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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sleepless on a camping trip next to hot 19-year-old twink

I don't really have a fetish about sleep, but I think a guy who is sleeping sometimes turns out to be even more sexually attractive from the very fact that he appears innocent and vulnerable. I have a recent story (posted on my blog) about getting very excited while sleeping next to a hot 19 year-old guy who had given every indication of being interested in me and my body

 It was one of those long sleepless nights next to a hot man -- where you are borderline asleep but mostly awake and trying every which way to cop a feel, grab some ass or put your stiff prick up next to his crack. 

I don't really think Tai was so innocent because of his mannerisms, and the way he contrived the circumstances, but I did manage to respect his vulnerability -- although if he really WAS awake for part of my ministrations, he certainly is wiser in the ways of male-male bonding -- especially when sleeping to an older man in a camp cabin.

I have just returned from a camping trip with some students at the institution where I am an instructor. This is a annual fall camp-out. This time there was a group of 7 male and female college-aged students, all over 18. It was a school outing, but camping often seems to bring out the primary instincts - horniness.

One freshmen guy named Tai was along who seemed a bit overly interested in me. I had no intentions of encouraging him, but he would not give up. Even before we took an evening hike, he and his buddy were asking if we would be back in time to take a shower. The campground had coin operated showers.As the hike leader, I made sure we got back before the camp staff closed them for the evening (10:30pm). The two guys asked me if I was going to shower too, so I agreed. It appears they arranged for me to be between them. 
Tai got in first, but before his 3 minutes was up, he called out to say that I could come in a get started. He "helped" get my things arranged while he stood there in the nude. He took my clothes as I undressed; he was standing the small dressing area outside the shower area.

I got the strong impression that he was really just trying to get a good look at me in the nude -- he did not really shut the sliding door fully, but keep it open a few inches, and kept pull it back further to ask if the water was all right or to hand me my shampoo.

He seemed to be taking a long time to get dressed. Although it sounded like a good way to save coins stacking us up to use it in quick rotation -- my instincts told me that Tai had conceived of this plan to get a gander at my goodies. He even sent his buddy to fetch something back at the cabin - thus giving him some extra time to chat me up innocently. 

Of course, I got a semi-hard on -- not too obvious because I really was not trying to seduce him, but he HAD gone to a bit of maneuvering to get to see my cock -- so I did not grab a towel -- but let him get a good look.

Well, I know this is about fooling around with sleeping guys -- so I am getting to that. 

The 8 of us were sharing the same cabin-- which has simple mats for the floor instead of beds.After the showering "incident," I was eager to see where Tai would place his mat. Sure enough, after the card game that ended around midnight, he was pulling up his mat and pillow right next to me in the corner of room. His buddy was on his right and I was on his left next to the wall. 

Like other JUBers might think too, when I am in bed with a strange man, I just CANNOT get to sleep easily. Since Tai has seemed to make it clear that he wanted something from me or was interested in me (like being his daddy -- not just sexual either - I am not sure he is out at all -- which can be a very awkward - if not risky situation). To cut a too long story short, I was up all night and my cock was most up too. Tai tossed and turned, but he did appear to be really a sleep. I am not his instructor, but I work at the institution he attends, so I was not going to do anything forced or coercive. 

But I certainly had plenty of opportunity to get nudged and sort of hugged by him (front and back). I did my share of hugging, rubbing and innocently 
placing my hand near his crotch and lean into his rounded butt. At one point, I really thought I was going to cum and was leaking pre-cum copiously.

My cock went right up the crack of his ass and our gentle but regular breathing created a erotic rhythm that was about to drive me over the edge. But I don't think he was not really "into" having sex -- probably he does not know what he wants and it is not my place to bring him to any further conscious realization about whether he does or not -- -- so I did not take any actions that could not be construed as just innocent "bumps." He was both heaven and hell. The experience is something I'll remember for a long time to come.

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