, July 2, 2007 2:18:10 AM
Subject: [thorngay] Our car dare The story continues...

The following night Eric arrived as arranged when the previous night. He looked great, his white T-shirt and
white shorts showed off his body well.

I playfully put my arm around his waist enjoying the
warmth of his body as I ushered him into the house.
"You really on for this," I asked. "You bet," said
Eric, "this is going to be a blast."

Eric had dared me the previous night to drive aroundtown wearing nothing but a T-shirt. I had said he had
to join me, so here we were ready to go. "OK, let's go
for it," I said my heart beginning to pound and my
cock getting hard in anticipation.

We headed out to my car and got in. "Why don't we
drive to the beach," I said, "we can lose our shorts

"Sounds good to me," said Eric. On the way Eric was
talking about our impromtu window show the previous
night, then talked about all sorts of other things he
had done previously. "But doing it together is so much
more fun," he gave my thigh a squeeze.

We reached the beach and parked the car. "OK, you
first... this was your idea," I laughed. Without having to 
be asked twice, Eric pulled down his shorts revealing that lovely uncut dick I had seen for the first time the previous night. I couldn't be a
party pooper so I pulled my shorts down and off my

So here we were, in my car in public naked from the
waist down and both of us slightly hard with
excitement. "Right," I started the engine and drove off down the road. There were a few people around,
from where they were standing we looked as though we
were fully clothed. 

The danger was that a higher
vehicle would drive alongside us, someone would look
out of a building, or that someone would cross the

We drove around for some time enjoying the excitement
of this risk of being seen.

It was Eric who said, "Let's go drive down where the
cruisers gather". This was the place where all the
young guys turn up and ogle at each others cars and
equipment... although I have also reckoned quite a lot
of them are sizing up each other's equipment, not just
the cars'! 

"Wow, you have got to be kidding!" I responded, "we
may well be seen! There will be people all round."
"So, all the more fun," Eric replied, "come on, we
wanted some fun." "OK, I replied and turned the car

We arrived at the car park that everyone meets in and
drove in. Sure enough there were guys around our age
everywhere, looking at cars, peering into cars and
standing around in groups. I drove round the outside
of the car park. "Come on," Eric said, "go there!" He
was pointing to an area which was full of guys
standing round cars. "OK," I said with a shrug of the

We drove down towards the group of twenty or so guys.
They were all around our age, some looked as though
they must just have passed their driving test
yesterday. I drove slowly past with my dick now quite
hard with the excitement. One of the guys must have
spotted and nudged his mate who turned round looked in
and smiled. Further on another guy was even more
blatant as he pointed and drew the attention of two
others. My dick was now jumping and I looked across at
Eric who was hard as a rod.

We drove out of the car park, with Eric protesting
that we should go round again. "No way," I said
heading on the road home.

We arrived at my houses still wearing only our
T-shirts. We had driven right through the centre of
town. It was getting dark so it wasn't too risky but
it was pretty damn exciting, wondering if a bus would
pull up alongside, a pedestrian walk through the
traffic, or a big 4x4 come past.

We arrived at my house and, got out of the car still
naked from the waist down with a massive hard on. I
walked round behind the car and Eric got out and
headed my way. He too was hard and big.

Standing behind the car I grabbed his T-shirt and
pulled it up and off. He was now naked in the darkness
between the house and the hedge. Eric lifted my
T-shirt, sliding his hand up my stomach and chest. I
grabbed Eric's hard dick and started stroking, we lay
down on the cool concrete. I was the first to cum. It
was one of those deep shuddering ones that you get
after real excitement.

Eric stayed at my house that night and as we drifted
off to sleep hugging each other we talked about what
thrills we would get up to next.

http://groups. group/thorngay

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