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Friday, June 5, 2015

Leslie Lohman Gallery - Erotic Drawing Workshops - a fascinating experience with academic CMNM

Months ago, I created a user-documented database using a Web 2.0 site called Wufoo. The point was to try to get readers of this blog and other CMNM sites to post their personally favorite locations worldwide where CMNM situations take place either naturally, accidentally, or deliberately. Not many people have responded. We're still in need of getting thousands of 'Naked Places for Clothed Men', but there have been some surprising revelations as a result so far. One of them is described below: the Erotic Drawing Workshops at the Leslie Lohman Gallery in New York City. The organizer may or may not appreciate getting some 'free' advertisement for the Workshops, but in this economic reality, I imagine he cannot complain too much.

CMNM Places
Name of the place: *Leslie Lohman Gallery - Erotic Drawing Workshops
Select the type of location: *Institution/Organization (university, club, etc)
Specific category (esp, if open / public / outdoor area)Select a category (if outdoors)
Which is most likely to happen? *Interaction between naked and clothed men
How do you know about this place? *I have been there many times.

Notes/Comment/Describe its CMNM possibilities:

This is an erotic drawing workshop where a model (normally a dancer or other very fit man) poses for others to draw. The models are of all types but generally very attractive and some of them get erect or even masturbate at the end of the session.

Despite the intense hotness of the situation, it is very businesslike. Participants' interaction with the model is very limited and touching is strictly forbidden. In a way that just makes it hotter. You don't have to be a great artist to participate, but some experience in life drawing is required. You do also have to bring the right supplies, at least make an effort at drawing, and not be a distraction to others. It's a lot of fun if you are into being a CM and can be respectful of what's going on.

You must be accepted into the program and have a reservation to attend. Call Bob Rosen at the
number below.

Leslie Lohman Gallery 26 Wooster Street New York,New York United States
Phone Number (if applicable)(212) 431-2609
Web Site (if it exists)

The Erotic Drawing Workshop has five rules, which seem to be a good model for how a CMNM event might be organized. Obviously, since there may (or may not) be overt sexual behavior at other types of organized CMNM events (some of which I have attempted to set up and often discussed in blog entries here), there would likely have to be more than just 5 rules. Rules or guidelines addressing sexual behavior and the limits and bounds involved would have to be made clear with additional 'rules'.

The workshops are clearly academic sessions intended to help both novice and accomplished artists polish their skills in drawing human anatomy and the corresponding changes that occur when males (and possible females as well) are engaged in erotic behavior - either alone or in couples or groups.

Clearly not everyone is an artist, but there may be other forms that such artistic and academic endeavours might take that would draw upon various other skill set and aesthetic consciousness, such as 'naked chamber orchestra', musical composition workshops drawing upon nude male bodywork and instrumental use of the male human body, naked dance workshops, naked theatre workshops and nude poetry studios, and performance art installation studio that meld various aspects across multi-modal forms of artistic expressions while being centred about the role of human nudity and male sexual identity and behavior.

Note: This entry is also posted on my Kelly's Second Life (blog).
THE EROTIC DRAWING STUDIO HAS FIVE RULES. (from the Leslie Lohman website page). 

1. Artists are asked to make a reservation by replying to the email announcement when they plan on attending a session. They should also let us know if their plans have changed and they must cancel the reservation.
2. No one may speak to the model, and there is to be no interaction between the artists and the model, when the model is ON the model stand, except the one in charge of directing the pose.
3. If an artist finds the model so alluring that he cannot concentrate on drawing, he may not simply sit and gape. He MUST at least PRETEND to draw.
4. Each artist must clean up after himself, i.e., if you have left pencil shavings on the floor, please sweep them up.
5. Photography is not permitted unless a special prior arrangement is made with the studio director and the model.

Perhaps there are members of the CMNM social networking sites or other interested, and
serious men, who might be interested in attending the Workshops described above. Someone in the New York City area should contact the Studio/Gallery organizer to see if a 'special' workshop session might be organized. Perhaps there are some of the current models who would be willing to participate in a CMNM event outside the normal 'rules' that the Gallery needs to impose.

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