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Thursday, July 2, 2015

How bisexuality is portrayed or not among gay social networks - Discussion and response

Original posting: medicbotan
25 Apr 2009, 22:57
Bisexuals seem to have no space here in dudesnude. For example, in disponivel,, there´s a field in the profile where people can say if he´s homo, bi and eventually hetero.

Anyway, I suggest a greater topic (like thirtysomethings) called Bi-sexuals. There are a few threads diffusely distributed over the other fields, would be interesting to present a specific topic.

And I am amazed on how many Americans can not mentally accept bi-sexuality. A popular site like this could do wonders in opening some minds.


 U.S.A. : California : San Francisco 

Follow up: ThatGuy [msg]
27 Apr 2009, 08:44
There isn't a tick mark for heterosexual. I think the assumption is that guys on here are either GAY or BI. There are plenty of guys who talk about being sexual often enough in their posts and comments, as well as in their profiles.

However, I can see the good in having a Bisexual community -- if that's what you meant -- I'm not sure about an entire BI forum. It might be very lightly populated, you never know. YOU can always start a Bi thread in the HOT or GENERAL forum, yourself.


 Costa Rica : San José : San José 
age: 29
role: Bottom
Follow up: cutehorse [msg]
29 Apr 2009, 03:04
I totally agree with ThatGuy...the name of the site is DUDESNUDE, therefore even if the guy is BI, you´ll only find guys (males) to connect with... Talking about BI guys exchanging info, opinions on topics related to experiences on women becomes pointless for me in a site dedicated exclusively to guys interested in guys but I respect all tendencies and the site is open for people to start a forum in the topic they're interested in...

Boi Ray

 U.S.A. : Virginia : Roanoke 
age: 30
role: Vers. Bottom
Follow up: Boi Ray [msg]
01 May 2009, 05:03
I would have to agree with cutehorse and ThatGuy, I mean I really havn't seen much of anything posted on here that had girls in it, and so what if somebody's bi-sexual I mean I am stricly dickly here.


 U.S.A. : Hawaii : Pahoa 
age: 42
role: Vers. Bottom

Follow up: sunbuns99* [msg]
03 May 2009, 11:55
The previous responders have a point but seem to be answering based on either misreading or mis-interpreting what medicbotan and ThatGuy have written. (Not to argue)

Actually, where does a new member to DN actually make that his (or her - perhaps female applicants are banned?) designation of sexual orientation. I've been looking where in profile settings and advanced search in shows that specific, but I cannot seem to find any category for gay, straight, bi or whatever. So it must be a non-issue and that's certainly one way to look at it. However, it's too simplistic.

Actually if you read the first two writers, they are not that far apart.

However, the issue of creating 'new' communities / groups currently NOT shown or represented in DN has come up several times. Recently, there was a similar request to create a new "Twinks only" community. Evidently as a way to protect younger guys (18-24 years old) from the advances of older (and as was suggested) more intensely aggressive males, who are definitely not twinks but wanted to be with or near them (and sometimes bug or hassle them). However, there is always a way to handle that problem beside completing separating the groups by age - but that is the point to discuss now.

Yes, there are definitely various problems with everybody having his own exclusive community here on DN. But back to the topic ....

This site is not GalsNudes - I don't really imagine anyone - even the most bisexual or even straightest male among all the DN's members coming back again and again to Dudesnude in hopes of seeing female breasts and genitalia, or discussing how to act on blind dates with women. So having a designation for bisexuals or a separate forum is probably not going to results in photos of a gaping pussy strung up all over the site. (LOL).

Yet at the same time, some men (including me) ARE made to feel - rather I should say 'allowed to feel' - even by the simple absence of many (if any) references to bisexual life choices or gay men in a marriage or cohabitation relationship with a female that being bisexual is somehow a socially charged issue (in this community). Rather a persona non grata - that may or may not be a fair evaluation, but evidently medicbotan shares it somewhat.

I will mention that - obviously a highly commercialized but also much much larger site and membership does make a place for bisexual and for straights who are dealing with their own or with confusing or conflicted sexual issues among the people they love or care about in its Forums.
So have your cake and the eat the icing too. (Visit JUB ).

That being said, I agree with the basic premise upon which 'medicbotan' made his suggestion.

Until just a few or less years, it was mandatory to complete US bank loan application, college application, scholarships and grant applications, etc, and other school or govt form by telling YOUR RACE. That was true even DECADES after US national legislation banning discrimination based on race or ethnic origin, and years ahead of the first elected (obviously) mixed race US president (there may have been others who disguised their ancestry (smile).

What I am saying is that progress in social consciousness takes years - if not multiple decades - to change for the majority. If the majority of this minority (gay men) cannot recognize that something exists then how (or when) will the general public ever be able to do so.

Eventually, there was enough progressive forward motion in US social consciousness to get to the
point where RACE was NO LONGER required for bank loans, college applcations, etc, BUT it was ONLY after about 30-40 years of federally mandated school busing and affirmative action programs.

At least, DN could have options for individuals who want to MAKE a definitive choice for OTHER than person or self-gratifying reasons. It does allow self-designation and search for ethnicity. Then why can sexual orientation (different than sexual roles) also be a self-designated category (left blank for those who don't wish to categorize).
DN admin does not make an issue of it -- since they don't require an answer but it may serve us (both collective and individually) better to be able to self-categorize.

I do realize that DN is ONLY about gay men finding sex partners - what else? But jeesh.. it COULD aspire to help affect the positive social consciousness development of the several minority groups it serves. If you are 'serving' them, then charge outright for your commercialism. It's part of your non-corporate civic (global community) responsibility.

That's my opinion. I agree (mostly) with medicbotan.
Solution: Allow a choice of appropriate designations (or multiple selection of categories for Sexual Orientation:   gay, bisexual, straight, curious about gay, curious about straight, non-sexual, polyamorphic (group love(?) (I dont know the real word with looking it up.
People did not know the name for a lot of things until their social consciousness progressed (I won't called it 'evolved).

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