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Monday, January 9, 2017

[thorngay] Sagging + A guy in the clearing (story) by Thorn

Have u sagged? Was it good? What happened?

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A guy in the clearing

An original story by Thorn (distributed on Thorngay Yahoo Groups to all members)

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and I didn't want to be stuck in my apartment. So I pulled on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, grabbed the car keys and headed out to a forest walk just out of town.

I often went there in nice weather and caught a bit of sunshine. Although it was close to town It was very quiet and I would take my shirt off walk around for a bit in just my shorts, but usually, before long, I would get so horny the shorts would come off too... at least if I was reasonably sure there was no-one around. I just love the feeling of the sun and the breeze wafting on my naked skin.


I arrived, parked the car and walked into the woods. It was a beautiful summer's day with just the distant buzz of insects going about the their business and the occasional chirp of birds.

I walked in some distance into the forest and didn't see a soul. By now my T-shirt was off and I was wearing just my shorts and feeling quite horny. I was looking forward to the usual routine of losing the shorts, getting really horny with being naked and the danger of being seen, then wanking off in a glorious frenzy,

I reached my favorite clearing where the shorts usually come off and I was starting to slide them down, when I realized I had company.

There was a figure lying on the ground. All I could see were naked knees pointing skyward out of the long grass. 

There was a ridge up to the right and I realized I could get up through the undergrowth and get a better look. As I climbed up to higher ground I could not believe my eyes. It was a young lad, about my own age I would guess and he was quite clearly wanking although I couldn't yet see his whole body. The arm was moving rhythmically and his T-shirt and possibly his shorts were lying beside him.

My heart pounding and moving as quietly as I could I crept up to a higher position where I could see more clearly. Sure enough he was working it hard and it looked just beautiful. He was about 19 or 20 years old I guess. Slim but not too skinny, with dirty blond hair. Beautiful. I crept closer, now with my shorts round my knees, wanking as I watched this guy rhythmically pumping his rock hard, beautiful dick.

I decided to crawl forwards to get closer to the action. Then, horror, I knelt on the inevitable twig which snapped with a loud crack.The guy stopped wanking immediately and sat up, looking around. He must have spotted me as I was now only about 20 feet away and instinctively reached for his clothes. I decided to go for broke and stood up, with my shorts around my knees still wanking and said. "No, don't stop, I'll come and join you".


Without waiting for a response I walked over and lay down beside him. Still wanking. He reached out and grabbed my dick and started to wank me, I grabbed his. We lay there for some 20 minutes saying nothing but just wanking and exploring each other's bodies with our hands. Then it was clear that he was about to cum. I was ready too and we both exploded over each other and the surrounding grass, with happy contented moans.

Walks in the woods were not so solitary in the future and with Stephen there, we both encouraged each other to try more and more daring locations for our exploits.


(--The end--)

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