As mentioned last week, this video has an 'interesting' ending.
Cole came back a couple days later, and seemed super shaky about doing the video. Bryan thought he was nervous, but Cole said he was really excited to do the video.
Sure enough, his cock was ready to go from the outset. If you have your audio turned down, you might want to turn it up a bit as he whispers a lot during his massage.
ChaosMen: Cole Serviced By Bryan
He loved having his hole played with, but the biggest issue was that every time Bryan would stroke his cock, he would get close to cumming! Even the gentlest of touches would have him near the edge!
Because Cole was so on the edge of nutting, Bryan thought he would try to get his cock to cum without a lot of jerking or heavy sucking motion. You see his taint and cock muscles throb as his cock unloads! It is awesome!
Even if you might not be fan of twinks, it's a pretty cool cum shot and well worth tuning in for!


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