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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Diving and Camping Nude on the Big Island


There are not any organized groups or dive tours that I know of which offer nude dive trips... I'm only
familiar with Hawaii and Oahu. Some dive instructor or private dive master might be willing to do make such a trip. So you most likely to be on your own (and hopefully with a dive buddy).

Warning: Nudity at Hawaii public beaches is not legal. More to the point, diving itself has some inherent risks, not to be taken likely are the scrapes, cut or abrasions that can happen on the reefs and rocks (especially from a shore dive entrance). 

 However, you can easil make a nude shore dive at Kehena Black Sands Beach (on Hwy 137 - the coastal road between Kalapana and Kapoho near milemarker 19.) Since most of the people on the beach are nude, no one will mind if you bring your dive gear - with no wetsuit). 

However, I'd have to say that is not a particularly great area for diving - except for the fact that you might very likely get to see a pod of dolphins up close (or from below). But you can also seem them just swimming or snorkelling.
You'd have to get your tank(s) in Hilo since that's the closest dive shop or bring them from the Kona side - where the best of the islands diving is to be found. There are many semi-secluded spots on the Kona side of the Big Island but there are not any truly nude beaches like Kehena.

It would not be hard to go nude diving at Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park,although it would be quite a haul a tank and dive gear out to where you would be in a secluded area. Most people park at Honokohau Marina and then walk the 10-25 minutes to get into the park itself. However, there is another entrance on the north side of the park so you can drive in and bring your tank more easily. But beware of the NPS rangers patrolling.

It has been known to have nudist (including gay cruising) but the park rangers have been ordered to crack down on nudists. Still, once you're in the water, you can always remove your swim trunks. However, the water's too shallow until far out. I think the best place might be Puako - about 30 miles north of Kailua-Kona -- it is surrounded by private homes so public nudity would be risky, but again once you're in the water can remove your trunks and the diving there is wonderful. Puako is a long straight stretch of a two-lane road lined on both sides by luxury homes. There are quite a few small public beach access points or you can drive to end and find a larger parking area (not paved). Again it is not a nudist area, but I find a spot that is fairly deserted and take off my clothes discreetly.

It's fairly shallow out to about 75-100 meters from the shore then its starts dropping off to 20-30-40m and there is always great wildlife. I get my tanks at Kohala Divers (instead of bringing them from Kona) - the dive shop is in Kawaihae - just 4 more miles to the north of Puako.) Mauna Kea Beach (a public beach accessible from the hotel of the MKB Prince Hotel) would also be a great place for snorkeling and diving (not nudist but you can make it so - it starts our shallow (good for snorkeling too).

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