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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Are any of these guys really exhibitionists?

From: Thorn [thorngay] on his Thorngay Yahoo Group

Thorn asked the question: Which are your favorite exhibitionists (from

among the photos above)?

His casual poll question caused me to think a bit more deeply. In reality, it can certainly be argued whether any of these guys is actually a 'real' exhibitionist at all.
Showing cock (with bare ass and a naked body) is NOT in among itself an act of exhibitionism. Most of these guys are just being genuinely 'nude' in public for another person that satisfying a personal sexual obsession with been 'seen'.

It's exactly this very type of confusion or ambiguity of definition about the role of nakedness (particularly male nudity) that lies at core of human societies' suppression and -- even repression - of what is central to understanding sexuality and the nature of sexual relationships - whether gay, straight, or bi or any other variation on these preferences.

Sorry to wax deeply philosophical but Thorn's attempt to generate a bit of visual 'teasing' (beefcake showcasing) by using photos of young men just being naked because they are making a social statement using visible nudity (in seeming violation of social and moral restraints) underlies to what extent we ALL (including the gay and liberally enlightened straight people need to re-assess and evolve our consciousness.

Yes, the guy showing his dick on the soccer field is obviously a porn
model. He is only vicariously 'exposing' himself himself because cameraman and a few studio assistant are the only people actually 'seeing' his erection. It's interesting to consider that more and more of what is called pornography contains images that actually exposes 'exhibitionistic' tendencies. It is as if.. the viewers (those who buy or find the photos erotic) are excited by the fact that the 'model' (ostensibly as 'real, guy-next-door hunk') would dare to expose himself in public in order to achieve sexual pleasure or to stimulate or provoke the 'innocent' viewer / bystander to some (as yet) wild act of sexual abandon.

Therefore, the real question should be: Which photo(s) should NOT be considered exhibitionistic act? Or why you like each photo and what kinds of emotions or sexual feelings does it generate in YOU? What what kinds of emotions or sexual feelings or convictions/values is the PERSON in the photos experiencing at the time it was taken? How does he feel now, knowing that his naked photo (and face) are distributed widely on the Internet (via blogs like this one)?





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