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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Risky jerk at public toilet by matuatama (Xtube)

This really looks like a public restroom in Japan. Even in Shinjuku station in broad daylight, I've seen guys reach over and grab another's cock. I have to say that such behavior is not normal but is happening because it's pretty obvious why the several guys are hanging out a lot longer in the public toilet than to just take a piss.

Nowadays, there are security guards (men and women) who patrol the corridors and public restrooms. There is a sign posted (in Japanese) to notify people that there are security patrols and that 'inappropriate' or suspcious behavior should be reported to the station staff.

Nevertheless, the cruising goes on. I just find it totally amazing that this young (hot) guy was so into making sure he got himself videotaped. The older man who horns in to cop a feel is a pretty typical occurrence. It has happened to me, too.

Just last weekend, I went out to sunbathe along the embankments at Tama River (suburbs of Tokyo). I stripped down to get mostly naked -- I was wearing some mesh undies and was sitting casually, reading - but also rather unobtrusively. Along comes this old gizzer who proceeds to sit down and state at me from about 5 meters away. Eventually, he starts rubbing his crotch and gets up and moves down the embankment into some bushes and pulls out his shriveled old dick - as if to coax me into come down to gobble on it. (LOL). I just ignored him - not that I hate trolls - What the hell! I going to be one someday - but I hope I won't have to stoop to trying to lure a blowjob from someone 20-50 years younger. Even when the victim (me - in this case) is obviously uninterested and turns away. I guess it was just 'excitement' to the hungry hunter. Finally, after not even a glance from me for 5 minutes, I started to act as if I was packing up to go. Consequently, he got up and made his way slowly further down the river, constantly stopping the bicycle he was pushing and giving me long desirous glances. But to no avail.

A few minutes later I hightailed it out of there. Just to try cruising the toilets at Shinjuku station and later go to 24-Kaikan - a gay/men's bath.

The men's toilet at Shinjuku station looks something like these - notice how the urinals are built-in (embedded) in the walls - so I think it must be the same Japan maker. Howevver, there are far more people in them than this restroom, and the way is is laid out (the room is L-shaped so he could place the video-camera in the corner and be able stand in the 'crook' of the room -- without being seen from the entrance. Also, these men look Japanese and the video was posted (originally) by someone who's using a Japanese 'romaji' id. There are a few spots like this around the greater Tokyo area. The best ones are outside in public parks. It can really get cruisy on some weekend nights (and even in daylight hours on some occasions. The Japanese male has so many restrictions in his personal existence and so much suppression of his own will/freedom/independence in his social and working life that it's really not wonder that wild abandoned sex (even in public place - like in this video) happens. Find more videos like this on AHRRRRR'S IT WAS ON YOU TUBE

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