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Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Maiden CMNM Experience

Yesterday I had my kind of CMNM (Clothed Male Naked Male) situation.

I was in the swimming pool of my city, the sun was shining and the pool was crowded. It was a very nice day until it started to be cloudy. Many people left the pool and I decide it was the time to have a shower.

As I entered the locker room I realized I wasn’t alone since one of the showers was clearly tuned on. I put my bag on a bench and went to the showers, where I found a man cleaning himself. He was some 60 years old, a bit overweight and fully naked. The man left the shower as I started washing myself.

 When I finished, it was clear that we were the only two into the locker room. So I decided to take off my swimming trunks (even if a sign recommended to wear the swimsuit in the shower). I went to the area of the locker room where the benches are, fully naked. The other man, much older than me, was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

I noticed he was looking at me. The locker room is very small so we were very close. I took advantage of this situation and started to find the towel inside my bag. Then I started to dry myself, exposing my body to the man as much as it was possible. I took time to dry my back and my legs, exposing my bottom and my hanging penis. It was clear that the man occasionally looked at it. Finally I put the towel over the bench, next to the other man’s bag, sat there and started to dry my hair with another small towel. He was adjusting his stuff inside his bag.

Suddenly the door slammed because of the wind, since it was just half closed. The man went to the door and closed it. Then he said to me:

-This door keeps opening… There are people naked inside here, and the door should stay closed.-

-Thank you sir.- I replied, smiling to him, since I was still naked.

He smiled back -You are welcome, boy! After all, this is the men’s locker room, our place… Others shouldn’t be able to look inside.

I smiled. Then he started to talk to me about the weather:

-It will rain soon…-

-I hope not- I replied -I have to go to a garden party tonight…-

-Let’s check- he said taking his phone -Look! it will rain, sorry, boy-

I went closer, still fully naked, to look at the screen of his smartphone.

-Oh no!- I said.

The men put a hand over my shoulder and said smiling:

-Come on boy, you are young… a bit of rain is not a problem, I think--I think you’re right, sir-

The man finished to adjust his bag:

-Have a good evening, boy!- he said leaving the locker room.

-Thank you! Good evening- I said.

As the man walked out, a guy around my age entered. I put my clothes on, showing only my rear. He took off all of his clothes and went to take a shower.

His soft penis was the last thing I saw before leaving the locker room

Anyone else into CMNM?

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