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Friday, August 8, 2014

Suburban nudism - exposed at public recreation area


Posts: 126
Location: Hawaii, San Diego, travel a lot US, Asia, Europe, etc

Posted: Thu Sep 11  Post subject: Suburban nudism - exposed at public recreation area

Summer's dwindling away slowly here. But the sunny days are no longer so humid; school's getting started so that brings out teams and athletic groups. Fortunately, we've had few typhoons (Pacific hurricanes) so far this season.

Instead of spending all summer abroad (US/Europe), I returned to Japan and have had a few weeks off. Lucky for me, it means trips locally (by bike), into the big city (for the gay baths) or further away. Just minutes by bicycle from my house is a (usually) shallow river that has large flat flood-zone embankments which are used for recreation areas. Eventually, I came to discover there is a unknown (but fairly trafficked gay cruising area on one of those flood-zone embankments where I now go nude sunbathing and cruising a several times a month in the warm seasons.

I've been spending lots of time there - sunning myself (almost naked or sometimes completely). I was pleasantly surprised recently to be flashed (accidental exposure - really) by some college age frisbee soccer dudes. (see pics below)
The best 'exposing' was done on a Sunday afternoon. But unfortunately, I didn't have my camera. I went back two days later and the same group was practicing. This time I got some photos; however, the two hottest guys who naked 'incidents' I wrote about in the blog entry (below) weren't as exhibitionistic as before.

I wrote about it in one of my blogs:

Still ... I think you can get a flavor of what I was seeing before - since their undressing after practice lasted over a 15-20 minute period.

They are not intentionally flashing anybody - except maybe each other - although I can't see why they wouldn't know that anybody (like the white American guy sitting around the field) could be watching or even people passing on the walkway above them. However, I found it so ironic that they could so easily get naked -- since Japanese are so shy in some aspects of their individual personalities and social culture. Paradoxically, people in groups can get away with almost anything if the 'group's' mores/norms allow it.

It was both intriguing and downright sexy to watch. Enough so that afterwards, I had to get naked and exposed - on my own. It was easy and ohh so fun .. being inspired to nakedness!


Japanese frisbee soccer team members get out of uniforms on the field. The guy on far right (holding his balls) is the one who was taunted and kept naked by his teammates (two days before).

They are careful about covering the front so it's mainly their butts that are exposed. Some groups seem more shy (and use towels). In this team, they all showed ass.

The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!



Jerking off in a local river after being inspired by seeing soccer boy butts

Desperately flashing Nobody

Posts: 126
Location: Hawaii, San Diego, travel a lot US,Asia, Europe, etc

As I said, I was inspired to try out some innocent naked exposure on my own -- hardly innocent - but not malicious either. Who knows maybe there was someone with a camera, taking photos of my naked body - just as I had done with the frisbee team above.

About 4:30pm when the fisherman leave the river (most have on waders and are out flying fishing), I move from near the side of the frisbee soccer field on down to the river's edge. There is a grassy / bushy area between the field area and the river banks, which is lower, flat but wide, and partially hidden - except from people who are either on the river's edge or who are standing on the other side of the river. It's covered in smooth rounded rocks and pebbles.

I strip and wear my wrap-around (pareo) to get into the water. Then remove it and swim in the very shallow cool and clean (mostly clean) water. It's not the muddy crap you see in China or some other Asian nations. The water in Japan is mostly clean so much so that you're tempted to drink it - and probably could without risk. The people in Japan are proud of their water and a lot of public works money is spent to ensure its quality and efficiency.

I start jerking my cock and it gets hard, knowing that someone might be able to see me -- either from the opposite banks, or the apartment building balconies just beyond that. Other 'viewers' might suddenly come down the embankment from behind me and interrupt my masturbating, but that only serves to get me more excited. Two teenage boys are fishing at my left down the river - they could have looked up - to see a naked male figure on the horizon. I keep looking to see if they noticed - but had no indication that they ever did.

If anybody gazes in my direction for a little while, they would see the regular pumping movements of my arm and a hand that's moving back and forth at my crotch. I'm not going to stand up - it's not even 5 pm and the sun is still one hour before setting - bathing me in soft yellowish light. Before long, my cum mingles with the mossy rocks and flows rapidly away downstream.

Before that, I had taken some pics of me standing or kneeling in the water. There were pics too of people around me.

standing naked in the local river

The spirit is willing but the flash is week day and weekend!
Kelly (sunbuns / sunbuns99)

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