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Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Naked Mailman by Jim

This happened to me when I was living in Cornwall. It was early one summer Saturday
morning and I was up drinking coffee in my kitchen at the back of the house. It was already warm outside so I opened the door and sat naked on a stool in the doorway enjoying the feel of the early morning sunshine on my body. The radio was on playing some music and I didn't hear the postman coming down the driveway until he turned the corner and was standing right in front of me. He got quite a shock and apologized for disturbing me.

I told him it was no problem and I began to tweak the end of my cock - mostly to cover my embarrassment. He obviously noticed and glanced down to look. He asked me if I often went around with no clothes on and I told him that I did, whenever I got the chance. I offered him a cup of coffee and he came in to join me. He was obviously really interested in my body because he couldn't take his eyes off it - although, even to this day as I remember him, I don't think he was gay.

What happened next really surprised me - he told me that he had always wanted to go nude on a beach but had never really dared to do it because he was afraid of getting a hardon. I could feel my cock getting a bit harder as he mentioned this. He noticed, although he didn't say anything. I told him he was very welcome to join me in the back garden for a spot of sunbathing if he wanted to take a quick break from his delivery. At that point - and much to my surprise, believe me, he put his bag of letters down and started to remove his clothes. Slowly at first because he was quite nervous, I think. Eventually he had taken all his clothes off except for his underpants. It was too late for me to try to hide my reaction and by now my cock was standing upright.

I told him that I found it exciting being naked outside and that having a hardon was only to be expected from time to time. That brought a little smile to his face and as he took his underpants down I saw that his cock was already at halfmast. I tugged on his dick playfully as I walked past
him which made him jump a bit, then he followed me out into the garden. He lay on the grass at first on his front - which, as we all know, is the worst thing you can do to avoid a hardon. I think the fact that the garden was pretty secluded by trees and bushes on three sides made him feel reasonably protected and he slowly turned over to reveal a full-grown hardon. "Hope you don't mind," he said, "but I can't help it - it's so exciting being naked outdoors."

I then started to wank my dick slowly to see what he'd do - he followed suit. Soon we were both wanking and he came into the grass. A very nice sight, let me tell you. Then, as soon as he appeared, he got up and went back to the kitchen to put his clothes back on. Before he went back to work, he came back into the garden and unbuttoned his trousers letting them fall to the ground and then pulled his underpants down again, too. He was starting to get hard again! What an exhibitionist! Then he quickly redressed and went back towards the street, back to work.

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