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Friday, August 8, 2014

Whose fault is that? :-)

I'm not usually into the kind of "flashing" where people can get angry at
me for being naked "in-their-face" - I mean the kind of situation where it's obvious that I'm consciously exposing my dick. Instead, I prefer the situations where people feel it's their own fault that they've seen me naked, and where they get embarrassed, mutter "I'm sorry" as they leave me - often while staring, because they can't help it.

One category of such situations is those in which I "should have" locked some door or something, but have "forgotten". When I'm having a shower in a hostel, the other people sharing the bathroom tend to enter while I'm showering. While it's my fault that I didn't lock the door, they feel it's their fault anyway - and of
course they notice that they stare just a little more than necessary, which is surely their fault... In some rare cases, even hotel rooms may be of this kind.

  Another category are "semi-private" situations in public. Being in a tent at a camping ground is a
simple example - if I change into some other clothes and have forgotten to shut the "door" properly, it's hardly my fault that the guy outside is staring into my tent and sees me naked. And if I'm walking around in the nude in my own dorm, it's the people peeking in, not me, who feels embarrassed... Amazingly many showers in hotels have big windows facing other buildings or streets - and who am I to blame to want some fresh air? Then there are the situations that are so far into nature that I couldn't expect anyone to see me. The trick here is to find the lake that is sufficiently far from everyone else that it seems natural to swim in the nude, but sufficiently close for people to pass by...

And then there are the situations in which I've made the rules - such as in my dorm. By now, everyone is so used to me being nude on the way from my room to the shower, so if any guests see
me naked, they are told that they shouldn't have been there in the first place... It's my dorm, anyway... :-) In addition to all of these, of course I explore the possibilities of fashion. When it suddenly has become "fashionable" to walk in loose trousers (and I choose not to use underwear, so that my bulge is showing), no one can blame me - instead, they blame themselves for staring at people's bulges in public.
The same goes for using swimwear that gets a bit transparent when wet, or
shorts without underwear where the dick may be glimpsed in certain
circumstances. Why blame me for looking desperately for my dick..? To sum up: I find that the possibilities are plenty for being seen naked in public - even without being seen as being to blame. Throw in nude beaches and so on into the equation, and there will be plenty of memorable experiences.

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