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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Brandon Eaton and Seann William Scott Naked in "Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story"

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Brando Eaton Naked in "Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story" Redux

I stumbled upon this post via QueerClick's Sticky

I hadn't realized that Seann was up to getting naked in his movies. Then I read these things and started wondering if he's a closet gay dude. From Wikipedia: His first professional gig was on television in the music video for "Hole in My Soul" by Aerosmith. Soon after the video, he appeared in Chad's World, a gay-themed TV show broadcast on the Web by the short-lived Digital Entertainment Network.

From it tells us more details about Seann:

  • Seann's first television appearance was on the 1996 television show Unhappily Ever After. He
    played the part of "Moondoggie" in the episode "Beach Party".
  • Seann admits, "I was a virgin all through high school, I was so into sports I never had time for girls. now I'm glad I didn't. I'd rather wait till I meet the right one."
  • Seann has said that he enjoys "going commando."
  • SWS avoided nude scenes for so long and now he’s done three in a short period – 2 in this flick, 1 in Role Models. And at 32, it is a bit of a reversal of fortunes. Most get their buns out on film when they young, tight, and trying to make a name for themselves (I’m thinking Matt Damon in School Ties). Seann drops trou nearly 10 years after his big Steve Stifler breakout role in the American Pie film series.

I was scrounging around Netflix, and I caught that "Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story" had been added to the Instant Queue. I watched it again to ogle at Seann William Scott in a jockstrap. But then I saw Brando Eaton and his amazing bubble butt, and I was like, "I don't remember that?" So, I compared the caps I already done, and Netflix has a better aspect ratio so I had to recap them and share. 

See more pictures in this blogger's Brando Eaton gallery.
You can also see more of Seann William Scott showing off his ass in a jock strap at:

Photo and story text below was posted on Male Celebs Only (a personal blog). I had not yet been able to corroborate this story or determine whether it's a faked photo or not, or find independent evidence to confirm that he did pose for this magazine cover.

Sean William Scott’s gone a long way from merely being a MILF’s son in the American Pie series, to someone posing in Playdude and showing off his nutsack and meatstick. I reckon it’s about time, too. Posing in the nude with a smile on his face shows he’s game for, I dunno, more serious Hollywood roles, maybe? I mean, more serious than being Steve Stifler or Bo Duke, anyway. Still, if producers pass him up for better-endowed males or perhaps taller ones, the porn biz would definitely welcome him with open arms and legs. Think about it, Sean, willya?

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