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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

All American Heroes: Corporal Dane’s First Gay Blowjob

All American Heroes: Corporal Dane's First Gay Blowjob

If there is one thing that military guys like to talk about, it’s sex. In groups, everyone is “straight” and talks about chicks and pussy. But one on one, sometimes things come out. Guys get a bit more candid, and let loose a bit. Sometimes even test the waters a bit to see if maybe, possibly, there s a bit of mutual interest there. Maybe that hot co-worker, or deployment buddy is looking to try something new and open up to the possibilities.
So it went when Corporal Dane sat down with his buddy. Dane could not keep his eyes away from his buddy’s crotch, or maybe he was hoping his buddy would catch on. To move things along, Dane popped in a porn, and pretty soon, both studs had their rock hard cocks out and stroking them good. Dane’s buddy could not take his eyes off Dane’s thick cock. He started to move his hand over, and in moments, he was stroking it. Then he made the big move. “Just let it happen,” he said as he moved his mouth towards Dane’s cock.
All American Heroes: Corporal Dane's First Gay Blowjob
It just took a few strokes of his buddy’s warm mouth on Dane’s cock before he started getting into it and guiding his buddy’s head down on it. He face fucked his buddy’s mouth, before pulling it back out and cock smacking his buddy’s cheek. His buddy was good. Ran his tongue up from Danes nut sack, all the way up the shaft before plunging his mouth down on it. Filling his throat with thick cock. Then Corporal Dane got the full service as his buddy went down and offered up a hot rim job. Dane got his puckered hole seriously tongue fucked. Then he stood up and face fucked his buddy some more while his buddy stared at him with puppy dog eyes and a mouth full of cock. He put his hands on the back of his buddy’s head and fucked his mouth until his cum filled balls were swaying. Then he pulled out, and blasted a hot creamy load all over his buddy’s outstretched tongue, his face, and neck.
02 MAR 16 BY JO

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