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Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Massage for my new friend, George by Thorn

I was on a weekend trip away with friends. I am gay, but not out to these
friends. Let me say I enjoy a bit of fooling around with them, but never going so far as to suggest I was anything other than a hetero male, who liked a laugh. I could enjoy the scenery as long as I didn't make it too obvious that I was actually lusting after my friends with their fit sexy bods. George was the youngest. A really fit guy who just had his 18th birthday. He was a newcomer to our group so I didn't really know him. 

Somehow, I managed to time my arrival at the hotel check in just right and ended up sharing a room with him. I must admit it wasn't pure chance and there were some stirrings of excitement. I knew I was very unlikely to have my way with him, but at the very least I would surely catch glimpses of him without his shirt, possibly even wandering around the bedroom in briefs or boxers. 

I began to wonder which he wore. I followed him up the stairs and found my eyes just at the level of his cute tight bum. I could see the telltale sign with the ridges of his briefs just visible through his jeans. God he was a sexy guy.We got to the room, changed and headed out for a lads night on the town.  It was a good night with plenty of drink and the usual lowering of inhibitions and as the night went on. I was always amused how the most carefully macho guys, often turned quite familiar after a few drinks. While sober they would never touch other members of the group, but when drunk they would sling their arms round your neck. maybe even your waist and generally uninhibited about touching almost any part of your body. Being gay, I liked this and encouraged it. George, perhaps not so used to alcohol, was now very merry and was hanging onto the guys - including giving me a real bear hug at one point. I tried not to look too much like I enjoyed it! Together we made it to the final night club and time to go home. George needed a hand to get him back to the hotel and up the stairs. I remember taking advantage of the situation to give his body a good exploration - all in the name of helping him stay upright. I had him held up with an arm around his waist. I even managed to wangle a hand on his bum as we headed up to our room. As I fumbled for the room key I just happened to let my hand brush across the front of his jeans - enough to feel the warmth and outline of his dick and balls. Mmmm, I thought, wish Icould really get in there. All this exploration of this fit young lad had got me really horny, excited and hard. We got into the room and George half fell onto one of the beds. He muttered how it had been a great night.Yeah I said, stripping off to my briefs and heading to the bathroom. My dick was still hard with the fun I had had with George. I stared at him as I went to the loo to brush my teeth. He was a really sexy guy, lying limply and relaxed on the bed. I returned and - while he was looking at me I wriggled out of my briefs, delighted to see that I had caught his attention. My dick was quite hard and I fancied that George had enjoyed my show. I hopped into bed and George picked himself up and started undressing. He was as sexy as I expected. A lean body, but not too lean, sculpted chest and a little bit of a six pack, with a sexy belly button and a downy trail of hair disappearing into his black and white briefs. The package was impressive and I could clearly see his dick, looking ever so slightly hard. George made a point of walking over to me and standing in front of me lying in the bed. His briefs were at my face level and he was clearly uninhibited thanks to the alcohol and also making a deliberate point of standing close to me so that I got a real eyeful of the goods, albeit wrapped in those sexy briefs. 

Clearly I could see his dick was a little hard. George disappeared to the loo and I heard the scrubbings of teeth through the open door. I looked across and could see through the slightly open door that he had stripped off completely and was stroking his hardening dick! I could not believe my eyes and kept  
watching, stroking my own dick under the covers.

George came out totally naked, his dick semi hard and passed the other bed to come across to the one where I was. Without lifting the covers he crashed face first onto the pillows and lay there beside me, naked. "I could do with a massage," he said. I hopped out from under the covers and started to massage his neck and shoulders. His skin felt wonderfully soft and warm as he emitted low, happy sounded groans of pleasure. I worked slowly down his back, then started to massage his tight little bum, now sitting astride George as I got bolder. Between his legs I could see his beautiful uncut dick seemed to be getting bigger as he lay motionless face down on the bed. 
I shifted position and George deftly rolled over presenting the front of his body to view. His dick was now standing to attention as was mine. I massaged his chest, then down his stomach before moving my hand into his pubic hair. He gave a delighted squeal, which encouraged me to move on to his dick and he gave a low happy sigh. I started pumping his beautiful soft, but warm dick. There was a little bead of precum forming at the tip. George was lying back, clearly savouring every stroke. Then I felt his hand grab my dick and start stroking. We came together in a with a mutual sigh of sexual contentment. We then snuggled into bed locked into an embrace which seemed to last all night. The next morning I awoke to find George still with his arms around my body. George and I became good friends. We never let on to the group that we were gay, but we tried where ever possible to share a room if we went on a trip. George was also a regular visitor to my flat and almost invariably would end up naked, either just because he wanted to, or because I would challenge him to a dare.

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