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Friday, June 10, 2016

How long will TypePad's uncensored blogs last?

For that matter, how long will Google's half-blind eye stay turned away? Despite having appeared to cracked down on obscene material in its free Blogger service, it does appear that Google isn't simply bowing to the extreme-conservative moralists. But then again, the bottom line may not be able to save us (sexually mature, explicit content bloggers, either.
Consider what another company, Typepad, may be doing in its own self--marketing strategy. I don't think we have much to fear from either or banning adult content. However, we can't be assured that these sites, and the companies who own them can actually stay in business. So our blogs and other content could disappear for an entirely other reason.  Sure enough, Typepad closed down all of its free (and porn) blogs, opting for a paid membership in hopes of sustaining their Internet blog business.

I really have to wonder when the AXE (ALL X-rated Excluded) will fall?  Time and time after, some new or even well-established some Web 2.0 company - either a rising star or wannabe (such as Flickr, Facebook,  Ning, etc) gets on a moral high horse and decides to rid itself of all the adult and sexually explicit content and -- of course, millions of users which have actually promoted them to world-class status for members and bandwith use. They ostensibly do so to 'save the children', but if that had been a priority, then safeguards would have been in place from the beginning.

Evidently, the idea was to create a startup with a lot of freedom and thereby 'hook' in huge amout of porn smurfs, explicit sex and pornography sellers (and advertisers), a smattering of adult-content blogger types (like me) , and a whole mass of everyday netizens, who contribute little of nothing, but who are simply consumers (viewers/readers).  Once they reach a certain level of users and bandwidth, th e-company then attains some advertising potential and garners some clout. Inevitably, when the greed for revenue finally become a strong possibility of realization, they must then bend their policies to those of the 'wholesome' advertisers who are now wanting to financially support them. Thus is spawned the crackdown on sex-related content,  so sexually mature or porn-like material gets banned and so do all the users (well... not if they are smart).

This may be what TypePad is thinking. They are likely to 'allow' adult content (after proposing to ban it all 6 months from now) for those users who opt in for a paid annual subscription. I can see the handwriting clearly embedded in the walls of this non-brick & mortar edifice.

It's pretty predictable that Typepad by offering this 'free' mini-blog is rather desperate to hold on to its meager share of the blog market. Actually, it has only recently allowed the current 'conversational' blog as a free option. So I suspect that with a few weeks' (or maybe several months even a year's) time, TypePad will get all high & mighty because they have failed to set up precautions (actually it is by conscious design - as explained earlier) that will restrict minors from viewing the newly created blogs, many of which will undoubtedly contain adult content and sexually explicit photos.

So.. when that time comes, you may find that my TypePad blog or profile has been deleted without warning (yes, it can and does not happen).

You can also find most of my posts in one of the following blogs, or at least, you can find links to the blogs where I'm likely to post what I want to say and show:
  •   I manage about 10 different gay sex and porn blogs (most all are private by invitation only), of which the most popular by far is Guys Into CMNM   It is devoted the sexual fetish/lifestyle for men into clothed male / naked male scenes)

  • Tribe:  My profile (with blog) on   (Not as nicely laid out (only one photo allowed per blog entry; you have to be a Tribe 'friend' to be able to read the adult content entries, or belong to an adult Tribe. So a log in is required for that (free, of course.)

  • Another place where you can post a porn blog (for free) is:  LiveJournal.  You can see my two porn blogs at    and

  • JustUsBoys      My profile and blog on JUB contain many of the blog that I have posted elsewhere and likely has some unique ones too.  
Now waiting for the axe to fall.. since I have my many eggs in a lot of baskets. Of course, when Google goes clean, then the world will come to an end -- probably during the year 2012 (evil smirk).
In the meantime, keep'em coming, broz.

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