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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Spanking combines many sexual attractions that we Dads enjoy

Spanking - combines many of sexual attractions... -

Spanking can be an erotic activity - not only for sexual gratification - but also because of the part it plays in many other types of situations. Spanking either using the bare hand or a paddle, particularly when applied to the bare buttocks is used in discipline (father-son, coach - athlete, officer-soldier) and in training, it plays a role in individual and group man-to-man communication, in a dominant/submissive relationship, being subjected to a older male's authority, as a form of male bonding (frats, sports team, hazing / initiation for male groups) are situations I find increasingly erotically stimulating.

For me, it combines several important gay male themes into one activity: older-younger, CMNM (clothed male / naked male), submission / dominance, but without being focused on simply causing pain. While spanking can be pain-causing, it is normally not ever serious or permanently damaging. So it doesn't go as far as being real bondage or BDSM, which is scary for some guys. It also can be a social or group event, occurring outside and in public, so it, therefore, has elements of exhibitionism and voyeurism, which also make it appealing.

Here are a few links I have found for sites that include photos or stories of male-male spanking:

Find many more interesting links below:
Bill wrote: "I'm one of your Tribe friends, and I'm the spankingest guy on all of tribe and you didn't include any of my links. "

My apologies, Bill, I guess I need a spanking for that oversight.

Bill's Basement Spanking links:

"If you need a spanking, I'm the guy to call", says Bill, one of my friends on 

Thu, January 20, 2011 - 5:58 AM
Many interesting links but
You're my friend, and I'm the spankingest guy on all of tribe and you didn't include any of my links (added above).

I Had One Gay Experience

My Gay Spanking 

I had gone into town expecting a warm day, in just shorts and t shirt. I had arrived early and I was a bit cold, I wandered down the street looking for a shop to go in till the weather warmed up a bit. Came to what I thought was a sex shop and went inside, it was nice and warm and it took me a few seconds to realise I had walked into a gay sex shop. the man at the counter looked up and asked if I needed some help? I said' I was just looking around', he said 'in that case, as you are the only one in the shop, do you mind if I go and get a drink from the back of the shop?' I said 'I didn't'. He then surprised me by going to the front door and locking it before he disappeared into the back. I started looking at all of these things that I had never seem before, It was quite arousing.
        I was looking at some spanking paddles when the man came back to the front of the shop, he asked me if I was interested in one. I asked, do they hurt? quick as a flash he got one down and slapped my bum with it,, not very hard and to be honest I hardly felt it. 'mmmm' I said 'cheeky, where would you normally use it then?'. 'come over to the paddle bench he said and led me across to this low bench with some loops at either side. 'Bend over here and put your hands through the loops and grab hold of the edge. It was very low, so my bum was pointing up in the air. He slapped me a bit harder this time, it caught me by surprise and I lifted my whole body up, only to find that the loops tightened around my wrists not letting me away from the bench but still with me bent over in an inviting way.

'To be spanked properly' said the man 'you need to be spanked on bare flesh' and with that he undid the buttons and zip on my shorts and pulled them and my pants strait down. To try and cover my self I knelt down, I was now sprawled across the bench arms almost straight out to my sides. I didn't realise till the man started, that there were loops on the side of the bench that he tied my legs to holding me firm against the bench. going to the side of the bench, the man pulled a lever

and my knees were pulled a part. at this point I started shouting and telling him to let me go, but while I was shouting and calling him names he got hold of a gag shaped like a cok and while I was shouting, he shoved it in my mouth and told me that because I had called him names, he was now going to spank me.

As he started, the strangest thing, I started to get an erection, It got harder with each slap, it was becoming painful against the side of the bench and I was wriggling around to get comfortable suddenly I could feel a hole in the side and I maneuvered my ass around until I could push it though the hole, I was expecting just a hole, but as I pushed forwards I realised, I was pushing it into a fleshlight. I must  have made a noise or a strange face because the man realised what I had done , because he stopped spanking me, leaned over and flicked a switch and the fleshlight started massaging my asshole.

"You are a very naughty boy," the man said as I was now rocking myself into the bench. There was a sudden cold sensation around my ass and then his fingers started sliding in my hole. I realised that I was about to be had up the ass, but I didn't care I was desperate to get off myself. He let go with his fingers, I then felt his cock gently push into my asshole, as he finally broke through I could feel myself cum like I had never before. he must have sensed this as he started pushing in and out really quickly and within a few thrusts I could feel him cum as well, as he withdrew I realised he had a condom on.

 He released one of my legs and one of my arms, I withdrew my cock which seemed to have got hard again and turned round, he lifted up my t shirt and emptied the contents of the condom all over my chest. he released my other arm and leg, I pulled my t shirt off so as not to get it messy, and undid the gag, I didn't know what to say, as I had obviously enjoyed it. He told me where I could shower and by the time I had finished and come back to the shop, he was already serving someone else.As I was about to leave he handed me a package, and said that he hoped he would see me in the shop again. I left as quickly as I could. When I got away from the shop I looked in the bag to see, a flashlight, the cock-shaped gag, and a couple of pics of my red bottom.
Will I be going back?  You bet I will.

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