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Monday, February 16, 2015

A "classic" CMNM experience and its meaning explored

These are the 'real' guys who really do it for me... like in this CMNM photo.

It's a classic (NON-sexual) situation - but for the 'trained' observer (and practitioner of CMNM(clothed male naked male) .. this is very hot. It's a photo that has story - a set of relationships - buddy-to-buddy and in a group..
It's about being naked (because of and for the benefit of others ) for uniquely for reasons that are different for each person in the room.
And it''s about having fun. They are dancing and naked with friends -- not so much ashamed as just shy or reluctant to brag or show off - but still just enough to want to... the hot young bodies make it the whole scene even more eye-catching and attractive...

The second photo is another classic CMNM example. The guys are just being boys and doing 'what boys do' but so often it involved playful sexually-suggested aggressive behavior. Although he appears to be just all in fun,  it's really a lot more about the sensuality of male sex. Sometimes, I'd dare say a lot more than could ever be admitted by them (although eventually 'one' will grow up and confess otherwise).. there is a lot more sexual attraction and downright flirtation in these 'naked fights' than meets the eye.

A recent posting (today or last night) was definitely a CMNM experience and not simply male-to-male flashing.
stephen wrote:    I'm a VERY straight looking and acting Bi guy and LOVE getting seen naked by straight men. I really enjoy having Workmen, Truck Drivers etc see me in the buff. I keep it TOTALLY straight though.

I recently went for a bike ride on a hot day, and came accross a Truck Stop. There was a Truck Driver washing his truck. The area was kinda hidden from the main road. I asked the Driver if there were any taps around to cool off. He pointed one out next to his truck.

I stripped off and had a shower under the hose! He knew i was naked, and it was obvious he didn't care, nor was interested- PERFECT!

I then walked up to him starkers and started chatting while drying off.
I love this sort of thing, nothing sexual- just Blokey nudity!
Anyone else into the same?

Forgive me for crossing posting.... but this CNMN thread was far down the list (and probably NOT going to be read unless it has a 'new' posting)

The above story by Stephen is the kind of non self-gratifying erotic or intimate experience (no or little arousal or orgasmic climax - at least not then - maybe later) is exactly what I've been talking about (on this site and others and my new blog) - as the classic CMNM experience.

  Sports team member is stripped and shows off for the coaches and staff members. [Caption for photo above.]

I think it comes from a basic need for most (gay or str8 ) males to express intimacy between
themselves and other men - - it's not just sexual lust (although it certainly can be and - for some people -- it IS a large part of it - for others, perhaps like Stephen - it is not - it's more social and psychological or emotional.

So. .CMNM is using 'nudity' to symbolize and actualize this intimacy. Think about it... what could be MORE intimate than bearing your nude body to another guy (clothed or not) - it's a kind of symbolic act - NOT SUBMISSIVE either -' although for some guys it could be )-- but it's like saying: "Hey, dude. I am me - see me as I am and accept me for what and who I am. I want to be your buddy and for you to be mine."

Often times, it is easier for guys to start to really communicate once one of them has 'bared' his 
soul and his body to his buddy (or even a new friend or stranger)..... We can see this theme repeated over and over again on the different posts on this board....      CMNM occurs when one male 'needs' to be nude - actually naked - and the other guy(s) are clothed - they are apparently NON-plussed by the fact of the nudity or just oblivious, unconcerned or feigning disinterest. For some the 'clothed' person becomes an object of desire IF he seems to be interested and excited by the sight of the nudity - other's seem to get their rocks off by the embarrassment that such causes to the clothed viewer.. all these are simply variations on the basic theme.  
I know somebody is going to say I'm over intellectualizing - I can agree with that... but no matter how much I 'talk' / lecture - or NOT... it doesn't change the fact that male-to-male intimacy and the lack of it is at the core of what drives us to return to this site and these discussion and to tell our stories and experiences...

Stephen's experience is what I call what I call an 'authentic' CMNM experience
It's not really about flashing, which is a specific kind and more directed or focused sexual experience than the one that Stephen is describing above.

For more info see my blog (or contribute to it):
  Guys into CMNM (on Blogger)

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