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Monday, March 29, 2010

Military inspections

One of the sexiest CMNM situations I can think of is military inspections where new recruits must strip down and undergo inspections from mulitple officers/doctors while other nervous recruits are waiting.

NOTE: From co-editor, Kelly I remember well that fantastic early CMNM experience I had when I had to go for Army ROTC training in high school. It probably dates me but we had a compulsory (I think it was) year of ROTC (a class 3 times a week) during my high school junior year. One time we had to go through a simulation of what an induction into the Army would be like - including the battery of tests and physical examinations that new recruits would have to undergo. It was totally hot for me (and I imagine a lot of my male classmates) when we had to strip to our undies (there was a separate gym/training room) for ROTC classes, and line up in formation, and then each row was made to pull down our undershorts. He were told to keep our eyes straight ahead - they called you a 'faggot' if you even turned your head right or left an inch. Also, we were spread out enough that each person could only see the naked body and buttocks of the 'soldier' in front of him. I remember I did look up at the ass of the guy in front of me - who was a football hunk. I was memorized by the curly hairs in the crack of his ass and around his hole. At the time, I barely had much pubic hairs and was a year away from shaving regularly. Then the physician -- I suppose it was a retired ROTC instructor or Army medic or doctor - whom we had never seen before that day -- came up to each guy and did a hernia check - by pulling down on the scrotum and asking you to cough. I don't think anybody had a hernia, but there might have been some boners in the bunch of about 25 male students.

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  1. Tim, I think our 'collaboration' is working very well! Your photos get me stimulated and I can add more to the post (in some cases) because of my own experiences.

    I wish more guys would be willing to post. IF YOU HAVE an experience, a pic, or an idea of a post, please feel free to send it to sunbunz or sunbuns99 (at)

    Also say who you are (or if you want to remain anonymous). The EDITORS reserve the right to reject any story or photo. We normally do not post photos off-topic or which of someone else that you say 'wants' his pics to be seen.