Shiloh has the magic touch, and with his skills he could easily get Augustus hard without having the view of the porn. Augustus does look a bit bewildered, like he doesn't know about what all the attention is going on behind him, but his cock sure does, and it gets nice and thick quick! His bootie hole seems to like the attention too.
Augustus soon has his ass in the air while getting his hole rimmed expertly by Shiloh's tongue. With his floppy cock, Shiloh can suck his cock backwards, while licking and sniffing his tight hole.
ChaosMen: Augustus - Serviced by Shiloh
The body language in this video is great to look for. Once Shiloh flips him on his back, watch where Augustus keeps his hands. Sometimes has his arm or hand wrapped around Shiloh's back, with gentle encouragement, while other times he grips the head board, like he is either bound to the board or bracing for a wild ride!
Shiloh gives him that wild ride too! He has to work a bit harder than normal to pull the load out of him, while Augustus goes back and forth to his own head space/eyes closed to watchingShiloh jack-hammer his cock. He does watch carefully as Shiloh laps up his cum!


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